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Passig Islet in Digos City, Davao Del Sur, a perfect get away beach resort during summer

Boats for hire
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 The Full Version :

One important note in traveling is to ask the locals - Journeying James.

My Dream Beach Destinations :

One of my fascinations about travel is to visit beautiful beaches. Beaches in our own Philippines are really that so cool and beautiful.  Beaches like Coron in Palawan, Caramoan in Camarines Sur, Boracay (some parts only) and Cantilan of Surigao del Surare my dream beach destinations.  I am craving to visit those places right now, if ever the budget would permit me to go. That's definitely true. I believe I can do it and I will go in soonest possible time with my family.

Heading to Passig Islet
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My reason is because of my desire to unwind from heavy days of work. To bust the stresses at work and recharge my enthusiasm to work. Beaches are perfect break away from work's pressure. Do you agree with me? Well, you should agree with me.:-). That is fairly enough idea to give yourself some break.

Passig Islet in Digos City of Davao Del Sur :

 This islet cannot be perfectly compared to the White Island in Camiguin or the Gumasa Beach in Glan of Saranggani Province, when it comes to its pearly white fine sand. But this can be compared to a perfect break away place like any other beach fronts such as Duka Bay of Misamis Oriental. It is a perfect spot for both local and foreign tourists especially for summer season.

Pavilion, Boardwalk to the Docking Deck &
Cottages with Palm Trees
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I am referring to an Islet of Passig which is now underway of its full development by the Province of Davao del Sur for a perfect family, friends, peer groups break away and hang-out place. By the name itself, Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort, you can be enticed to come and visit again, like a local traveler as I am. 

I asked the employee of Kidapawan Registry of Deeds on what are the places, like beaches, considered to be a tourist spot in going to Davao City and near from the National Highway. She replied, PASSIG, you should visit the Islet of Passig. Passig? I am thinking of Pasig River in Metro Manila. To make it sure, I asked her on how does it spelled? P-A-S-S-I-G. So that's it, a two S in between PA and IG. This is where I remembered the post of The Travel Teller about this Islet-The Passig Islet.

Boardwalk with mangrove plantation along the way
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After done taking some snapshots of Kidapawan City Hall, the next destination was to take a side trip of this Islet before going to Davao City. 

On board an aircon Toyota Hi-Ace  Passenger Van with more or less a fare of 100 pesos from Kidapawan to Digos City or more or less two (2) hours of comfort travel.  From the highway of Sitio Bato, I just walked at around 200 meters where we could find the boats for hire that will bring you to the Islet. Since it was a queue system, I paid more than the regular fare of 20 pesos and ended up paying 100 pesos.  

Experience :
I have a unique experience in this Islet such as visiting the place without prior information to my wife that I will be having a side trip on this beautiful Islet of Sitio Bato in Santa Cruz, Digos City, Davao del Sur, which I do not want her to get worried about me. 
An impromptu visit by just merely asked the locals when I was in Kidapawan City.
On my route to Davao City and with this side trip, I gained more confident in traveling solo and gained more friends along my journey to this beautiful Islet of Passig. It is an Aqua Eco Park Resort, 15 minutes away from Digos city, that I wanted to visit again once I get back to this City.

 (This post won a yellow t-shirt from the Travel Teller, by Olan Fernandez Emboscado- just one of the 10 declared winners as way of thanking his followers and readers---sa walang pabor pabor yan.)

The Travel Teller meets Con Tour  
in Bukidnon during the Kaamulan Festival
(Photo Credit : Estan Cabigas
Department of Tourism
Address: City Hall , , Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Telephone No: (6382) 553-4860
Fax No: (6382) 553-8560

Special Thanks to Olan Emboscado
 The Travel Teller


This is actually my last stop or the 10th stop of my Cotabato Travel Chronicles 

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4th Stop  :      Kabacan New Bus Terminal
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  1. Bonz, thank you so much for this. I have indebted you a lot already. Thank you for being a supporter, a reader but most of all a friend. Thank you so much... About passig Islet, this is one of my favorite beaches in Davao Del Sur. so charming, so cute. Been here for many times alreadynand will never get tired of coming back. Thank Bonz.

  2. Nice ang mga islets na to. Hala, baka maging threat ito sa isla ng Samal, hehehe.

  3. Hello Olan. No problem bro. :-).

  4. @Edmar.

    Baka nga edmar. But I cant compare these two island yet.:-). I havnt been yet to Samal Island.

  5. looks like an interesting place to visit. :) i'll include this in my must-see places in Mindanao, prolly Summer 2013. Thanks for sharing, sir. :)

  6. Hi Che.

    Visit this islet during high tide for more appreciation.:-).

  7. Accccccccccccck! the shirt! Congrats!

    Passig Islet looks nice.. I might put that one up my list for Digos..

  8. dala suroy na lai.:-). BTW. adto ka balik Gensan?

  9. looks like nice to visit this place..

  10. bai ding.

    Laagi ninyo ni. Tsada man ang akong routa ani. gkan Bukidnon. Try this route ding.

  11. will be visiting this island too when i go to Davao some time soon... thanks for sharing the info on how to get there... does it mean more solo travels in the future? :)

  12. One of my favorite beaches in Davao Del Sur. Congrats for the prize

  13. sirv wala po ba kayo telephone number??

    1. hello sir. passer's by lang ako dito. Digos City Tourism Office, just search the google.


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