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Jose R. Gallas Halad Museum, Cebu City, Philippines

The Jose R. Gallas Halad Museum:

Like in any other museums in the Philippines today, especially those that I've visited in Manila, Halad Museum (Halad, means offering), is one of a kind museum.  Modernistic in style, clean, organized and well architecturally designed. 

 The Ramp

Halad Museum, or simply as JRG Halad Museum, pays homage to the musical heritage of Cebu. This museum is operated under the Tipiganan sa mga Handumanan sa Kanta ug Kinaiyahang Sugbuanon (Vault of Memories of Old Songs and Cultural Heritage) Foundation.

Ben "Karpo" Zubiri,
"Matud Nila"
Halad Museum also behind the preservation and conservation of old Visayan songs, among others, of Pelita Corrales, Max Surban, Dulce Amor, Ben "Karpo" Zubiri, a composer/actor/ of the immortal ballad song in 1950s, "Matud Nila". Modern young and amateur singers always heard this song, but some of them do not know whose the composer behind that song.

The guitar of Minggoy Lopez, were also there, the composer behind the folk song Rosas Pandan, became a contest piece in any chorale contest and even in the international chorale song contest, this piece is always present.

Dulce Amor
This museum is founded by Dr. Jose "Dodong" R. Gullas, or JRG in short, the Chairman of the University of Visayas, had led the inauguration of this Museum last January of 2010. It is his dedication to his late parents, Don Vicente A. Gullas and  Doña Josefina Rivera Gullas.

When he was interviewed by STARweek, he said that, 

“By setting up the museum, we hope to treasure and honor our beautiful Cebuano songs, including those forgotten and stolen. It would be a great loss if we just let these old songs fade away or openly abused.
Another reason for putting up the museum is to honor the memory of my parents, Vicente Gullas and Inday Pining. My mother was a good pianist. Every time she played, I would hear my father humming along. I got my passion for Cebuano songs from them.”

If you are from Visayas, or even you are from Luzon and Mindanao, when you enter this museum, it can easily evoke nostalgic memories through the images that are displayed, especially on songs that were being played while you're in the middle of reading on what was in there, definitely you would be reminded of your good ole days.

For younger visitors, it could be of unique experience to see all the old memorabilia inside the gallery.

The Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum is open from Tuesdays to Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm, and on Mondays by appointment or on special arrangement. Entry for senior citizens is free. 

 For more information, contact or tel. (032) 268-2579.

Heritage Tour de Cebu Series : 
Con Tour @ the Queen City of South 

The Con Tour's Trip was made possible 
to witness the Triennial Awards night 
held at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City, Philippines
last March 2012
as delegate, 
representing the Bukidnon Province, Mindanao as Blogger.


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  1. Ganda Kuya Bon. Di ako sanay na isang small museum ay okay ang structure. Sanay sa mga old museums sa Manila haha. When I return to Cebu, will try to check this out.

  2. Ganda nga sa loob talaga at newly renovated lang. Dati itong old structure. Makita mo din dun ang favorite song ng mama mo leih. hehehe. :-).

  3. wow:) nice blog... thanks for sharing...

  4. Hi!

    I got round to your website because of this article. I curate the museum and just wanted to thank you for this post. :) Also, just to update you, we have since changed our museum schedule to Tuesdays-Saturdays, 9pm-5pm. Special tours can be arranged as well on Mondays. Thanks again!


  5. Hi Audrey. Thank you for dropping by here and give some updates on the schedule of visits. Best Regards. Yeah, I remember your name when we visited the JRG Museum last time. Again, thanks so much.

  6. Yes and we weren't properly introduced. Your group was about to leave when I arrived at the museum (coming from a meeting). Well, here's hoping our paths do cross again. More power to you and your blog!

  7. Thanks Audrey. I was about to exit from JRG when I noticed you at the reception counter. Hoping also our paths do cross again. :-).

  8. This is a nice Museum in Cebu.. We need to visit this..

    Thank you for posting it here.


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