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Fort San Pedro in Cebu and the Plaza Independencia


One of the living remnants of the Spanish Occupation in the Philippines are the FORTS. I have been in two fortresses in the Philippines last 2011. One was in the Intramuros and the other was in Fort Santiago.  
Entrance of the Fort San Pedro
The Fort San Pedro was  built during the Spanish era and served as the center of their settlement in the Philippines. It is the smallest and oldest triangular bastion fort (stronghold / strong defense wall) in the country with a total aggregate area of 2,025 square meters more or less. The height of the wall is 20 feet high (6 meters) and 8 feet thick (2.50 meters) and the tower is  30 feet high from the ground level.  The construction of the Fort San Pedro was said begun on May 8, 1565, with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, led the ground breaking. 

When Americans defeated the Spaniards during the Battle of Manila Bay, Commodore George Dewey, turned over the Fort to the Cebuano Revolutionaries, and the Fort became the barracks of the American Soldiers during the American Occupation. Later, the Fort converted into school where the early Cebuano Students received formal education.

It  also served as the defense wall or as Army Camp against the invasion of Japanese Soldiers, from 1941 to 1945. 

Now the Fort San Pedro became one of the Heritage Sites and best recommended Tourist Spots of Cebu at the Old Port Area near the Plaza Independencia.
Interior part of the Fort San Pedro

The Plaza Independencia

Signage at the entrance of the Plaza
Below are some of the Photos of "The Plaza Independencia". It was built fronting the Fort San Pedro.

Plaza Independencia is located at the Old Port Area, fronting the gate of the Fort San Pedro and adjacent to the Old Provincial Government Administration Building or "The Malacanan Sa Sugbo".
Large Acacia Trees
(Click the image to enlarge)
The Plaza Independencia or originally called as Plaza de Armas in 1600, the 5 Century Old planted Acacia Trees and remnants of 3 wars and the Fort San Pedro are the remaining living witnesses to the many heritage stories of Cebu's rich history. 

It was also observed that the Plaza Independencia is placed 2nd from Rizal Park, Luneta Park or the Bagumbayan in Manila, among the parks that I've already visited, in terms of its size and area.

Today, the Plaza is a home of leisure for people living and residing near and within the immediate vicinity. 

The moment I turned my back and discerned to these two great monuments and the living witnesses of the past lives of Filipino revolutionaries, who fought and defend the freedom for their children's children, and for our children's children, and became independent as what we are now,  to these days, those people,  were deserved to be given heroe's salute.
The Old Provincial Government Building
in Old Port Area, Cebu


Heritage Tour de Cebu Series : 
Con Tour @ the Queen City of South 

The Con Tour's Trip was made possible 
to witness the Triennial Awards night 
held at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City, Philippines
last March 2012
as delegate, 
representing the Bukidnon Province, Mindanao as Blogger.


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  1. Uy dito kami namasyal ng nanay ko last year. Haven't written a single post about Cebu yet. Kasama sa sandamukal kong backlog. Hehe. Nice post, Kuya.

  2. Hi Tin.

    How about writing a post about your travel together with your mother? What are your experiences? Ganda nga ng plaza nato. ang linis. Hindi ko lang masyadong nalibot ang ibang part lalo na yong obelisk dyan....sayang.

  3. Hello!

    I also paid a visit at Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City last month but I don't have much time to write about it. I rather read and open your blogsite coz in here, I can read about most of the places that I've been through...hehehe... more power to you!

  4. @Anonymous. Visit always my site even if you had been through with some places that I've visited. Thanks to that. Hopefully that I could visit the Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City. :-).

  5. That old fort looks very very interesting kuya Bonz! Will also visit it next month :)

  6. @Christian.

    Marami kayo pupunta ng Cebu? Balita ko, pupunta kayo Dipolog, Zamboanga and Tawi tawi.?

  7. Sosyal! Kelan kaya ako makakaapak ng Cebu nang mgakita ko rin ito. Ang gusto ko sa cebu is yung heritage tour like this. Secondary lang 'yong beach, hehe.

  8. Marami dito sa Cebu heritage sites talaga edmar. you will really enjoy the tour, kumbaga. Over load talaga ang camera mo niyan.

  9. Went here last December pero niuli dayon ko Kuya Bonz kay nilabad akong ulo tungod sa init. HAHA


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