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Cotabato : Kabacan New Bus Terminal

Designers have distinct and different concepts of design especially on bus terminals. One should  consider the different linkages especially on public transportation(s), its specific route and spatial allocation in the plan should also be carefully analyzed to avoid catastrophe in space requirements in the future, like in the Kabacan Newly Constructed Bus Terminal.

Aside from restaurants like Alma's Ihaw-ihaw and Lechon Manok and the Cayaga Crossing or the road intersection in going back to Bukidnon, Kabacan Bus Terminal is also one of the concrete and good landmarks one should consider when traveling to this destination. 
 Separate space for Business Stalls from Passenger and Bay Parking Area

This is the first time I set foot in this part of the Province of Cotabato and one of the highlighted places in my 2011 travels. New assignment brings forth new opportunities and new learning such as like this one, as well as on how they laid out their road system within the compound of the terminal.

Municipality of Kabacan is a second municipality one would be passing by in going to Davao City if the reckoning route is in Bukidnon or Cagayan de Oro via Carmen, Cotabato
The interesting part of the design of this New Bus Terminal of Kabacan is the non-confinement of business stalls in one roof with the Passengers and Buses' Bay Parking Area.  With this type of concept, this is also to divert the crowd in over populating the terminal area, thus, this is also to further avoid crowd congestion. This concept was already done by the Davao's Ecoland Bus Terminal. 

Another thing are the business stalls provided in the periphery of the terminal wherein one can avail through thorough screening as the standard procedure, and sometimes they delve into draw lots for fair distribution. It is also noted that the lease rental fee is considerably lower than the fee for commercial spaces for lease within the commercial hub of a certain place. The rationale on this is to provide affordable rental fee for small & medium entrepreneurs.

Bus terminals is also one of the support facilities aimed in providing access to livelihood especially on operators and drivers of motorcycle driven passenger side cars.
Custombuilt  Motorcycle Passenger Side Car lined up waiting for passengers at the terminal entrance

From the Crossing Cayaga or the Cross Road and Intersection, the Kabacan New Bus Terminal is located about 1.50 kilometers to the Commercial Center of this Municipality.

The Kabacan New Bus Terminal
Kabacan National Highway

[This is my 4th STOP of My Cotabato Travel Chronicles] 
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  1. Buti pa dyan sa Mindanao, bus terminals work. Dito sa Luzon, I have yet to see a good central bus terminal, especially in Metro Manila. It would have been easier for all.

  2. @The Pinoy Explorer

    Ding, I thought that MMDA is proposing to have a central terminal? And they are planning to build them in the Northern and Southern part of Metro Manila. :-). Dapat mag lagay na talaga sila dyan dahil over populated na ang mga vehicles. Fly overs are not the solution to ease up the traffic congestion.

  3. i always love TERMINALS bonz... Whether overland, airport or seaport... I just love the scene. I can always make a story in every scene i see. PERHAPS, what i love about TERMINALS are the fact that "IT IS WHERE WE START OUR JOURNEY AND IT IS ALSO WHERE WE END IT"... :) Happy New Year amigo. :)

  4. seems like a very organized bus terminal. when i went to the cubao terminal, naguluhan ako. hehe!

  5. @Olan, The Travel Teller

    Its just a church procession. Terminals are both ends of every travel. The lines in between every travel is the journey that we have to our destinations. Magandang idea yan Olan ah.:-).

  6. @Gladys | ByahengBarok.com

    Alam ko yong sa Cubao. MEdyo nga magulo dahil sobrang daming tao. Pa norte kasi ang mga bus dyan. Like Baliwag Transit. :-). Pero if they will relocate that bus terminals sa mga dulo (fringes) na at least hindi na papasok ang mga bus na yan sa EDSA, mabawasan na ang traffic. :-).

  7. wow! Kabacan is kicking! It's my father's home town... it's been more than a decade the last time I visited Kabacan...
    Btw, what I love about Mindanao towns are they are huge (except in Maguindanao where Ampatuans have dissolved towns to create another towns to put their family members as mayor - sorry for this insight). And because of the area, there is only one center, thus, draws many people in one place making town centers vibrant.

  8. Kuya Bonz, true. If bus terminals in Manila/QC aren't smack in the middle of action, hindi magiging magulo. It'll help ease up traffic.

  9. Hello Edmar.

    Try to visit KAbacan now. I'm sure there will be a different experience to reconnect to the place especially that place is where your father's root. :-).

  10. Hello Ga-ye,

    Planners should innovate. Politician should shut their mouth and intentions first. Terminals are really one of the solution to minimize the volume of buses in the urban centers. :-).


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