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Cotabato : Matalam Rotunda to General Santos City

A term Rotunda is often used in the Philippines as synonymous  to a circular open space with structures built within at the center of four to eight (the least possible) intersecting streets or roads. It is a circular open space with structure in an intersecting road constructed mostly without a dome.
Rotunda according to Wiki ; A rotunda (from Latin rotundus) is any building with a circular ground plan, sometimes covered by a dome. It can also refer to a round room within a building (a famous example being within the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.). The Pantheon in Rome is a famous rotunda. A Band Rotunda is a circular bandstand, usually with a dome. An outcrop around said building.
Rotundas were conceptualized by early Architects in Europe in 9-11th Century A.D.  It sometimes built in a sixfold to eightfold arched central apsis in Central Europe with a dome in it.   

Apsis in Wiki : In architecture, the apse (Greek αψις (apsis), then Latin absis: "arch, vault"; sometimes written apsis; plural apses) is a semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault or semi-dome. In Romanesque, Byzantine and Gothic Christian abbey, cathedral and church architecture, the term is applied to a semi-circular or polygonal termination of the main building at the liturgical east end (where the altar is), regardless of the shape of the roof, which may be flat, sloping, domed, or hemispherical.

As I continue my journey epic  in this part of Cotabato Province, I dropped by the Municipality of Matalam, since the bus was en route to Tacurong City of Sultan Kudarat, wherein my destination is the Provincial Capitol of Cotabato that is located in Amas, Kidapawan City. It is in here that I took the chance to take some snapshots of this rotunda of the Major Cities in this Cotabato Region.

Matalam, Cotabato is in between the Kidapawan City and the Municipality of Kabacan. According to wiki;
The Municipality of Matalam  before its creation into a regular municipality the (Poblacion) which is now the set of government is just a mere Sitio of Kilada called "Crossing M'lang" within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Kabacan. Because of its strategic location coupled with the strong desire of the people through the able leadership of both civic and religious leader, petitioned the provincial and national government for its creation into a regular municipality.
This Rotunda  in Matalam, Cotabato is a major landmark in going to key cities in this part of the Region. It is called Crossing M'lang (pronounced as Mal-ang). These are the Cotabato City (in the northwestern side), Davao City (in the Southeaster Side) and the General Santos or Tacurong City on its Southwestern side.  

Here in the Philippines, our rotundas nationwide were built with single structure without a dome. In some areas, rotundas has group of structures, some has a roof  but still has no dome mounted on it.
 Crossing M'Lang (The Rotunda) encircled with yellow: Courtesy: Cotabato Province Website

It is located about 20-25 kilometers from Kabacan proper and about 35-40 kilometers from Kidapawan City.

The Matalam Rotunda or Crossing M'Lang in Matalam, Cotabato

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  1. Nice landmark in Matalam para hindi maligaw

  2. I once passed by here and never appreciated it until you had it featured here Bonz.

  3. @Edmar.

    This is indeed an important landmark in going to the 3 cities. Davao, Cotabato and Tacurong or General Santos City.

  4. Doc Wendz.

    It is in this post when I realized the true meaning of Rotunda. At least, another learning through exploration.:-).

  5. Hope you get past this rotunda and go straight to GenSan soon.

    Then I will meet you there and show you our very own rotundas too.


  6. Hi Sir Avel,

    It is indeed one of my dream destination, General Santos, Saranggani Province and nearby places. Malapit na po.:-).

  7. I remember passing by here! Took us three rounds to decide which way to keep going! Will be heading to Gensan soon so see you guys there!!! It's definitely more fun in the Philippines!

  8. @MAkati Vacation Condo Rental

    Hindi na kayo talaga maliligaw na ngayon. Happy trip guys!


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