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Best of Travel Photos : My 7 Super Shots

Ever since I have a digital camera, my passion in photography and my desire to take pictures in any subjects that I felt worth, grew intensively. Especially if that photos reminds me of my experiences. Especially those memorable experiences while I am on official or on personal travel. The photos that we have captured is also served as a documentation of our travels, especially, we as travel bloggers. It also served as inspiration to others and our self-motivation to continue to travel.

We could have different interpretation for every photo that we captured, but nevertheless, there are also photos that we consider as super shots.

How  could I say to Aleah Phils of the Solitary Wanderer, that how grateful I am that she'd tagged me on this viral net links of Hostelbookers 7 super shots game. Especially that the one who tagged you is the one who gave you an inspiration to continue blogging and the one who advised you to continue following your passion in writing and photography.

I am not  a professional photographer, but I am restive if I can't take some shots whenever my feet is on the road. Since I began engaging myself in photography, I have tons of photos where I could hardly find 7 super shots. But I guess, in some pro, this might not be the best for them, but for me, as an amateur, here's my bet.
T a k e s  M y  B r e a t h  A w a y  |  My Urban Manila Series
March 30, 2012 with my Little James
Greater Heights

I have fear of height. But every time that I have travel on board a plane, I will always request the check in counter in-charge for a window seat. Clouds, sky and the curvature of earth couple with a good weather, always fascinates and entices me to take some, if ever, more captured photos would make me a fulfilled one after touch down. I do not have formal training in photography, I admit that. I just want to click the shutter of my camera and choose the best among other shots. I consider this one, as one of the 7 shots that takes my breath away.
M a k e s  M e  D r e a m  |  My Tuna Country Series
April 22,  2012 | Homeward Bound via Davao from South Cotabato

Reaching the Summit of Mount Apo
An imposing and daunting view of Mount Apo on my way back home
(Part of Sarangani District)

Every individual has a dream, especially those who really have dream to reach the summit of their career or any endeavor in life. Some individuals were hesitant or has the tendency not to dream again because of fear of failure. But for me, failure is just one of the ingredients of success, if consider it in a positive and in proper way.

I've already experienced a great flood in my life. That was started in 2003 and calm down just last year. I hold tight with my faith until now and instead, considered that great turmoil as a challenge. Good thing that I have a good foundation of my faith in Him, which gave me strength to fight that typhoon, with my support group who also gave us moral support and offered prayers, I stood still amidst that great flood of our life.  And because of my children's dream to become a doctor (daughter) and a science expert (son), I consider it also as my dream. Aside from Faith in Him that I will not collapse amidst that difficulties, the dream of my children makes me dream also to reach the summit of their life.
M a k e s  M e  T h i n k  |  Quadra, the Stable Eco-Resort of Malaybalay City
December 21, 2009 | Simple Christmas Party of my support group

"Bahay Kubo" or "Nipa Hut" a semblance of being a Filipino
"Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan, ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan"

In "Finding Nemo" movie, the presence of a "Bahay Kubo" in one of the aquariums, depicts that one of the graphics designer is a Filipino. Nipa Hut as semblance of being a Filipino. It also depicts simplicity and humility. It only reminds every Filipino to become humble and remain simple in their hearts. No matter how high they have reach in terms of the status in their life, always look back where you came from. As a famous saying in Pilipino, "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan, ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan". One will not reach the pinnacle of his success if he do not know how to look back where he came from. 
M a k e s  M e  L a u g h   o r   S m i l e | Taken during my Marawi Travel Series
October 2011 | On the road in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Warnings or Warning Signs
Keep Distance. Beware of Sudden Brake.

Though it made me laugh or smile, I still consider warning signs as essentials. No matter how it spelled, it is still clearly conveys a warning to us. I admit, I laugh out loud on this thing. In the Philippines, sometimes or most often times, we do not observe overload. That's also the reason why we have so many road accidents in this Province because of over capacity from normal load requirement that a truck could carry. If the load is in over capacity, the tendency of the bars that supports the axle will experience a sudden break down.
 M a k e s  M y  M o u t h   W a t e r | Lunch Date with my son in Manila Ocean Park

March 30, 2012 @ Gerry's Grill
Health Consciousness

Everyone has favorite food, pastries, fruits and desserts. Grilled Belly or pork chop is my son's favorite viand. For me, its a no no. I have to control my diet especially on meat. I prefer vegetable. I am not yet a full vegetarian but I am yearning to become one. Why? For health reason. I sometimes eat meat. Like grilled food. But I need to discipline myself especially on food intake, because of my age. Exercise regularly, that's the key, aside from discipline in food intake.
T e l l s  A  S t o r y | Manila Bay Sunset
April 01, 2012 @ SM Mall of Asia

 Hope. Sundown depicts that there's always tomorrow
"If we start well, we end up well"

Sunset always fascinates me. In a way that if I experienced failure today, I looked sundown that there's always a new and positive beginning to make up lapses. I also looked sundown as welcoming a new and a good morning. 

