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Cotabato : Midsayap, Exploring Inside

The Legislative Building
New places, new discovery, this can only be made when you want to explore your neighboring places, like a side trip to Midsayap of the North Cotabato.

I will start this post with the following quotes that I stumbled in the web which are related in my quest to take a side trip to Midsayap, and see her in my very own naked eyes.
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust
 “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
A stage-like structure with a "Crest of Hat"
- a landmark
It is also of great pride that you've seen the place which you've only seen through reading some years back. Such thing for me is an achievement. Two years ago, I came across with the origin of the name Midsayap, which derived from a native dialect, that means, a "person wearing a hat" which I've read in Wikipedia. On the other hand, another definition was declared by the Provincial Government website that the meaning of Midsayap, where mid, means center, and sayap is a hat

The Poblacion Proper
This was also the years that I am so eager to see the place in person just to see the structure below with a crest of a hat. It just realized last year when we need to visit this place on official visit to file our foreclosure petition in the Clerk of Court of Midsayap. Anyway, whatever it is, at least, I've set foot on this place.

After the petition had been filed by my colleague, Dennis M. Osia, with still much time on that day, we then decided to explore inside the Municipality of Midsayap before going to Kidapawan City to do some research work of the titles of the properties to verify its veracity.
Notre Dame of Midsayap College :(My own version of brief background)
Notre Dame College Building
Its first name was Notre Dame Academy, and that name was suggested by Fr. Joseph Boyd, OMI in July 1941, as the Catholic School in Midsayap. They started and opened 2 first year and 2 second year sections in a four-room building made of wood, sawali and bamboo with Fr. Gil Beaudoin, OMI, Mrs. Rosario Medina and Mrs. Milagros Penson as the teaching staff. Then was stopped during the outbreak of World War II on December 08, 1941 and was re-opened in 1946. In 1960, it became a College.

To Date, Notre Dame College of Midsayap still brings the name as the Mother of all Notre Dame Schools throughout the Philippines. Branches were also established in Pikit, Pigcawayan, Libungan and Edcor
. The vision of the school ever since they started is to bring the Good News to the poor. (Source : NDMC)
UCCP Church-one of unique structures i've seen in my entire engineering practice

The simple and friendly staff of the Clerk of Court

The poblacion proper in my own assessment on the cleanliness, is observed fairly maintained. The town is also a laid back town as we passed by their main thoroughfare, but yet, with so simple and humble people. Their National Highway is narrower than the highway I've seen in Kabacan and Kidapawan City. Migrants of this town were also coming from Luzon, both soldiers and civilian. Finding the place as their new hometown, as disclosed by a local executive.

Other development noted when we were about to exit the place is their on-going construction of their new bus terminal.
 In getting to the town  proper of Midsayap, here's my guide for you :
Site Map :

From the Kabacan Crossing Cayaga , if you're from Bukidnon, you may turn right in going to Cotabato City. If you are from Digos or Davao City, you may go straight, passing by Kidapawan City, Kabacan, Pagalungan, Pikit, another town and then Midsayap. 

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