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The Magellan's Cross as a semblance

The Pavilion, where the Magellan's Cross is housed.

The Magellans' Cross inside
The Pavilion
Part of our itineraries in this Heritage Tour de Cebu were the Catholic Churches, built during the Spanish Colonization, in 16th Century period. These are of similarity to the Catholic Churches in Iloilo.

If we continue the Heritage Tour, one of my options, is to visit Iloilo, where a considerable number of Spanish built churches were also an ideal and worth for a visit.

Honestly, after we had this tour, I already planned to visit Iloilo someday.
As Christian Catholic, part of our practices is the Visita Iglesia. That is, in consonance with the Station of the Cross. It is also like reciting the Holy Rosary, wherein, a Catholic Christian, as I am, should always start at the Cross, and recite first the "Act of Faith".

The early Christian Catholic, embraced the Catholicism after the first mass in Limasawa, before the troops of Portuguese Navigator Ferdinand Magellan headed for Cebu to help King Humabon,  who were at war at that time. 

That very first mass, was also marked the first batch of Christian Catholics in the Philippines.  This same cross, was erected on this site on April 21, 1521, during the baptismal ceremony of the first Christian Catholics. Thereafter, a wide spread of Christian Catholics began and Churches were built all over the land of spices, the Philippines. 

If the Magellan's Cross was the beginning of the Christian Catholics here in the Philippines, then the Churches that spread during this period, were like beads in the Holy Rosary, and therefore, the cross is the semblance of the "Act of Faith".

In my own  simple observation, the number of beads in the Holy Rosary is 61, seemed like the number of Spanish Churches that have been built during the Colonial Period (in my own opinion only--and this is not a declaration or final conclusion).

The Cross of Magellan is located in P. Burgos corner City Hall Lane, Parian District, Cebu City. 

 Members of the Media and Bloggers Delegation
Photo Credits : Dulce Rose Lada of Davao Bloggers Society

Heritage Tour de Cebu Series : 
Con Tour @ the Queen City of South 

The Con Tour's Trip was made possible 
to witness the Triennial Awards night 
held at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City, Philippines
last March 2012
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