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Mind Museum, a Science Museum in Taguig City

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What is really inside the Mind Museum in Taguig City?  This is somehow the very basic question of curiosity on what's inside in this Science Museum in Bonifacio Global City or simply called it as BGC or The FORT, a city within Taguig City. 

Last March 31, that was Saturday, together with my little James, we visited this museum about discoveries in science. We booked our ticket online with the help of a fellow travel blogger, Chyng. Our chosen schedule was 9 am to 12 noon, with tickets worth P450 pesos for children and P600 for adults. We brought the ticket along with us, which we only printed them at home and presented it to the entrance, along with the batch of spectators of the same time slot. 

So what's inside this Mind Museum at Taguig City or The Fort? Let me bring you through some of our amazing photos that we captured during our exploration inside the museum;
Kinetic Exhibit :
"Witness energy as it transforms---from stored potential energy from your hand to kinetic when you turn the crank, to mechanical as the balls go through "obstacles." By definition, Kinetic Energy, is an energy associated with motion.
Electric Table  - Magnets and Currents
"How can you move the ring without actually touching it? Creating a magnetic field around it will actually do the trick----and it's not as hard as it sounds! Press on a button and you'll send a current through the coil."
Kids may watch the balls in spiral action in the hole. Gravity and the normal force of the surface on the ball result in centripetal force, which makes the ball move in circular motion. Little James enjoyed so much this circular movement of the balls through its own gravity. One clue here is the gravitation force and the centripetal force.
Static Van de Graaff - Magnets and Current
Touching the surface and your own electrons will transfer to the machine, leaving each strand of your hair with only positive charges which repel each other. That is how you get your hair to stand.
Newton's Cradle 
"How many balls will shoot off from one end when you hit it with a ball on the other end? Newton's Third Law of Motion : That there is an equal or opposite reaction to every action."
Chemistry's Periodic Table
Organic Molecule
Spelling Life. DNA and Genes : Life in 4 letters
Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA , is present in every single cell in your body. Each DNA Cell contains so much information that it, if written down, would fill up 1,000 books-and point straight to you.
The Human Brain Center
You can also interact with a life size whale shark or locally name as Butanding in Donsol and Tuki in Oslob Cebu.  
 The Human Story : From Lucy to Homo Sapiens
"The genus Homo has seen some great changes over the past few million years, from the tool-wielding Homo habilis to the grave-digging Homo heidelbergensis. We have traveled a very long way to become the introspective two-legged talking animals we are today. In the museum, you get a chance to meet our ancestors as far back as 3 million years ago."
Fire/Volcano : Belly of the Earth
"After more than four centuries of tranquility, the second most destructive volcanic eruption in the twentieth century occurred in Luzon. The 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption claimed half a billion in properties and around a thousand of lives."
How to make Fossil?
"Fossils are made of stone. They are stones that have filled the hollow traces of dead animals or plants, which have been covered by sedimentary rocks."
 Mass Extinctions : Destruction as part of Life...naku!
"The End Permian extinction is also called the Great Dying, where 98% of life died."
Space Exploration Exhibit
Series of Lights - Xray
Giant Clamps
The T-Rex

The Paleontologist
My son's most favorite among the exhibits was the T-rex skeleton. If he spent 5-10 minutes in other exhibits, he spent more than 30 minutes with the T-rex's skeleton exhibit and even spent in the kid's mini cave doing like what Paleontologists are doing with the fossils, like brushing, etc. 

His favorite are the dinosaurs, and he is fond of collecting them. I know, though he is not as vocal as I am, he was overjoyed.

(click the image to enlarge)
Mind museum is a state of the art science discovery museum which was opened last March 16, 2012, or 14 days before our visit. Once you get there, you will be confronted with a never ending excitement and fun filled of unique mind adventure where you haven't seen in your entire life. 

Even adults like me, that was the only and first time I discovered so many things which I didn't encountered in my childhood years. Frankly speaking, I really enjoyed so much almost all of the exhibits wherein I only experienced that on that day with my Little James. 

We are very lucky enough to have a very first world class science museum here in our country today, featuring five galleries within its two levels with an inter-active "minds-on" and hands-on exhibits, and it is located(please refer to the photo below for more interactive location).
Location of Mind Museum at the Fort
This, I would say, is a highly recommended museum and a must visit for kids this summer and even every weekends during school days. As a sort of advice, extract all the necessary information in there and learn, avoid rush. Read and be amazed.

If I will rate our visit and experience? More than what we paid for.
To buy tickets on-line:
Click this link. Mind Museum Buy Tickets On-line

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  1. wow, youve been there. ayos! sana nagkita tayo. =)

  2. Hi Chyng. Sana ano? kaya lang nakakahiya sa yo eh. maabala pa kita. Next time na lang ha. Thanks ulit.:-).

  3. ang lapit ko lang dyan pero di pa ako nakapunta dyan... i'm sure kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy it! :)

  4. Mervz, sayang hindi pa tayo nagkita. ang lapit mo lang pala. PArang si Chyng.:-). Punta ka na, isama mo na mga kids at heart.

  5. Bro. (Christian), ganda nga ng museum. pero hindi talaga maiwasan na may masirang mga gamit sa loob because of rough playing done by kids.:-).

  6. I've also been wanting to explore this. Brings back memories of grade school field trips. Kaso namamahalan ako sa ticket. Hehe.

  7. Tin.

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  8. wow so amazing kuya,

    sana makapunta ako very soon. :-)


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