Monday, May 21, 2012

Mind Museum : Photos Overload

Inside the Mind Museum

I actually had finished featuring Mind Museum last time, but I still have to show these other photos which I hadn't posted yet. This is just a peek of photos on other amazing inventions inside this science museum in Taguig City.
with my Little James
 The Spanish Galleon - Trading Ship
  The Robot - Mimo
 Power Supply Plant
To be installed near the disputed Spratlys and Shoal
 Oil Drill Plant
Sustainable Development
If you like to read the Part 1 post, the Journey begins here......

To buy tickets on-line:
Click this link. Mind Museum Buy Tickets On-line

Con Tour's Urban Fort Series
Part 1 - Mind Museum, a Science Museum in Taguig City
Part 2  - Mind Museum, Photos Overload



6 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. I have yet to visit this museum. It's good that photography is allowed inside.

  2. Yeah, was about to say that... It's good that photography's allowed inside. Would love to visit, but the ticket's pricey :(

  3. teka kuya bonz, pwede ba ang tripod sa loob?

  4. @Christian.

    Hindi ko lang alam kung puede ang tripod sa loob kasi, nung ako ang kumuha, nag lean lang ako sa poste or any object to have a steady shot.

    @AJ and Ga-ye.

    Hindi naman nila pinagbawal. marami talagang nag photograph sa loob.


    Kaya mo yong ticket. Tama lang. P600 for adults, P450 for students. Libre na cguro si Luna niyan. hehehe.

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