Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in Old Parian District

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitales (1835-36):

The first church that we visited on this Heritage Tour de Cebu Series was the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It is one of the 55+ declared Roman Catholic Cathedral Churches throughout the Philippine Archipelago. Located in Parian District, the Cebu's old district, and its first trade center now became the heritage center of Cebu. 

The church was built in 1835-36. During the massive bombings in World War II, only the belfry, facade and the walls remained. After more than a century, in 1950's, the church was rebuilt.

The architecture of the church is a classic example and the living semblance of the Spanish Colonial Churches in our country.  

Cebu as one of the oldest Cities in the Philippines, has so many historical and heritage sites to be considered by local and foreign tourists once they visit the Province. It is the home of The Metropolitan Cathedral Church, close to the Sto. Niño Church which is just a walking distance away.   

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the ecclesiastical center of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu in Cebu, Philippines. It became a diocese on August 14, 1595 then it was eminently became to a rank of a metropolitan archdiocese on April 28, 1934 with the dioceses of Dumaguete, Maasin, Tagbilaran, and Talibon as suffragans or subordinates of the center which cannot hold a Cathedral. 

Recently, on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary Celebration or the Diamond Jubilee of Cebu as an Archdiocesan, the church was renovated due to the generous support of the Philippine Government and other generous benefactors and the parishioners during the incumbency of His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal.

Together with the Davao Bloggers, Ilo-ilo Bloggers and Media Practitioners, we explored this old District of Cebu and with limited time, I havn't took some snapshots of the interior of the church.

My visit to this Cathedral was my 4th Visita Iglesia all over the Philippines. 
With Cebu origin, this post is my homage to all my relatives and my friends out there in Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines.

Heritage Tour de Cebu Series : 
Con Tour @ the Queen City of South 
  • Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in Old Parian District

The Con Tour's Trip was made possible 
to witness the Triennial Awards night 
held at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City, Philippines
last March 2012
as delegate, 
representing the Bukidnon Province, Mindanao as Blogger.


11 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Sounds like a hectic tour :) It's good to hear that the renovation of the church was funded by the Phil government and 'generous benefactors'. Good job!

  2. Hello Gaye. First I've heard like this one that the government really helped the church for the restoration. hope that more churches should be benefited with their help. Thanks Ga-ye for visiting my site again.

  3. wow its cool to know that governments do help in funding church renovation :) I remember going to this church during sundays! oh how I miss cebu! <3

  4. On heritage, Cebu is undeniably "the one" to visit. Looks similar to the one in Taal.

  5. i'll be sure to visit that next month! :)

  6. hi Pauline (Wander Shugah)

    We dont know really their deep intention why the government help the church about the restoration, but at any rate, its a good deeds on their part.

  7. @Edmar.

    If you have chance to go to Visayas region, try to visit Cebu. Para sulit na ang laboy.

  8. @Christian

    Maraming magandang subjects sa Cebu for Photographs. Stock photos ika nga.:-).

  9. Wow! as the heritage center of Cebu, gusto ko na pumunta ng Parian... we missed this when we were in Cebu few years ago... :)

  10. @Mervz.

    Madalian din kami dito. nagmamadali ang curator namin. :-).

  11. This is my second time to visit this church, the first time was way back in november of 2001 during the time i took licensure exam for ECE 's in southwestern university.. thanks to sir bonz and rafi for making this trip possible....more power to you sir bonz... thanks...


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