Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Shoot : The Flowers and the Web

These photos were actually taken in our front yard. A spider was making a web as bait for its food. As an avid amateur photographer, this is actually my first try in taking photos using my new gear.
Camera                 :  Nikon D5100
Aperture               :  f/9
Exposure Time   :  1/400 sec.
ISO-Speed           :   ISO-320
Metering Mode  :  Pattern
Focal Length       :   300 mm
Lens                      :   Nikkor afs dx 55-300 mm VR

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo in Lim Ket Kai


On holiday season, it is also one of the best time that families would go out together to spend some bonding time. 

One of these is to go out and eat in a restaurant considered to be one of your kid's best choices. My wife is actually a veggie person. She bought her own food at the Green Haven Restaurant and went with us to this newly opened restaurant in Cagayan de Oro City, the Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant in Lim Ket Kai Mall.

Tokyo tokyo is located at the 2nd floor of Lim Ket Kai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. 

I actually doesn't have any idea that Tokyo Tokyo had opened its new branch here in the City of Golden Friendship, when we bought our Christmas presents for my kid's school party. I just only had my experience in dining into this Japanese Restaurant during our Manila Escapade last March this year, which was actually requested by my son James. 

James had a sumptuous experience in Tokyo Tokyo together with my wife during their summer vacation last 2011. So my son James, also took me to this Japanese Restaurant in SM Mega Mall after our Manila Ocean Park Visit.
Breaded Pork Chop with soup

When we entered the restaurant, I let my wife and my kids ordered our food while I am busy looking for my Christmas presents for myself. My dream Camera. When they had already their orders, they then called me to go upstairs to start our meal.

Since I do not have much word to describe the food that we ate, and not so familiar with the food and even forgot the Japanese name of these food, this blog post will just gives you a peek on food in Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant at Lim Ket Kai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. With regards to the price? Its just an affordable one for your family.

So, when you happen to read this blog, and you are going to look for a fine dining, Tokyo Tokyo is one of the best restaurants in Cagayan de Oro right now.

So just enjoy your dining.
The food that we had during our Manila Escapade.

Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant
Address : 2nd Floor, Lim Ket Kai Mall,
Cagayan de Oro City

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Misa de Gallo at the Monastery of Transfiguration

 The Monastery of Transfiguration Church

It has been our family tradition to hear mass on every 24th day of December at the Monastery of Transfiguration Church, on a best effort basis. Since we could not catch up with the Misa de Gallo which will traditionally start on every 16th of the same month and will end at the dawn of 24th day or exactly a Novena for 9 days.
Crib with baby Jesus and the Lamp

Solemnity and serenity are just one of the reasons on why, for almost 18 years now, we always make  sure to hear mass at this famed Church of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon on every Sunday and this Holiday Season. 
 Christmas decor

Misa de Gallo is a Filipino tradition that inherited during the Spanish Colonial period.

The Monastery of Transfiguration Church
Address : San Jose, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Davao del Sur : A glance of Digos City Overland Transport Bus Terminal

If some of you do not know yet or have any idea on where is the location of the Bus Terminal in Digos City. 

This post, is simply for you to glance the Digos City Bus Terminal.

My leisure walk at the Plaza Heneral Santos at General Santos City was well worth, but most especially my short stay in the City. Meeting new friends that expanded my network and my additional acquired knowledge as a new Google Map Maker Advocate during the summit.
General Santos City is a wonderful urban City, where urban planning was well done. I begun to miss the City when I was already on-board a Yellow Bus Line bound for Davao City, with hope to see my new found and humble blogger friends again soon.

I was a bit asleep during my travel from General Santos wherein I almost ignored that we were just on brief stop over Digos City Bus Terminal. I got off the bus with my camera and discharged some toxins at their clean comfort rooms and afterwards took some snapshots just to give you some photos on this terminal.

Digos Bus Terminal is a quite simple and a clean terminal in Digos City. It is located along the Bonifacio Super Highway corner Doña Aurora Street, Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines.

As I looked around the place, I right away conclude that people living here are really educated on what is the meaning of discipline. With this kind of practice, commuters like us would also cooperate with that sense of discipline that they have.

We were just few on board that aircon Yellow Bus Line. Comfortable with my travel mates, but still not complacent with possibilities of something unpleasant. After I've got some snapshots with the place? I got inside  the bus immediately to check my baggage.
May Instant model pa.

How far is Digos City from Davao City? I asked one of the vendors who posed as model before I got inside the bus.

