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Pine Hills Hotel in Malaybalay City, a Post Valentine review

  Crispy Pata
Last year, during this season of love, my family and I had our valentine's dinner in this hotel, the Pine Hills Hotel of Malaybalay City, where I post a review on their food and our reservation during that day that made us so dismayed because our reserved table was already occupied by somebody when we arrived at around 7 pm. They run out of food when we were about to grab some. To read that 2011 post, you may read it here.

Though we were disappointed of last year's experience, still we never give up to at least give them another try this time. February 14 is Tuesday. After office hour at five thirsty, me and my wife tried that afternoon in surfing of a cozy and affordable place. On that day, we visited three restaurants, including the Pine Hills Hotel. We first visited the said hotel and followed the other two restaurants.

When we were in the Hotel's lobby, we were approached by their staff, also a friend of mine, and told us about the food package. This time it was at P365 pesos per person, still the same as last year. My wife did not gave a nod on that price package yet to me, instead, she just keep silent. I guess, that maybe because of our previous experience. I almost gave the guy a down payment for us to have a reserved table to make it sure of a vacant one.
 My plate was overflowing....forgot the diet thing.
We then headed to other two (2) restaurants. The second restaurant had a food package of P600 pesos for a couple (lumpiang Shanghai, etc.?) and the other one was almost of the same package price of the former. We then discussed the math for the price.
The red wine and the squash soup (slurpee)
We wrapped-up and we have to give another try, our choice?- the Pine Hills Hotel. Hurriedly, we went home and change our clothes. Together with our two (2) kids,  we arrived before 6:30 pm, earlier than last year.

I entered the hotel's restaurant later and was surprised that we were set at the nearby buffet table. Even with their food preparation, I was surprised. The crew and the staff were ready. The refill was prompt, and the food were sumptuous, delicious and opulent.

We tried to exchange the two (2) red wine to fruit juices for my kids. At first the waitress replied that the red wine is irreplaceable. We did not say something or react with the waitress' reply. Later, that same waitress served the two (2) fruit juices for my kids. We then ordered an extra fruit juice.

The desserts were delightful as well.
 The desserts...chocolate cake and shake
Before we finally went home, I grab my camera and took the laminated list of menus of their food package @ P365 pesos per person near the entrance door. 
 The list menu for the package of P365 per person
As I gleaned on their package price, I realized that the price of P365 pesos per person was more than what is worth.  I could even think that if we didn't give another try this year, we end up unsatisfied with that other restaurant on that day and that heart day would end up spoiled if we didn't choose Pine Hills Hotel as our Valentine's Family Date venue. Our over-all assessment? More than SATISFIED. :-).


For more details, here's the contact numbers, 
just in case you want to book your stay ahead:

 (088) 221 - 3212 (088) 813 - 2055 - c/o Jose

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  1. grabe ang mura. may soup, salad, ribs, pasta and wine - all for less than 400! amazing!

  2. Wow! At least there was not only a 360 degree turned around as last year but a P365! (haha). That's what I get when there's math in the post!! Really happy to read how you celebrated VDay with the family and Pines Hotel didn't disappoint this time. Menu looks yummy and worth the price I agree!

  3. Sir Bonz marami bang Pine Trees dito? hehe. #Curious

  4. At first I thought the hotel was in Baguio because of the Pine in the name. Wow! That buffet is really cheap. The crispy pata made me drool!

  5. Chyng. Baka nabasa nila post ko last year. kaya kahit medyo mura siya sa maraming pagkain in the buffet, ok lang para makabawi. Marami tao last time. They still run out of food. pero prompt lang ngayon ang refill nila.

  6. Atty. I thought you mean 365 days or 360 days. hehehe. When you get here in our place, Malaybalay City, I would definitely recommend Pine Hills Hotel for your short stay or even a longer one. But be sure to bring extra budget for us your friends for dine in. hehehe.:-).

  7. @KC and Edmar.

    Here in Malaybalay City, we do have pine trees but were not as cold as Baguio in terms of its climatic temperature.

    @KC. The buffet was really that cheap. ACtually my Son got crispy pata 4 times. :-). That was so cheap we ever experienced.:-).

  8. I'm craving for crispy pata... picture pa lang ulam na.

  9. @Lakwatsera. Masarap talaga basta crispy pata. PAti ang sauce accidentally formed as heart.:-).

  10. hello mam. mura nga talaga. kami nga nagulat sa price. :-)

  11. Replies
    1. Punta ka na dito chin. Pasyal lang. hehehe.

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