Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bukidnon | Steak in Del Monte Clubhouse

Our order : Tenderloine Steak, Salad,
Pumpkin Soup, and Fruit Dessert

all for P780 pesos
What would you do if you enjoy so much what you are doing in your life while working hard? What would you do if you are heading near a place that will offer you good food, like the famous steak in Del Monte Golf Clubhouse? Maybe to give some reward to yourself from stressful work? A reward that would worth inducing. Some say that I am extravagant. But I say I'm just a type of a hardworking guy. I am neither extravagant nor  just holding tight with my budget. I just want you to know that I am just managing well my financial resources in a way that I have budget to give some reward to myself after a hard days of work.

These are the topics that we discussed with my counterpart for bank merging validation, when we were heading to the Cawayanon, Barangay San Miguel, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon for lunch.

The said golf clubhouse of Del Monte is about 1 kilometer from the signage of Barangay San Miguel of the same town, and it will just take you about  3 to 5-minutes ride---private vehicle. A great landmark that is noticeable before you enter the premises of the clubhouse is the Sacred Heart Chapel and its Cawayanon concrete signage,  before the main entrance gate. From the corner of Barangay San Miguel, you you have an option to just hike in going to this place.
Clubhouse Signage

A golf course in Del Monte and more or less 40 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City. It is and ideal side trip restaurant once you are going to visit Malaybalay City or if you are coming from an exhaustive and enjoyable experience in Dahilayan Zipline.

Thanks to the
friendly help

An order of tenderloine steak can be shared with 2-3 people. If you take it solo? You can't even finish eating the steak in one single occasion. You may have it bring home, as what I did. 

The complete set of order, is composed of pumpkin soup, salad, four season drinks, rice and the tenderloin steak, will just cost you at P780 pesos. You have an option for the drinks. For pineapple juice, it is a bottomless order.

I ordered well-done tenderloine steak, while my colleague ordered a medium rare steak. Among the set of our order, the following are my favorites;
Garden Fresh Salad
Fruit Salad
The Menu
Peeking on their Golf Course, a real green environment before leaving the home of steak.

Del Monte Golf Course Clubhouse
 Cawayanon, Barangay San Miguel, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
(Near Barangay San Miguel with signage 
that can be seen along the 
National Highway
in going to Malaybalay City)

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  1. ;mouth-watering bro;) sulit ang 780, hope i could visit the place while i am here in mindanao,,, i will be in CDO on april 9 to 10 f sched permits will visit camiguin or bukidnon;)

  2. @Traveling Morion

    Punta ka na din sa Bukidnon, bro. Habang nandito ka pa sa Mindanao na assign.

  3. I'm drooling now by just looking at these mouth watering photos!

  4. Punta ka na Olan sa Del Monte Clubhouse. Masarap talaga ang tenderloin or other steaks nila dun. Babalik balikan mo talaga Olan.:-).

  5. lami jud kaayo earl. dili lagi mahurot sa kadako sa slice.:-)....

  6. wow!! mouthwatering dishes!! and generous servings! must try! I should schedule my del monte visit soon!

  7. thanks po. try niyo lang po if you happen to visit the place. tip ko sa inyo yan.:-).

  8. Cguro drop by ako pg ngpa cdeo ako. nakalimutan ko mgdaan dto last week >.<


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