Digos City is more or less 50 kilometers to Davao City or more or less 90 minutes travel time more if you are from General Santos City.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Con Tour Blog as top 100 Blog in BLOGTOPSITES

I am glad to  stumble this one. Thank you so much to all my friends, readers and followers who supported Con Tour Blog all the way to become one of the top 100 travel blog sites in BLOGTOPSITES, and ranked as top no. 91.
I do not have much words to express my gladness. Just simply say "DAGHAN SALAMAT", "MARAMING SALAMAT", THANK YOU VERY MUCH and please continue following Con Tour Blog, A Philippine Photo and Travel Blogger and like us on FACEBOOK.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bukidnon | Buffalo's Milk from Philippine Carabao Center

My son James brought us home 2 liters of Carabao's Milk with pandan flavor as his "pasalubong" after they had their field trip last November this year. I was surprised when he brought us home Carbao's milk with just his own decision. 

My son James, now a grade six (6) student from St. Johns School of Malaybalay, were brought up to become thoughtful. We never taught him to do it. He just earned it through family's practice.
The display or sales center...
Philippine Carabao Center is located in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon. It is located within the campus of the Central Mindanao University. It is located just at the foot of the Musuan Peak or the Mount Calayo, the potentially active volcano in Bukidnon, as declared by Phivolcs.
The benefits of the Carabao's or Buffalo's Milk, according to the Philippine Carabao Center;
The buffalo milk or commonly known as carabao’s milk can be of great help in eradicating malnutrition. Nutrient-wise, it is better compared with the array of cola and other commercial drinks in the market. These liquids, while designed and packaged in attractive colors and shapes, do not help provide important dietary requirements.
Why is it better to drink buffalo milk? It is considered as the finest milk among dairy animals and almost at par with human milk. Like any other milk it can be consumed anytime. It is a totally natural product that can be derived from the udder of lactating buffalos. Regarding its acceptability, buffalo milk has already been consumed around the world for thousands of years.
Once you get to visit Bukidnon, please include in your itinerary to buy our Filipino pride, the Buffalo's or Carabao's Milk at the Philippine Carabao Center in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon. From Davao is located on the right side of the National Highway, but if you are from Cagayan de Oro City, its on the opposite side.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

My Night Run Experience with my son James

I also love running, much more to get into sports like this one, a night run in Bukidnon.  I do not have any idea on what would I expect during the night run that we have with my son James last November 30, 2012. But still, I registered our names, both for 5K category, in the morning on that same day. 

I guess we were both excited, because we arrived an hour before the gun start. We first visited the headquarters of the organizers of the Bukidnon Highland Games at the orange building near the Capitol Ground, got my camera, roamed around inside the building and took some snapshots inside.
Briefing time, by Dr. Rachito Abellanosa, the principal organizer.

I am not the official photographer of the Bukidnon Highland Games, though I was informed ahead of time to be one of the official event photographers, and due to my hectic schedule, I only volunteered in documenting in some portion of the event. 

Aside in getting into this kind of involvement in our local community, I also love doing Photography. Especially in capturing people's precious smile, like the smiles of these three doctors, on the photo below.
 Dr. and Dra. Letigio with Dra. Mary Joy Briones.

As the saying goes, doctor knows best, especially on health matters. If they joined this kind of activities, doing a daily routine such as physical exercise like jogging almost daily in the Capitol Ground, I should strictly follow their prescription. To go back into this kind of activities---physical exercise.
Actually, we were one of the earliest runners arrived at the finish / starting line in front of the Capitol Building. While waiting for everyone to arrive, I spotted the above scene in the sky. Upon seeing that beautiful cloud formation, right away I set my camera to scene mode--the dusk / sunset mode. I fired at least 10 shots, at all possible angles.
Spouses Ford and Beth Padla and Spouses James and Blessie Paulican.

The gun start was extended to few more minutes. While waiting with the final instruction from the organizers, I took the chance to take a shot of these two (2) lovely couples, who are very much active on every running activities. Kudos to that. You are such an inspiration for every couple in this City. 
Runners, as they listened with the instruction from Dr. Chi Abellanosa.

The air became cooler. Everyone were ready to run that night. Actually, this is a 2nd night run, after the Panahik Adventure Centre sponsored this kind of activity, here in this City. Speaking of cool air. I remembered, Dra. Briones posted in her FB wall, that we are so blessed with the climate in our place. 

Why should we not make use with our present resources, the natural terrain of our surroundings here in Malaybalay City by doing these kind of activities, like trail run, night run, fun run or even run for a cause. We do not want to put in structures just to make use of it, just maximize the utilization of its natural terrain, as Dr. Chi Abellanosa, averred during the Bukidnon Highland Games Press Conference.
The Fireflies Dancers, performed their number.

