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Camiguin Island : Exploring the Mantigue Island, a worthwhile experience

  My family, the Mamino Family and our boat in 2007

Touring Camiguin was really worth remembering, especially that tour was with our family and friends. It was a tour full of surprises since that was our first time seeing the Island Born of Fire or the Camiguin Island in 2007 together with the Mamino family. This is the last leg of this tour in the Island Born of Fire, and I was in a dilemma in deciding whether to go or not to Mantigue Island, because we were in a group of two families with four (4) little kids and two (2) senior citizens with us. Afraid of possible mishap at sea.

Before we wrapped-up our mind to explore the unspoiled mantigue island in Camiguin, during breakfast, a short chat with the owner of the resort was made just to gather some information about the island. And I learned that the island was renowned for its snorkeling and diving sites in Camiguin. Good thing that the weather was in a favorable condition, that made us to continue our exploration.   
In terms of size, the island has an aggregate area of four (4) hectares which you can only explore for 30 minutes. It is also called Magsaysay Island. A white powdery beach sand can be seen glittering with lush forest when you are approaching the beach site.

When our boat was about to finally touch the docking area on the white sand shore, a group of families warmly welcomed and assisted us to get off from the boat. They even helped us with the children and the elders who were with us that time.
There were open cottages near from their houses and even offered us to cook our lunch for a fee. We ordered grilled fish and clamp soup (almost a palm size of clamps were served to us).

We brought along with us hats, ointment for skin protection and life vest as essentials for that exploration. We only paid 900 pesos for our food inclusive of labor and P1,000 for the boat (that was in 2007).  
We only stayed there including lunch time, for 5 hours and cruise the calm deep blue sea back to the resort in Barangay San Roque where we stayed overnight. By boat, the Island of Mantigue can be reached for about 40 minutes. 
The Mainland Camiguin at the background

The island now is also called, Mantigue Island Nature Park by the local tourism. The following year after our exploration, in November 2008, the local government began a concerted effort to relocate the 20-25 families, living on the island for many years, in order to preserve its environment and to make it more attractive to tourists.  These families were relocated in Barangay Binoni.

I will definitely go back to this island if given an opportunity to re-explore again. Mantigue Island is indeed an unspoiled island in Camiguin
Photos were not in good resolution since I only used my video cam still shots.

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  1. 1- I remember when I was a kid, Noli de Castro of the now gone MGB show was featuring Camiguin, nalulula lang ako sa ganda.
    2- Buti hindi sumakit ang tuhod ng mga Senior Citizens na kasama niyo haha. May kids pa na makukulit. Mukang nagenjoy naman talaga kayo talaga :))
    3- Parang sa Calauit island, mga tao pinalikas para gawing island safari. PEro the residents tend to go back because the island is where they earn a living, e.g. fishing.

  2. @Earl,

    Its nice to go back here. This time, I will make sure that more photos should be stocked.:-).

  3. @Edmar

    In the case of these people, they were at least assisted by the government by giving them relocation site. 2nd, Barangay Binoni is along the shoreline, they can still pursue with their livelihood such as fishing.

    Mantigue Island is really a paradise island in Camiguin because of the mangrove and other trees that have grown there unlike the White Island which is just a silted area.

    Third, nag enjoy talaga ang mga bata. With your comment, you give me an idea to post the White Island where they really enjoy playing with the white sand. Thanks to that.:-).

  4. Oi nice. I had been to Mantigue and Magsaysay Island in 1997 and we had the islands to ourselves! nice to see pics electronically! btw, di pa pala ako follower ng blog mo so did join thru GFC. thanks sir Bonz.

  5. It was indeed a memorable for us, since all of us are first timer. Thanks atty for visiting me here again. NTW, good to note that you are enjoying your stay in Europe.:-).

  6. I looking forward to go in Camiguin I like to experienced in Mantigue. Do you rooms to offer here?
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