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Cotabato : The Provincial Seat of North Cotabato

In 1902, the Philippine Commission organized the Provincial and Municipal governments, merely for the purpose of tax collection,  dividing the task from the National Government down to the lower level. That is how the Provincial, City and the Municipal government were created. 

In 1991, when the R.A. 7160 was enacted and empowered the local government unit, or otherwise known as the "Local Government Code of the Philippines", authored by Senator Aquilino Pimentel,  son of Cagayan de Oro City, the Local Government units all over the Philippines began to feel its economic boom because of tax revenues. 

When I set foot the Municipality of Kabacan, I immediately noticed some positive development in the area because of concreted National road. The road is as wide as 60 meters. I noticed also their newly constructed Bus Terminal

From Kabacan  to the Municipality of Matalam, until I finally reached the Seat of the Province of North Cotabato, they have 4 lanes wide road.
The Capitol Building

I've also noticed that most of the Provincial seat of the government that I've been visited in the Island of Mindanao,  were located within its Capital Town or City. In this part of the Province of North Cotabato, the Provincial seat of the government is located at Amas, Kidapawan City, which is unique from other Provinces and away from the City proper. 

Barangay Amas of Kidapawan City is located about 30-40 kilometers or an estimated travel time of 45 minutes at a speed of 80 km/hour if using a private vehicle. From the Rotunda of the Municipality of Matalam, I took Wenna Bus Liner in going to Barangay Amas at a fare of only P10.00.   

My purpose of my visit was to conduct a research in the Office of the Registry of Deeds for the Province of Cotabato, on bank's collateral that were subject for foreclosure proceedings later. One of the procedures in the foreclosure proceedings is to check the veracity of the titles in this Office.  

I have no regrets with the long travel I had on that day, especially that when I entered the said office, I was impressed with the tidiness of the place. The front liners who greeted me with warmth smile, coupled with a polite morning greetings--spell courteous. My tiresome travel was replaced like I was being recharged because of their warmth accommodation and responsiveness to the requesting public like me.

I am more impressed that when I visited the restroom to discharge some toxins, the room is so clean. And I did not expect  a public place with a clean restroom like that. I hope that they will maintain that cleanliness. 

And because of their effective and efficient public service, they were cited as one of the top Registry of Deeds in the Philippines.  The one who gave that sincere service is Ms. RED.
That's Ms. RED

There are four interesting things to note with the location of this Provincial Seat Offices, including the Registry of Deeds, aside from the good public service

One  was the reason on why the Provincial Seat was intentionally placed 45 minutes away from the Poblacion proper of Kidapawan City, that according to them, the purpose is to restraint employees from loafing.  

Second was the enclosure of the whole compound with perimeter fence and it is well guarded-- for full security measure. 

Third, was the design of the Provincial Building Facade that you might think you are in a Disneyland. 

And lastly, early migrants were came from Northern Luzon and mostly Ilokanos and former soldiers. I even noticed that they spoke tagalog fluently.  Other migrants are from Iloilo, Cebu and Bohol. 
During the whole duration of my stay inside the compound, I wore my Identification Card all the time, though I was not told to do so. That was to show courtesy and respect.

I finished my transaction before 12 noon and I opted to just walk from the Registry of Deeds' office to the well guarded entrance gate of the Provincial Compound with a smile and satisfied feeling because of a highly recommended performance level of PUBLIC SERVICE. 

Just across the entrance gate, I spotted "Sariling Atin", where I took my lunch.  
After a week of my visit here, a bomb exploded at a nearby office near the entrance gate of the Provincial Seat compound and at a waiting shed outside the office of the National Irrigation Authority, according to a local newspaper.

I am thankful with that travel because that visit was indeed a blissful one. For your guide, I took picture with the work flow.
Workflow-for your guide
If you requested today for a certified true copy of the title, the release will be 3 days from date of  your request.
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  1. The Capitol looks grandiose from afar. Iba na talaga ang developments ng Mindanao ngayon. Sana lang matapos na rin ang insurgency.

  2. Hopefully din edmar na matapos na ang insurgency para makapag libot na tayo ng walang kakaba kaba sa buong mindanao. Tourism is also one of the sources of income in a locality. I hope that that knew that.:-).

  3. The capitol looks just as great. I love the way you write your post Bonz, very informative.

    Hope to see you on the road and definitely, this time, lets do it! Kita na gyud ta

  4. Doc Wendz. I am so glad to hear that kind appreciation from a professor like you. Thanks so much.:-).

  5. BONZ, honestly, I have never been to Cotabato City. I have always wanted to come here but for some reasons, pirmi maudlot. :) Hopefully this year. :)

  6. Cge bai OLAN. I already approached our PIA for our Media Pass. We'll wait for their call. Briefing will be on March 02, 2012. I told them that I will representing you.

  7. Was in Cotabato last January. And that is the first time that I've seen many uniformed men with high powered weapons. Later that day I learned that Vice Gov was ambushed, reason why we lots of armed men around.

  8. @Thess

    Sensible travel is the key everywhere we go. We dont the mishap to happen. :-). Thanks for visiting my site Thess.:-).

  9. Kuya Bonz, you're really doing an awesome job in letting the whole world know of Mindanao's improvements. And I hope more people get to read your blog so people's misconceptions could slowly fade away...

  10. Hi Ga-ye. Thanks for that inspiring word from my idol.:-). Hoping for more traffic in my blog.

  11. I hope maapprobahan na sa congress ang Cotabato Province to be renamed as "NORTH COTABATO" to avoid confusion with Cotabato City and to provide distinction between South and North cotabato.

  12. Marco, It has been so long when they endorsed it to the congress, i guess, right?


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