Night run was perhaps the most enjoyable experiences that we had with my son James. The route was well planned. We first sailed into a solid and sloping ground, which I felt so comfortable because we only just doing the free style run. More convenient especially that there were still lights on the streets along our route. We only brought  small flashlights. Mine was a lighter, and gave the other one to the two (2) lady doctors. For my son James, he only has a small flashlight.

After we took a stride on a concrete and solid grounds, we then took a steep grade. Right after with the steep grade, we turned right and its getting darker and darker because of the absence of street lights near the Gawad Kalinga subdivision.

The real action was actually happened when we reached part of the Provincial Tree Park. Its too dark. The only light that we have was the lighter I brought. I was worried during that time, since my son James was far ahead of me. The only consolation I had in mind, that there were marshals who really assisted us with their motorcycle's headlights. Some of them even jogged ahead of us just to let our path lighted. These marshals are also runners. Kudos to that. Thanks with that real action ii assisting us lighting our path.
During this dark part of the terrain. With imposing pine trees and fireflies around, I came into a realization that, what if the world will go back to this kind of life, because of the climate change. 

No electricity at all. Can we survive? Eventually, we can survive. But how about the adaptation of having no internet, no blogging and no facebook anymore. Can we still survive? I will leave that to you for your own reflection. 

It also sparked in my mind, that if there will be another night run like of this kind, and the route will then pass through the Provincial Tree Park, a lighted torch will be enough for every 50 meters to better feel the place. Actually, my over-all assessment of the night run?--it was indeed a real fun, running during night time without street lights inside the Provincial Tree Park and with fireflies around like helping us runners lighted the trail.
I finished the 5K, but I did not beat my personal record of 46 minutes. I think, I finished it more than an hour. Anyway, that was still way better for an inconsistent runner like me.

My son James finished 10th place. Only 10 runners were set to get the awards, a package from a soap company. The first 3 runners got an additional medal each.

Before I will end this post, let me lodge this question on why I included this experience on a travel blog site. It is because, running right now is also one of the tourist's attractions here in the Province of Bukidnon. So, for travelers like you, if you happen to encounter this kind of activity in a place where you just set foot, do not hesitate to get involve, register and have some fun like what we had experienced with my son James in joining this Night Run in Malaybalay City.
Miggy Quirino, the Champion of kids' 5K category. Son of Matet and Arnel Quirino, a couple runner.
The top 10 winners in Kid's 5K Category.

Friday, December 07, 2012

As a Travel Blogger, I am Grateful with my readers and followers

 The Con Tour Blog, a Philippine Photo and Travel Blogger, is now two (2) years in existence. 

Just today, December 7, the page views of Con Tour Blog has reached up to 100,019.

With this recent development, I would like to sincerely thank all my readers and viewers out there for the support and patience in following and reading my non-sense blog posts. I hope that all my experiences during the course of my travel have really gave you some insights.

To my fellow bloggers and travel bloggers, thank you also for your unconditional support. In terms of transforming this blog to a full pledge domain, I am thanking also Edcel Suyo, the, who helped me renewed its domain for its 2nd year by using his own Credit Card. To Nanardxz Zee of the South Cotabato News for the wonderful theme and my co-administrator.

To Edmar of, for teaching me some HTML codes. And other bloggers, like Journeying James and  Langyaw (Estan) for some tips in creating the blog titles and photography style, respectively.

Please bear also with the delay of some posts because of my busy schedule, especially during the last quarter of each year, being  an employee of a Government Financial Institution.

If I cannot reply right away, please bear also with that.

My passion in blogging and photography grew steady, becomes more encouraging and inspiring every time I saw the page views counter is increasing a little bit fast.

I know my capacity in terms of  English construction. I admit that, since I am still trying to improve my grammar little by little, until now. With your full understanding on that aspect, I am also thankful to that and very much appreciated. Just give me chance to improve.

I also acknowledged your comments, although some were not posted due to some personal reasons.

And since Christmas is fast approaching or barely 18 days from today, I would like to take this chance to greet you in advance. A Merriest Christmas to all and looking forward the year ahead with a humble child like smile, good health and sound financial and most of all, let us all be safe everywhere we go.

To God be the Glory.

.As a Travel Blogger, I am Grateful with my friends, co-bloggers, readers and followers.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The 9 Different Modes of Transportation in the Philippines

For the past  2 years in blogging. I have been in few places in the Philippines with that period. Taking photographs of this kind, the different modes of transportation in the Philippines, is also one of my fascinations. The different modes of transportation of the Philippines -----is a true expression of  Filipino Ingenuity and originality. 

