Sunday, February 27, 2011

North Cotabato | A Glimpse of the Municipality of Banisilan ---to give you some ideas on how it looks like

Mostly as traveler, we are drifting in a certain place especially if that place were first time in seeing them. We even do not have an idea on what this place is all about. What if this place we are referring to is Mindanao Island, particularly Cotabato. Right away if we are not come from this place, we always thought that Mindanao has a problem in Peace and Order. You are right, but not all of the places in Mindanao whose Peace and Order situation is being threatened. 

There are some places that we can consider that has occasional incidents but not in a whole year round were all of these are happening.   

In Metro Manila, some unpleasant incidents also happened, likewise, the same thing here in Mindanao. Mindanao is adjudged because of being a war zone before. Today, as we can see, Mindanao is still the food region in the country. 

As part of my assignments, again I have to take it for the sake in sustaining our daily needs, and as faithful servant, so, I have to follow orders from the management.  It does not mean that I do not have a choice, but, because I learned to love this place, though quaint in nature, there is also a considerable peace and order situation here.

What is my point here? All we see or hear from conventional news were all about wars, unpleasant incidents like kidnaps, carnapping incidents, etc. These things were also happened even in Visayas and Luzon Region. But all that I would share to you now is a glimpse of what Banisilan of North Cotabato looks like.

I have taken just a handful of snapshots in this place, and here they are as follows;

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kaamulan Festival 2011 | "Pamuhat" or Ritual [ Soft Opening ] and the 2011 Schedule of Activities

The Tribal Datus and Baes gathered in the newly built Tulugan in the Capitol Ground
Pamukalag ha pamuhat ta Kaamulan |  February 18, 2011, Malaybalay City Capitol Ground, the usual schedule is the soft opening and started with the "Pamukalag Ha Pamuhat ta Kaamulan" In my own understanding with this "Pamukalag Ha Pamuhat ta Kaamulan, from the word kalag, that means, Spirit or the Spirit of the Ancestors of the 7 tribes. Bae Inatlawan, the spiritualist and the ritualist, officiated the "Pamukalag ha pamuhat ta Kaamulan", gave an offerings to the spirits of the 7 tribes ancestors asking permission and to bless the said gatherings that it will have a peaceful celebration throughout the whole  duration of the event until its culmination day, the Bukidnon Province Day on March 10, 2011. This was mentioned during the speech of one of their leaders.

Pine Hills Hotel | A Review - EEVD(Embarrasing Experience on Valentine's Day)

Pine Hills Hotel  |  A Review - EEVD (Embarrasing Experience on Valentine's Day) - Last February 13, 2011, I wrote an article entitled Unexpected | A Pre-Valentine's experience, that was happened in the St. Benedictine of Transfiguration or simply known as the Monastery, which drawn  various  good impressions amongst my friends.  I also mentioned in that article about the effect in doing good things while you are still in this world. But on the following day, the Valentine's Day proper, it seemed that we were confronted with our patience when we went in a hotel of Malaybalay to celebrate the heart's day. The Pine Hills Hotel.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wao, Lanao del Sur

WAO FOUNDATION DAY : January 19, 1954. According to few living pioneer settlers who still lived in WAO today (January 19, 2011) there were sixty (60) families of various ethnicities from South and North Cotabato who first came to resettle in the place now called “WAO” on January 19, 1954. Under the LASEDECO program of the late President Ramon Magsaysay , two among the 1st batch of settlers became the Municipal Mayors of WAO, namely “ Capt. Silverio Eleazar  and Elvino B. Balicao, Sr. They were welcomed by the native Muslim occupants of WAO led by Sultan Mamaco Saripada, the first appointed and elected Mayor of WAO, Datu Tao Pagul and Datu Maki Saripada. This historic events marks the camaraderie between Muslims and Christians who lived in this beautiful place called WAO then they lived harmoniously.
The Park fronting the Municipal building
This is my third turn/rotation in Wao, Lanao del Sur as bank appraiser. I welcomed the year  2011 as well as my new assignment with full of enthusiasm, faith and courage. Wao was also my late father's assignment as medical salesman in early 60's. As saying goes, "like father, like son".
the Municipal Building at focus

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cold Spring in Bukidnon | Baroraon, Kalilangan, Bukidnon, Philippines

One of the Baroraon Hills - chocolate-shaped-hills

Kalilangan, Bukidnon is one of my areas of coverage this year until December 2011. Kalilangan is located 45 kilometers from the Municipality of Maramag or almost an hour of Bus Travel. It is located at the Southwestern part of Bukidnon, and classified as 4th class Municipality. Kalilangan is considerably distant from Bukidnon Capital-Malaybalay City, at about 110 kilometers more or less.  

Topography of the place :
Kalilangan is simply characterized by rugged terrain with a limited plain or level area situated on the Poblacion and portion of the municipality. From its total land area, a dominant 76.57 percent are within 8-15 percent slope characterized by moderately undulating and gently rolling land. The barangays of San Vicente Ferrer and Ninoy Aquino are dominantly within this slope type.