Perception is your direction. Right perspective would lead you to right direction. If we have a negative perception in life, we always end up with a negative direction. End results? Negative.  I prefer to become a positive thinker for me to have a right direction in life. They say, if we project positive vibes, all will become well. As John Maxwell said in his book entitled, The Winning Attitude, "If we start well, we end up well".
I  a m  M o s t   P r o u d   O f : 
M y  W o r t h y  o f  N a t i o n a l  G e o g r a p h i c  
 March 31, 2012  | Earth Day

Taking a simple step and making a Difference

This is my son, holding a lighted candle during Earth Day. Being proud of something else has various levels of definition and consideration. I still consider this shot as one of the 7 super shots and a photo that I consider as I am most proud of. Why?  Consciousness and Awareness of my children to help save the earth. Participation during Earth Day is their simplest way in helping to save our mother earth.  It may be only a little percentage among the huge population who participated the earth day, but that inch of percentage or taking a simple step, it  also making a difference.


I am also grateful and proud to be tagged by one of the respected Pinoy Travel Bloggers
Aleah Phils | The Solitary Wanderer
who inspires me to continue blogging, live up with my passion
in writing and photography, though I am still a novice on this field.


Though it is really tough to look for 7 super shots in the armory of photos of about 50,000 plus shots, I am still most proud of this post.

With this I am also proud and my turn to tag these people
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  1. Ganda ng airplane shot nyo, Kuya Bon. I always wanted to take good ones kaso I'm always asleep pag flights hehe. I also like the Makes me Dream, Tells a Story, and NG shot nyo. Thanks for participating!

  2. I'm so touched that you chose to tag me for this cool 7 Super Shots!!Guess, wishes come true haha coz I so love to participate in the tagging thing when I read Aleah's post. I love all your photos, but my faves are the sunset and candle shots!! Excited to do my list hehe!!

  3. @Aleah

    Maraming thanks sa yo. At least, the spirit of sharing and helping one another is still there. Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines has its own unique beauty when I passed by that road. Na pa wow talaga ako sa sobrang ganda niyang tingnan. Sunset in MAnila Bay always has a lot of story to tell. Wala pa yang MOA, lots of people really love to see the Sun slowly fading. For me, its hope.


    Sunset and the candle shot bring a lot of meaning in my life. Looking forward for your 7 super shots. I know that you have tons of photos out there. Thanks for your participation. Go go na.

  4. Nice shots Sir bonz. Not just beautiful but also meaningful shots...:)

  5. Wow thanks for tagging me Sir Bon. I've been reading this "tag post" lately from other bloggers but didn't expect to be tagged. :) These are great shots...I especially like the sunset pic as I'm always fascinated by sunrise and sunset too.

  6. Thanks Joel for that kind words of appreciation. You also have that talent in taking photos. You have a right composure too.:-).

  7. Thanks Gabz. Been so many attempts to have a chance to capture the sunset in the Manila Bay.:-). Looking forward with your post soon. Thanks for participating Gabz.:-).

  8. Thanks for tagging sir Bonz, I hope I can do & share my part. Love the sunset & the mountian shots... :)

  9. You are welcome nath. Looking forward of your post ha. No pressure. Hulat jud ko. hehehe.:-).

  10. I love the manila bay sunset.. ang ganda! and that shot when you were airborne. Nice post. ;)

  11. Hi David. Thanks for the appreciation. :-).

  12. Hi Ms. Violy.

    I love aerial shots especially early morning flight. Thanks to that. BTW, I also like your post with the building with dome glass.:-).

  13. Tnx for tagging me here sir bonz;) ganda ng aerial shot, plus the sunset photo,,,luv the color en drama of ur photos lalo na ung last,galing!

  14. i'm afraid of heights and of flying too!

    so dili lang literally reaching the summit of mount apo diay, figuratively diay pod... cool.

  15. @Traveling Morion

    You are welcome Jeff. Thanks for participating. Looking forward of your post. Dami ka ring magagandang photos di ba.?

  16. I'm proud about the secone photo! It moved me. Truly, God is the very present help in times of needs. First photo Kuya Bonz tamang-tama para maging teaser! Ganda!

  17. Tama Edmar. Just hold on with your faith. Na amaze din ako sa result the first photo when I was on board a plane in going to Manila last March. That was an early morning shot. Mag 6 am yata. Timing pa na sa left side ako at opposite side ang sunlight. :-).

  18. breathtaking nga yung first photo! sakto pa yung cloud formations!

  19. @Lakbay Pilipino

    Dwin, just connecting the idea of climbing the summit of a mountain to the simple dreams of kids. Not actually literally.

  20. @Christian.

    Bro, timing nga na ang flight sked namin ng son ko ay early morning flight. hindi ko akalain na ganun ang magiging results, especially that its not against the light.

  21. favorite ko yung aerial view! it really take one's breath away... thanks for the tag Kuya... hope makagawa ako... hehehe! cheers!!! :)

  22. @Mavin

    nakakagutom nga tuwing makikita ko photo yan. :-). Thanks for visiting my site.

  23. Love all your shots.
    Here are my 7 photos

  24. hi bon,it's inspiring you get some people turn their attention to nature's gifts with your taken pictures.passion turned to art and made meaningful because it is shared.take care.I visit your site really.

    1. Hi Anonymous. With all these kind comments I've got from my readers, it inspired me more write and take photos. Thanks for always visiting my site, love to hear you soon...


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