Every culture in every country has its own way of expression, especially in transportation design. Talking about Filipino Ingenuity, we Filipino were also have the potentials on design innovation such as a uniquely designed transportation like the Multicabs, Jeepneys, tricycles and the habal-habal (a single motorcycle utilized as public transportation for hire), to mention a few.

With this Filipino ingenuity and innovations, I can say, that it bears a unique style and identity of becoming a Filipino. And because of these variety of styles, we were distinguished among other countries in Asia. I've been featuring posts in places, beaches, festivals and even building structures and architectures. This time, I am featuring the different modes of Transportation in the Philippines, my country and that became as our unique identity.

1. Multicab.
MULTICAB - A multicab carrying wood
furnitures, transporting to Kibawe, Bukidnon.
Multicabs are manufactured in Japan.  Most common are Suzuki brand multicabs. Suzuki brand multicabs varies with different engine displacement. It has 6 valve, 12 valve and even 16 valve engine displacement. Fueled with gasoline. In the Philippines, some of these vehicles are utilized as public transportation with a capacity of more or less 10 passengers. But in Japan, they utilized this one as haulers in farm produce or in some specific purpose. 

Some design innovators in the Philippines, cut the chassis and put a few inches of chassis, and welded it for extension. With this, it can accommodate more than 10 passengers. Extended capacity would be 12-14 passengers. Some of these manufactured vehicles were  4 x 4 multicabs and capable to run on rough roads or rough terrains.

2. Tora-tora or Kulig-lig :
They called this one as Tora-Tora
In Mindanao, some called it as Tora-tora. In Luzon, it is called as Kulig-lig. The motor engine of the Tora-tora or Kulig-lig, is designed for boat's engine and has the capacity to propelled with considerable speed. 

This tora-tora was originally a design innovation from Luzon. And because of mass migration of people from Luzon to Mindanao, they also brought this Filipino Technology to haul farm produce, like palay (rice hull) in rice agricultural lands.Tora-tora can also be called a tricycle. But the only difference is the engine. The engine of "tora-tora" can also be used for boats. The word tora-tora was originated during Japanese time, it  means "tiger-tiger", but apparently, it was the secret code for the bombing of the Pearl Harbor.

3. Single Motorcycle 

Single Motorcycle
Single motorcycle is designed to two passenger capacity. But here in the Philippines, it can accommodate or carry four people, with 2 kids and 2 adults. Most of the private citizens in the Philippines, especially those who are below the medium income earning bracket, prefer single motorcycle for easy ride and transportation. This type of single motorcycle transportation are many in numbers in the mountainous areas like here in Bukidnon. Convenient to handle when parking areas in the suburbs is fully occupied. Today, when the prices of fuel is high, a four-stroke single motorcycle is highly recommended because of less in fuel consumption. But during rainy days, single motorcycle is not comfortable to ride. 

4. Trike or Tricycle :
Tricycle at General Santos City
For more safety rides in concrete jungle, tricycle is highly recommended because of its balance and more stable than single motorcycle. The balance is supported with the third wheel. Because of this third wheel installed on the right side of the trike's body, this became and called  as tricycle, that means, three wheeled vehicle. This name was derived from three wheeled cycle and were shortened to tricycle. The short cut name of tricycle, is trike. Originally, the wheel of a tricycle is in front and the two wheel at the back and propelled by a pedal. But here in the Philippines, two in the left side and the third one is in the right side.

5. Passenger Jeepneys :
A passenger jeepney with a barker at the rear
Maybe today, passenger jeepneys is one of the very famous mode of transportation in the Philippines. That maybe because of its original and authentic Filipino design. Philippine Jeepney design was patterned from an American War jeepney. After Americans left numbers of Jeepneys here in the Philippines, Filipinos converted those jeepneys into public utility vehicles.    Tagged as the "King of the Road", jeepneys here in the Philippines earned recognition worldwide as Filipino's unique creativeness and ingenuity.

6. Habal-habal :
"Into the Millenium"
Far flung places, like Barangays in Malaybalay City, in-availability of a 4-wheel public transportation, having dirt roads and an undeveloped one, gave birth with this type of a public transportation, the Habal-habal

Habal-habal is a modified single 4-stroke motorcycle. Its modification is providing a canvass roofing,  with a wood support, that serves as rain visor. It can accommodate up to 5 passengers, including the driver. I've been in some places in the Philippines, but this type of transportation is also available here in Malaybalay City, particularly those that are plying to and from Barangay Can-ayan. This type of a single motorcyle, a public transportation  utilized to transport farm produce.

The "Habal-habal" word is a visayan term, which means breeding in livestock production, like in a piggery farm. To "Habal" means to hop-in and  then starts the breeding activity for hog production.