Areas with 18 percent slope and above cover 15.61 percent. These are very steepy sloping and rolling land in many directions. The barangays of Macaopao, Lampanusan, portions of Kibaning, Public and Pamotolon are dominantly within the slope type.

The remaining 7.82 percent of the municipality level to nearly level land and gently sloping areas in one general direction within 0-3 percent, 3-5 percent and 5-15 percent slopes. These are common in the Poblacion portion of the municipality.

The term kalilangan came from a Maranao native tongue which means "extreme happiness". It used to be a barrio of Pangantucan, Bukidnon. Due to influx of settlers coming from the different parts of the country, it becomes an independent municipality.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unexpected | A Pre-Valentine Experience

Unexpected  -  Every 2nd Sunday of the Month, my family always expect that this is the day of an outdoor treat. The Brunch with the Monks, at the St. Benedictine of Transfiguration or simply known locally as the Monastery. 

We woke up late at 7:30 am this morning. We hurried-up and prepared ourselves to go to church as one of our Christian obligations. We divided our chores and I hurriedly warmed-up the car but still we went late and caught-up only the homily part of the mass.
In short, the mass has ended, and my 2 kids were both excited with the Brunch. Its my simple gesture also to give time to my family by dating them to this kind of  outdoor regular events. We rushed-up the entrance and paid P600.00 for 4 person or P150 per person,  since there are lots of visitors rushing down to the entrance of  the dining place.  It is also our way to support this community fund raising for the Monks. Anyway, that's only once a month. 

Why I am writing this article and entitled it as unexpected?

Friday, February 11, 2011

1st Family Trail Fun Run | St. John's School of Malaybalay City

That's Ronnie Vidal, the President of the NORMMS (Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society) with a backpack and a fresh morning smile.
1st Family Trail Fun Run  |  St. John's School of Malaybalay City -   The idea to have this kind of school activity was cropped up when  my son  joined the 2nd Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run on a 5K category.

My son is an asthmatic kid. Most advises is to let him engage in running. Since he is so interested in running, I did not deprived his interest to join. His maintenance right now is just only a sodium ascorbate, which is so effective. 

This is where I've got the idea to have a Family Fun Run on School's 9th Foundation Day Celebration which was started last February 04, 2011. During that  Osvaldo Memorial Trail Run, I've observed that there were lots of students from St. Johns School joined that event. With my son's interest on this sports, there is something in me that made me decided to join, and that was because I have an athletic ability in running. 

 Then, we discussed this matter together with my co-PTA Officers, Mr. Rommel Abao, Ms. Mitch Oliva  and Ms. Josephine Tulang Decano, in an informal meeting  at the school's waiting shed last November 2010, to have a family fun run on School's Foundation Day Celebration.

Some were pessimistic to attend because they probably were busy with their respective jobs,  but there were still 45 families of a team of three (3) graced that school event. From the word Fun, obviously, all who participated the trail run really have a real fun running in the Kaamulan Ground Trail.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Raftsman | Driftwood Furnitures in Pangantucan, Bukidnon, Philippines

One of the things that you should not miss once you visit  the Municipality of  Pangantucan, Bukidnon, Philippines and would probably be a must is the RAFTSMAN.  It sounds like a CRAFTSMAN but that is a big NO. Its RAFTSMAN because it is a combination of the name of the owner RAFFY and his CRAFT or CRAFTSMANSHIP in driftwood furniture making. Actually, he is not the master carpenter in all of these craft,  but he only hires a carpenter who is expert in Driftwood Furniture Making. He is fond in collecting old furniture that were made  from a hardwood specie.

After a very tiresome day in conducting field inspection, we then dropped by the place for a late lunch time at 2 pm. 

Aside from furniture making, RAFTSMAN also served affordable meals. I have not taken any pictures of the food we ate because of my starving stomach but surely it tastes real good and  a yummy food. Cooked food while you wait, Raffy will cook for you, the owner himself for 15 minutes.

Here are Raffy's collection of Driftwood Furnitures;

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trekking or Trail Hiking in the famous Two-Trees of Malaybalay City - Provincial Tree Park

Assembly Area and starting point

Two-trees as the locals may call it, is a popular trekking destination especially for nature loving people. Mostly of the trekkers here are students from Bukidnon State University or  from other schools in Bukidnon. Trekking is really fun especially when the starting point whose trail is so difficult and challenging, and later on you come up with a rewarding view once you reach the destination ----the summit.

Together with Earl (SUROY PILIPINAS), his wife Malou, James Paulican, our student guide Jason and Boyax Palle our co-employee, we went to this famous two-trees in Malaybalay City or the Provincial Tree Park and decided to take the entry point in the Kaamulan Nature Park.

rest - about 15% of total trek distance


It is really a forest area

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