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Camiguin Island : Drifting @ the White Island

Long Stretch of White Sand Bar or the
"White Island in Camiguin
Photo Courtesy : Hawaiian WebMaster
The Island of Camiguin is a perfect package and a real ecological tourism destination that it has been identified by the Department of Tourism as one of the top 25 tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is an island which has so many tourist attractions ranging from natural, historic and scientific to religious which are only minutes from each other. In the island you will find hot and cold springs, waterfalls, white sandy beaches, lagoons, white islets, breathtaking rain forests, a walkway to the top of an old volcano, ruins of an ancient church, coral reefs and many other interesting sights and landmarks. -according to the Hawaiian Web Master

Enjoying with the fine white sand
in the so called "white island" of Camiguin
One of the most visited tourist's sites in this Island Born of Fire is the so-called the "White Island". Some would say that if you are in Camiguin Island,  do not  ever forget to set foot on this spot that is about 3.0 kilometers off from Barangay Agohay. 

Since high school time, I already heard people mentioning about this so-called white island in Camiguin. They even advised us that if ever we happen to set foot in this island, the visit will not be worthy enough and one should go to this beautiful site as part of get-away travel itineraries.  You may hire a boat at about P400 pesos for 10 persons (two ways).  
The White Island - also known as Medan Island, it is one of the most popular sites to visit in Camiguin. This small inhabited white sand bar, with picturesque of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Mt. Vulcan as its backdrop. The island, with a shape that differs depending on the tide, is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and shell collecting, further described by the Hawaiian Webmaster.
My Kids Playing with LJ and AJBoy
After we visited the Ardent Hot Spring, we first have our lunch at a road side restaurant, which I remembered their food were affordable, before we headed to the long stretch of white sand bar.

Again, at this point, I was so apprehensive to proceed because we have to take a boat again to the site as what we did in Mantigue Island.  If we do not have along with us kids and elders, I might not be that so apprehensive. Mixed emotions muttered me, excitement and apprehensions.

We gathered around and offered some prayers first, packed up our beach stuff, wore our life vest and we then got up into the boat. 

Lui and Me (Censored)
The reasons why I was so apprehensive, one, was the high and low tide appearance of the "white island", wherein some observations I have read in some reviews, that this island has a strong current at the opposite side facing the open ocean (Bohol and Cebu Strait). Second was some tourist got drowned with this little island, according to one of the locals that I've talked and interviewed before writing this post. Well, for every travel, we could not help to feel some inconceivable and mind-boggling thoughts especially its our first time in this place. 

In short, we docked at a designated area in this island. My excitement began to settle down when I saw some huts commercializing their so called paradise island (see photo above as back drop of kids playing). I even smell some stinky odor and have seen some littered garbage in some portion.

Dovie and husband Lui
with Mt. Hibok Hibok as Backdrop
However, despite of that observations, we don't have any choice but to make use of our time and let the children enjoy their first escapade in their life.  

I tried a dip into the sea at the opposite side facing the open strait just to feel the water current and I realized that the testimony of some locals was really true. 

Then I asked my wife and my friends to look for a safe side. We transferred at the other side where the kids could play well as they can and for our elders, my mother-in-law and Lui's mother. 

at the other side facing the mainland (safe side)
We stayed for 2-3 hours since the site was the last spot we've visited on our first day of exploring Camiguin.

During this visit, I was not so amazed with the condition of this so called "white island" because of the inhabitants I have seen already congested and that hopefully (suggested idea) for full appreciation of this sand bar as what was described in the first photo, the local government should regulate the commercialization

With the present condition of our climate because of global warming, we could minimize another mishap in our country.
The two Nanays in our Life

So that our elders would feel the same way as our kids while playing the glittering pearly white sand. Enjoyment. (:-).

But I am pretty sure that the elders and the kids enjoyed so much our 2007 Camiguin Escapade, apparently shown from their smile before the camera and obviously, we enjoyed also. 

From the Port of Binoni, there are lots of vans for hire in there waiting for you. All you need to do is to get smarter than these smart people in dealing with the transportation cost. Look to their eyes with low tone of your voice while haggling with the price. There are still good people out there, I know. Good to note that we were just lucky that the resort where we stayed overnight was with affinity of one of our friends whose name is Tina who arranged this trip.
Site Map of the "White Island" at the upper left corner

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  1. Camiguin is one of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. I really love this Island. It was very relaxing and refreshing.

  2. Thank you schatzi for the kind appreciation.:-).

  3. It was scorching hot when I went there so i wasn't able to soak as much as I wanted too but yeah, it is a very worthwhile trip :)

  4. Hello Oman. When we dipped into the body of water, may it be sea or river or even falls, a refreshing mind and body comes next. Though it seems all the pressures and stresses had been removed outright. Thanks bro for visiting my site. :-).

  5. i really wanna go to camiguin and helpful yung last part ng post mo... :)

  6. Hi mam.

    Camiguin is really one of my favorite getaway places. If ever have a chance to get back, i would. You should try also the white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro after the camiguin escapade para sulit.:-).

  7. nakapag snorkel kayo sa white island? sayang kasi nung pumunta kami dun, inulan kami hehe :P

  8. @Christian

    Hindi na rin pre. malakas ang current. BTW, congrats pala sa panalo mo. At yong photo sa holland.

  9. I have been to Camiguin several times. So far it's still clean but locals should keep it that way to ensure it remains a paradise island.


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