7. Skylab :
Skylab was a space station launched and operated by NASA (a space agency of the United States) and was the United States' first space station in 1973. According to WIKI,  plans were made to refurbish and reuse Skylab, using the Space Shuttle to boost its orbit and repair it. However, development of the Shuttle was delayed, and Skylab reentered Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated in 1979, with debris striking portions of Western Australia.

But here in the Philippines, "skylab" is a type of a public transportation driven by a single motorcycle with two (2) flat wood slab installed in both sides. It is utilized mainly to transport farm produce, construction materials and any other things that can be carried by this single Filipino innovation motorcycle, including passengers. This type of public transportation exists in Rural and in remote areas in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao. Some exist in other parts of the country. Skylab is also called a Habal-habal.

8. Motorela 
Motorela was designed and invented by Raphael Floirendo, and originated in Cagayan de Oro City in 1964, with Patent No. 2243. The term Motorela derived from two words, a motorized and "caretella"  (horse-drawn carriage), or a motorized carriage.

Through the years, innovations were made, until the design became like a jeepney. The only difference is the single front wheel.

Raphael’s family was from northern Luzon migrated to Cagayan de Oro, where he finished his secondary education at the Ateneo de Cagayan-Xavier University. He obtained degrees in Business Administration and Agriculture at the Far Eastern University and Araneta University in Caloocan, respectively.

Raphael fell in love with Doctor Zenaida. Dr. Zenaida Floirendo was one of the founders of the Cagayan de Oro Medical Center—the oldest private health care institution in Mindanao. They were blessed with nine children. Raphael already loved cars at young age, which eventually led him to take a keen interest on automotive. The family controlled the automotive market in Northern Mindanao as dealer of Ford and the car outlet was named as ANFLO MOTORS (Anflo Group) at the heart of Cagayan de Oro, and where the Ayala Centrio is located today.

9. Philippine Buses
Philippine Buses were patterned from the buses of our neighbors, especially  like the Rural Tours of Mindanao Inc. or RTMI) Buses,  managed by the Yanson Group of Companies in Bacolod. 

Obviously the design of their buses were patterned from the "Kinglong" buses, of China.

Their buses are deployed everywhere in the Philippines and these are the types of transportation that you will encounter once you are in Mindanao. RTMI buses right now were locally manufactured here in Bacolod, Philippines, but still engines were imported from other countries, because until now, whether we like or not, Philippines has not invented yet at least one engine.

So, after reading this post, you are now familiar with some of the modes of transportation here in the Philippines, its name's origin and where it was originally built like the motorela. As far as different modes of transportation here in the Philippines are concern, so far, I captured only nine (9) of them. 

These types of transportation are dispersed in different parts of the country. 

Filipino ingenuity and  uniqueness in  designing of these type of transportation, can also be one of the reasons on why IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo Shoot : Proud as an Amateur Photographer

I am proud as an Amateur Photographer.

sample shot
My friend Bong Dela Torre, told me the meaning of amateur. And this is how he sincerely defined the word "Amateur".

The word “amateur” comes from a French word meaning: "lover of". An amateur is someone who does something (e.g. play the piano, football) because they enjoy doing it. They are not doing it in order to be paid. It is not how they earn money to live.

With that sincere comment of my friend Bong Dela Torre, I was humbled and began searching the word amateur about its meaning and definition. Such comment made me inspired to continue and just simply encouraged to continue my passion. And that is Photography.

Bong, actually, introduced me to FAM, and said that I am into photography and a blogger. FAM is An optometrist by Profession and a professional photographer. After he introduced me to Fam, I replied right away, that I am an Amateur Photographer. Bong then lifted my spirit by defining right away the true meaning of the word "Amateur".


Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Shoot : The Sumpitan Twin Bridge in San Fernando, Bukidnon

 In my first 5 years working in a Government Financial Institution, I've been to this place in countless times for a work related assignment, but the last time I passed to this place, as far as I remember, was this part of San Fernando of Bukidnon that has only one bridge.

Last 2011, when I again happened to pass by to this place, I was amazed with this great and panoramic view espoused with a good weather. The locals called it now as Sumpitan Twin Bridge. The first bridge on the left side was built sometime in early 1990s, while the 2nd bridge on the right side was built in early 2000s, or barely after 10 years.
As the locals recalled that if only one bridge built in this area, vehicles cannot pass on a two-way direction. One vehicle should pass first after the other. I asked the driver of our vehicle to stop for awhile just to take this scenic view of lush and verdant hills blended with this Sumpitan Twin Bridge, the Salug River and a little part of a rice land.

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