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How to manage situation like this? A Lenten Season Reflection

How to manage situation like this? A Lenten Season Reflection for a bus experience....

A bus with broken axle.  Pulled-over and passengers waited for an hour....

There are times that we will be confronted with some people that tends to erode your patience. Especially people that are plausibly lack of initiative in informing passengers right away, like circumstances such as bus' engine trouble or some bus defects. I just don't know why they can't apparently show such an act of informing people ahead of time.

In one of  Saturdays in February this year, together with my family, we went  to Cagayan de Oro City for a weekend out of town jaunt. That out of town jaunt was just spent in a day. In short, we went back home in the afternoon.

From Limketkai, we went straight ahead to the Market City Bus Terminal  in Agora, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. Since it was Sunday, we were not surprised anymore of a long line of passengers confronted us that day. Another thing that made me irked on that day was the long line of vehicles because of the on-going road construction from Cagayan de Oro City to Bukidnon that further exceeds the regular travel time of 2 hours and extended from 3 up to 4 hours. But still I managed my composure. The worse if the flagmen  improperly managed their duty that will result to a  chaos situation, locked-up of vehicles.

After we passed-by the quarantine area, the conductor did not  properly informed all the passengers that the rear axle of the bus was severely damaged. Nevertheless, the driver still managed to pull over. The condition? To the extent that the bus can't move anymore because of the broken axle.

RTMI Bus 2710
Another thing also, the conductor did not even bothered right away, in informing us for an immediate transfer to any RTMI bus, that comes next to rescue all the passengers, even if on a batching basis. Instead, he informed us to wait for the vacant bus from their garage to the quarantine area. Because of what he said, we were then have an assurance. We left Market City or the commonly known as Agora Bus Terminal at 5:00 pm that time and reached the Alae quarantine area almost 6 pm due to the road condition. Because of the bus' broken axle, our waiting time was extended until 7 pm. Or we waited 1 hour.

I started to get weary about the situation because I have my family with me, almost run-out of patience due to my growling stomach, but I still managed well my composure.

I got off the bus and checked  around the situation, wherein at that moment I spotted the Aircon Bus with number 2710. When it was at its full stop, I then approached the bus conductor and asked that if there were still vacant seats available for four of us, having with two kids who started to get starve--as my full explanation. 

He did not answered my question and instead told me; "bawal man ang ganyan sir, ang magtransfer, ang supervisor lang ang puedeng maka desisyon ana sir." (The bus conductor replied that passenger transfer from one bus to another is strictly prohibited by the management and only their supervisor can decide on the matter).

Right at that moment, my logical thinking cannot grasp any reason on why passenger transfer from one bus to another is not allowed and only their supervisor can decide on the matter. With the situation like that, a broken axle which was not purely our fault, I guess, they should not disallow passengers who want to transfer to another bus and instead they should think a logical initiative to serve the passengers by accommodating such cordial request as what I did, given a situation that I have kids with us who started to get starve at that moment.

I just kept silent, turn around and when almost leaving the bus conductor, I quickly grab my camera, without hesitation, I took a shot on that bus, purposely to have some evidence that this bus, their conductor declined a cordial request with  full explanation, given a situation that the bus's broken axle was their fault and not ours--the passengers.

Inside the RTMI Bus 2710
I returned to the ailing bus, and  on one side, I just kept silent. Holding on my temper. Right then and then, the bus' conductor followed me and then asked the four (4) of us to transfer to their bus.  I never gave a word. Got inside the bus, and we were surprised that 5 vacant seats waited there to be filled in.

I am not displaying double standards or hyprocrisy here. I admit, I got annoyed with that system. We are just human. It is not that we do not have a choice given that kind of situation. But we still need to tell them that their system is ailing. These conductors should be re-briefed or re-oriented on what is necessary in the call of service in situation like this--a bus experience. That they should respond immediately.

My question here, why was the bus' conductor acted like that? Is it really a company's policy not to allow transfers? 

Lesson : 
Conquer your emotion and be at a right composure. Don't let your emotion ruled over your mind to rationalize what is good in any given situation. Reason out in a manner that no one will get hurt by your word." - con tour

(This is a reflection in celebration of lenten season---about a road experience).

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. it sucks as hell that our culture neglect our fellow pinoys. pero pag langyaw na gani, sus grabe maka offer og comfort and convenience.

  2. Dwin.

    Kulang lang sila sa re-orientation cguro. Maybe, they forgot the basics on customer service.


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