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Con Tour Blog in Tracing Back 2011

1. Bukidnon :
Manolo Fortich : Dahilayan Dual Zipline in Asia
I started blogging in 2009 but it was done wrongfully. Copied some articles and pasted them to my blog site, which I later knew that copying  is punishable by law. I rested for awhile, did some research and reflection about proper blogging

Earl Bolivar of Suroy Pilipinas already had a blog site. He had already posted a lot of articles and all about chronicling  his travels in the Philippines. He then recommended  to read the blog of some of the veterans blogger in Pinoy Travel Bloggers, like in the persona of Estan Cabigas of and Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog (where I've got my blog description-A Philippine Photo Travel Blog) to have some bases on how to start. 

I  then visited and read the blog site of Claire of Lakwatsera de Primera, especially that romance on top of a mountain. That was well written and really comes from the heart of a lakwatsera. To appreciate more about blogging, I also read the blog of The PinaySoloBackpacker, Gael. I read her blog about their experience while trekking somewhere in Palaui Island for that lone lighthouse.

Then here comes the budget travel to the max, the man with a hammock, Journeying James. I read his post about setting up his hammock to stay overnight at the beach front somewhere in North Luzon and hitch ride with a doctor to go to the Poblacion proper.

These people had been in the blogging world for quite some time. Estan and Melo were both came from the Corporate World. They quit  their corporate job, and pursued to where they felt they are more happy. They write so well. I really admired their writing style.

Claire and James are both certified teachers which I learned later. I also admired Gael  because of her bravery to travel solo.

There are a lot more bloggers that I kept following and be thankful with their blogs before the conception of mine. To mention a few, like Ga-ye, The Pinay Travel Junkie (The Hippie Mum), The Nomadic Experiences of Marky and Naomi Lardizabal Dado (a personal blog- about the lost of her 10 year old child).  Naomi taught me not to get worry about the grammar-just write with your heart. The Lakwatsero, Angel Juarez where I patterned from him my tag line - Explore, Experience & Expose.

I kept following their blogs, until finally I opened and set up mine in a blogger platform, and started blogging--a combination of a photo and travel blog and the conception of the CON TOUR BLOG,  A Philippine Photo Travel Blog.
2. Misamis Oriental :
Opol : Panagatan Sea-Side Restaurant
At first I was so hesitant to write, since I had already in mind that I am not eloquent in English, especially the grammar construction. You give me a comprehensive building plan with complex structures, I will interpret that to you,but never give me a task to construct a written communication. I have that notion since grade school time and have hated english so much. 

It was just in 2010, that I started to love writing when I was given a chance to be one of the first batch of scholars in Real Estate related course in the University of the Philippines Open University. I finished up the second course in October 2011. Enrolled in another course, which hopefully be accepted to a higher level, a masteral degree, come 2013.

UPOU had somehow influenced me to read and write intensively- that was in compliance of our course requirement. Our company issued us a canon digital camera that eventually awaken my passion in photography. 

As part of our job, we need to document our field work. That time, it was with a roll of film. And thanks to the camera evolution.
3. Wao, Lanao del Sur
I started to write a personal travel blog when I brought my wife and my family to the 2nd Longest Dual Zipline in Asia in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, where I also met the Architect of that Eco-Tourism Park, Engr. Paras. That was in November 2010. Two months later, I then entered the prestigious group in the travel blogging world, the Pinoy Travel Bloggers, through the kind acceptance of Melo Villareal (Out of Town Blog) and Master Estan Cabigas (Langyaw).   
4.Manila -  (Manila Series 1-22)
All of my 2011 travels were all work related. As a disclaimer in setting up this blog, first, is to chronicles all my travel experiences and the journey that I have had. Second is to share to the net world the places that I've been, supported with my low quality captured photos while learning photography and the feeling of excitement while in transit to the place where you have not yet been to for half of your life, like my experience in transit to Marawi City.

The experience that I had when I met some of the PTB Veterans bloggers in the 3rd  Largest Mall in Asia, the SM Mall of Asia, during the 2nd International Pyromusical Competition, which I then chronicled all of that in my Manila Series.  

Manila has a big pie of my career development. It is a place where the foundation of my career had started. For five fruitful years, Manila and its urban fringes molded me on what I am now.
5.  Marawi City, Lanao del Sur
As a person, I could not  easily be convinced with second hand information. If there's any, I have to validate  it by myself. But if the information is feasibly right, even without validation, I always followed my vibration. In travel, I'd rather be always sensible. This is also what I've learned through reading some of travel blog posts among fellow travel bloggers about their various experiences. Please read my Marawi Travel Series.
The only spot in Iligan City which we failed to visit during my Marawi Travel Series was the Tinago Falls. I already been in Tinago Falls once. That was in October of 1996. And hopefully this time, I will revisit this majestic falls of the Industrial City of the South, as a blogger and photography enthusiast.
7. Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
Oftentimes, opportunity knocks once. This is how I made to set foot in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte in My Nasipit Journey Series. I was requested by my off-shore partner from Wisconsin, U.S.A. to conduct real estate appraisal, seeking my professional opinion about the land valuation of a particular property which was subject for settlement. The real estate transaction was made available through online communication. That was also to represent her client, on her behalf, as her Philippine counterpart. As a wannabe international valuer, I am looking forward that this humble desire be realized someday. 2011 marked also as the year where I got my two PRC licenses as Real Estate Practitioner.
8. Carmen, Cotabato 
My Cotabato Travel Chronicles was just started last December 2011 and still in the making until series of 15 stops. As of now, I am still in the 4th stop. I use the word stops, that is synonymous to a word series, which I've got that idea from Edmar Gu-Quibb of  EDMARATION, etc. and Ding Fuellos of The Pinoy Explorer.

