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Cool Breeze and Villa Mercedez Inn, your home to stay in Malaybalay City

V i l l a  M e r c e d e z   I n n

Are you worrisome on where to stay in Malaybalay City? Fully booked Hotels and Inns in Bukidnon? Set aside that apprehension on where to stay in Malaybalay City, since this cool climate City within the Forest, now offers you a new place to stay in with your family and loved ones. Villa Mercedez Inn in Malaybalay City, offers you with fine and airconditioned room to stay, right within the reach of commercial establishments in this city. For now, Villa Mercedez Inn has only three (3) airconditioned rooms with bathroom for your convenience. If you want to stay in this Inn to stretch your back and to relax from a long travel, call these numbers below to book ahead and for further inquiries;

Gilbert    :   0926 - 575 - 3076
En2x   :  0926 - 152 - 7361
Zane  :  0906 - 553 -7361
Cool Breeze Seafood Restaurant

You don't need also to go far from where you stay since beside the Villa Mercedez Inn, you can find the Cool Breeze Seafood Restaurant, that offers you an affordable price of sumptuous food packages to choose from. They have friendly staff to attend to your needs in this restaurant and in the Villa Mercedez Inn.
 Their friendly restaurant staff

Simply located fronting the Bethel Hospital in Malaybalay City, before reaching the Pine Hills Hotel, if you're from Cagayan de Oro City. It is just a walking distance from the Sayre Highway (Fortich Street), and within an unfinished arcade of the Ducusin Estate.
The Cool Breeze Seafood Restaurant

voluntarily blog this new seafood restaurant in the City of Malaybalay , since I and my family, had experienced a friendly service with their friendly restaurant staff. Aside from their affordable and sumptuous food, the restaurant is an open-air mode of ambiance, where you can feel the coolness of mountain breeze of Malaybalay City. My favorite in this new seafood restaurant? Their KINILAW. Super yummy!

For future reception of wedding, parties and any other related events, and to serve you more conveniently, Cool Breeze constructed a Pavilion for that special occasion.
 T h e   P a v i l i o n


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  1. WOW! Looks like a nice place to stay in Malaybalay Bonz. Will surely check this out pagbalik nako diha. :)

    1. Urgently needed in Malaybalay: A proper restaurant.
      Prior to yesterday there were 3 restos worth bothering with. They were Sir Edward's, Cool Breeze and Amadeo's. Yesterday I took Jona to Sir Edward's only to find it boarded up/closed. So we went to Jona’s favorite place Cool Breeze which had always given us good food in copious amounts, but I just preferred the surroundings @ Sir Edward's. The meal last night first had most beer varieties missing (how does a resto run out of beer?) and the crab I ordered was "no stock sir" 10 minutes after I ordered it. The second entree I had ordered to replace the crab never arrived an hour after being ordered. Jona finished the single entree of the 2 she had ordered that had been in stock. We ordered 2 entrees each so the leftovers could be had for lunch today. Then she got a mouth full of salt in the (also greasy?) garlic rice and had to spit it out over the rail into the parking lot.
      When I finally decided to go talk to the manager I was told that the young kid in the grubby jeans & old T-shirt tending to the large party next to us was the manager I said, “he can’t be the manager dressed like that so who REALLY is the manager?” It turns out that guy WAS the manager and was being complained to by the university teacher and his party of 15 or so students who also were not being fed in any kind of timely manner.
      When it was my turn to talk to him I told him that we had come to that resto and been happy on numerous occasions but that it seemed all the staff was new and we were not happy today. We told him that first he needed to educate the staff that when setting a table place it is standard procedure to put a fork, knife and spoon at EVERY place EVERY time and that the customer should not have to ask for a knife with which to cut meat.
      Then we asked when my food was going to be served and was told, “for awhile sir.” Someday people will learn that the phrase “for awhile” requires a verb in order to be intelligible to people. Presumably we are to “wait” for awhile, but maybe we are to “run,” “bathe,” “sit” or “play the banjo” for awhile? Thirty minutes later I told Jona that if I do not have my meal in 5 minutes we will just leave. When that 5 minutes had elapsed I went in search of Mr. Grubby Jeans to inform him of our intentions and was waylaid by the same waiter who had pointed me to him in the first place. I told him we were leaving and that I didn’t care who paid for the meals but that I wasn’t. “Thank you for coming sir” was the response and out we walked. Street side lechon manok became a late dinner.
      As we were leaving, the students and teacher were served the rice they had ordered before we even showed up. Half the party had finished their meals and the other half had yet to be served. No idea how long they had waited because the ones who had eaten were eating when we arrived an hour and a half earlier.
      Unfortunately my favorite resto is no more and number 2 on our list has just run us off with bad service. So it would appear that the only other resto in town, Amadeo’s, is the only place left unless there is a resto I haven’t found in the 2 years I have lived here. Amadeo’s has its issues and we have never really been satisfied there so it looks like we eat at home where at least I can put 5 different foods on the table all hot at once and everyone can eat at the same time.
      What is needed here is a resto with cooks who know how to plan & cook meals so the entire party is served properly cooked food all at once, wait staff that knows how to set a table and with management that knows how to stock inventory. Knowing how to cook beef would be a great addition as well and hopefully the management would be able to find edible beef.

    2. Hi Jerry. Thanks for your honest and sincere comments. That's really what we need here, a good restaurant with good food and services.:-).

  2. @Olan

    Lan, lamian kaayo ang kinilaw ug bugnaw kaayo ang beer.

  3. hello po, pwde po mag inquire regarding sa The Pavillon

  4. New Number of Coolbreeze (Villa Mercedez)0917-715-3893


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