Thursday, April 26, 2012

Con Tour attended the Google Map Maker Mindanao Summit in General Santos City

Kuya Avel Manansala, the Bariles and the author of the Gensan News Online Mag, cordially invited me through Facebook, to join this very awesome event in the Tuna Country, held in the Southern Philippines, General Santos City, South Cotabato, last Saturday, April 21. At  first, when I read his invitation, I do not have a first hand appreciation on what is  Google Map Maker. I don't even have interests, of its relevance and significance to humanity. I didn't even bothered to take a leap in researching on what was all about and even almost misconceived the date, and all I thought all the way that the event will be held on April 28, 2012.

The dynamic duo, the "Bariles" and
the "Butanding" (Joke)
As a busy employee in a Bank, I hurriedly finished up all my pending appraisal works by finalizing all the reports due before that weekend.  I've got a chance to open my FB account, last Thursday afternoon and reconfirmed the schedule and turned out to be on April 21, 2012. 

There are so many attempts that I really wanted to visit General Santos City. Various invitations from Kuya Avel were just turned down because of my schedule.  This time,  at least, there is a reason to attend, the Google Map Maker Mindanao Summit event.

There are four (4) important, significant and relevant things that we need to know on what I've learned in that summit. This is also my participation, in collaborative effort, in helping mapping up the Philippines--as a Travel Blogger.

1.  Improve Tourism  -  In this sense, tourists, may either be local or foreign alike,  will then be given proper direction by just looking at the google map, to the place where they want to visit. According to Avel Manansala, the City Media Affairs Officer, "it will help tourists and even local residents to locate all the establishments in a certain area at any point in time that they search for its location using their mobile phones and other search gadgets. The more information you have about a certain place, the more it is enticing to visit that place. We want to help map up the entire country so that nobody will be lost in the Philippines. This is also in support of the Department of Tourism's campaign: It’s more fun in the Philippines,

Religious sector and PNP personnel
participated the event
2. Becoming a Map Maker - If you are already a map maker, you will enable to add to and update the map for locations around the world. This will start in your community.

3. Map Accuracy - To improve  the accuracy of Google Maps in 80 provinces around the Philippines

3. Disaster Preparedness - Google Map will help in locating disaster-prone areas in the island to prepare for calamities. 

4. Crime Related incident - can help people in authorities to easily access the map and locate the places of the crime related incident. 

Google Map Maker Team Asia pledged to provide interested local communities with technical support and other help necessary for a successful conduct of similar event.

The event was made possible through a joint effort of Ms. Aileen Apollo-de Jesus, Google Southeast Asia’s head of outreach and in partnership with the Soccsksargen bloggers or “sox bloggers” with brothers, Avel (the Bariles) and Orman Manansala, as lead conveners. Luzon and Visayas leg, were already done in previous weekends. 

Con Tour besides the Bariles, with other participants.
As travel bloggers, you could also help, in your own simple way, by mapping up the places that you've been for the past years, especially your own Province or even your own Barangay. 

I don't have a good night sleep prior to that event since I traveled at night, standing at the Bus from Bukidnon to Davao for 5 hours more or less. But it was complemented with a good voyage in going to General Santos City from Davao at early dawn and scenic view along the road, seeing part of the Mount Apo and verdant hills and mountains in the countryside-- when skies became clearer. 
PTB Mindanao Bernie, Renz, Doc Remo, Bariles
and Con Tour with Google Map Speakers
and Map Making Moderators

With the dynamic duo, the "Bariles and the Butanding", I actively participated the event, asked questions and was rewarded with a sticker, courtesy from Google, because they were really the funniest emcee ever

The event was participated at around 150 people, from various sectors in government and private, the planning development offices in various LGUs, and  bloggers  from different parts of Mindanao, as far as Bukidnon. 

This is my 1st Tuna Country Series
Watch out for the next series

For more information and assistance, 
you may contact us through this number 
if you are interested in organizing similar events like this one. 
We will be glad to help you.
Con Tour   -  0929-509-4199
Bariles       -  0922-888-5454

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  1. First commenter may sticker??hehe . Seriously nice meeting you in Gensan double blogger mate...Travel and Place blogger

  2. I will send it to you doc through kuya avel. hahaha.

  3. It was so nice meeting you Kuya Bonz! And oh! Tama diay, i-blog diay nako ning Google Mapping Event! Pan-os na kaayo kung idelay pa nako ang entry nako =))

  4. Great job in representing Bukidnon!

  5. I am glad to meet you also Renz with Kevin and Berniemack. Hope to see you soon in Davao. :-).

  6. Hoping that more of us from Bukidnon will represent next time earl.

  7. nice meeting you sir at the event.. hope to see you soon..-in south cotabato! :)

  8. wow! Bukidnon represent! :) Id love to join events like that :)

  9. @Nanardxz.

    I am glad to meet the man behind the South Cotabato News bai. Thank you for the warm welcome and accommodation when I was there. Hope to explore more of the places in your area and see for myself the wonder of South Cotabato, your place.:-).

  10. @Wander Shugah.

    You should join this kind of activity to meet other bloggers in town.

  11. Id love to! And I hope Ill be able to join soon. meeting fellow mindanaoans is really cool. :) Just dropping by. have a great week sir!

  12. Hi wander shugah. You should go with us whenever we have activities like this. Hope to meet you soon. As fellow blogger in Bukidnon, we should have a meet up. Thanks for always visiting my site.

  13. Let's do the Bukidnon MapUp soon Bonz! About time. We just finished the Tacurong MapUp. Up next is the South Cotabato MapUp on June 9.

    When do you want yours? We are all ready for Bukidnon! :D


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