9. Cagayan de Oro City and various Bus Terminals in Northern and some parts of Mindanao.
There are lots of things that I will be thankful for. I am also thankful to my Con Tour Blog readers, friends, family, my cousins, fellow bloggers, fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers of your continuous support, following and reading my non-sense blog post and hopefully every post in this blog had somehow gave you some learning experiences out of my own personal experience in the places I've been.

Only four entries in PTB Blog Carnival for the whole year, but I treasured that much. I've noticed that everytime I have a blog entry to the Carnival, it increases the site traffic. I am thankful for visiting my site, even though that my blog did not show some signs of financial freedom.

I would like also to give this special thanks to Edcel Suyo of, who personally provided me technical assistance regarding the conversion of my blog site to DOT COM---to the extent that he even used his Visa Card to pay Google appropriate charges. That conversion was happened during the first anniversary of CON TOUR BLOG. Thanks so much Bai Edcel, see you in Cebu soon. Best regards to Doi and Edwin bai.
2011 wasn't  really a tough year to me. Its a year full of BLESSINGS. Its a year full of passion in photography and blog writing. A year where I  finished my 2nd course in the UP Open University.  I will be starting again to engage in a busy life, in my present job and probably there will be a little delay in posting blog entries in this BLOG SITE. 

Most of all, I thank GOD who is our Divine Providence. 

Happy New Year to all!! Be with you all the Dragon's Grateful and Humble Heart in this year 2012.

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  1. Daming trips last year.More travels for all of us. Happy new year

  2. wow! i highly salute you for pursuing your studies and even taking it to a masteral degree. 2011 was indeed a year full of blessings for you bonzenti. hopefully 2012 will be a better one for all of us. happy new year!

  3. your region is really rich in awesome spots. kung taga jan lang din ako, i would surely explore every waterfalls, beach, and parks.
    happy new year po! Ü

  4. galing! hope to bump into you sa diliman :)

  5. nice post and story bonzenti:)nainspire aq n i pursue ang masterall dis yer,,, keep on blogging and travelling, i am following CON TOUR!

  6. nice year for yah!
    I'm trying to improve my blog, photography and writing wise..
    Hopefully, It would improve each time.
    PTB was really a great help, like you,
    I tend to follow several Travel Bloggers.
    And yours was one of those I check from time to time.
    More power for 2012! :)

  7. Congrats sir Bonz you have come a long way! 2011 was blissful and i'm sure 2012 would rock it out for you like a real dragon! glad that thru blogging we became friends and hope to meet you and your family sometime this year!

  8. @Chino |
    Thanks Chino for visiting back my site. Happy new year and hopeful that I could have some travels this year. 2012. March 2012, hopefully be pushed through.

  9. @Vin.

    Thanks to that Vin. 2012 would be better for us, it should be coupled with prayers. :-).

  10. @Chyng.

    There are lots of spots that has still to be explored, like falls, cold spring resorts, eco-parks, and so on.Maybe if you have some time to explore Mindanao, one at a time. Hinay hinay lang.

  11. @blissfulguro

    Mam. Lets pray to that. Hope to see you also some time in 2013, in ILBI.:-).

  12. @Travelingmorion.

    Jeff, thanks to that. nakakataba naman ng puso yan. ma inspired din ako sa comment mo. Online Learning distance lang ito jeff. :-). Thanks following Con Tour. Me too followed your respective blogs guyz. Just pardon me of so delayed visit.

  13. @Simurgh-Palalagaw

    Thanks also to your kind appreciation bro. You are on the right track. Keep on blogging. I admired your courage. That's the real spirit. Go on with your passion. :-).

  14. Hello Atty Mhe-Anne.
    (My Goings and Comings)

    Looking forward to see you this year, with Atty Maguale. BTW, galing ng adventure mo sa Cateel. Believe na ako sayo atty. BRAVE ka talaga. Glad also that we became friends on line. Maski muntik na tayong magkita last time. Busy ka kasi sa choir practice dati.

    Happy New year to all, my PTB and fellow bloggers and friends.

  15. those places in mindanao are definitely on my list. Cheers to more travels po!!

  16. Hi Joan | The Backpack chronicles.

    hope to bump you on the road. :-).

  17. Special mention pala ako dito...hehehe...sorry for not frequently blog hopping now. Like you, my travels are mostly work-related, and aren't we blessed as such? Mixing business with pleasure or perhaps the other way around? LOL!

    Happy blogging bro!

  18. Hello Ding,

    Thanks for your contribution. Somehow, I learned a lot from you. From photography to your writing style. :-). Happy blogging bro. :-). See you around.


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