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Aerial Shots : The bluish earth called our HOME

 G r e a t e r  H e i g h t s
March 29, 2012 - Inflight to Manila 
A vacation tour with my Little James

Excitement is an understatement, to describe when my son was finally seated on board the plane we rode during our travel vacation trip to Manila. He actually asked me to occupy the window seat. But when he realized that one of my fascinations is also aerial photography. He offered me his window seat to satisfy my lust in taking aerial photos, but later on we exchange seat, after done with these shots.
Truly, that when you have passion in photography, you really don't feel tired especially in responding your yearnings, like what I had during this flight. I am still a novice photographer, but every time I looked at these photos, my passion continue bursting into flame to travel more, take pictures on every places that I will set foot and that's doubtlessly unstoppable.

We were lack of sleep, tired perhaps with that land travel. We left our place at 5 pm and took us around 6 hours on the road, because of the present road condition in Bukidnon, arrived in Cagayan de Oro City at around 1 am.

Felt dizzy, but my eagerness to capture aerial photos kept me awake, alive and full of energy. I was worried with my little James with that almost sleepless night, but I was assured before we boarded that plane, because he already took some hot soup as stomach filler.

He even asserted what I am doing and even volunteered of some aerial shots. A manifestation that he still endure that long tiring travel.

Lauded with a good weather condition, felt like an astronaut seeing the true beauty of our mother earth on its bluish color with my very own eyes.The bluish earth called our HOME.

Thanks to the era of digital technology, some tips thru readings and some techniques,  really helped  a lot. Especially about the timing. I took these shots early in the morning at more or less 6 am, opposite from the sunrise direction.  The results? I stand in awe at the stunning and astonishing view of the bluish mother earth, indeed, it is a panoramic aerial scenic view.  
I would say, that I am proud of these photos...

Now that I  learned some of the basics of photography, I am now more aware of every details of the photos that I am exposing. I see to it that at least, the photos would give some entertaining value to every one who peek on them.
...because they are simply stunning and astonishing shot(s)

That somehow would also cause inspiration to others to reach the greater heights of their dream. A dream to become pro someday.
 Gliding to the left

What's indispensable for now, that I am enjoying what I am doing in ensuing my passion in photography. Just like my son when he was with me, and our very first time of being together, just the two of us, miles away from home, enjoyed so much his vacation trip.

His vacation in Urban Manila, indeed, I know that he would nurture it for the rest of his life.
Gliding to the right-approaching the NAIA  runway

I am leaving the trail of memories for them to remember our bonding moment during their early years of travels, especially the moment that they were together with us, as their parents.


  • Aerial Shots | The Bluish Mother Earth called our HOME

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  1. nice shots you have here! I like taking aerial shots too, mostly the cloud formation they are lovely to look at. ;)

  2. Thank you Violy. You also have the "eye" of a photographer.:-).

  3. Hello Pauline. Thanks for that kind appreciation. :-).

  4. sarap talaga mag shoot pag nasa eroplano! for some reason my point n shoot produces better photos than my dslr pag ganyan :)

  5. Those are some really great photos! My pictures are always fuzzy or blurred.


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