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Do It Yourself Tips : 8 - Practical Tips upon Arrival in General Santos City

Just go with the flow. Sometimes in some instances, especially in a corporate world, whatever the higher management wants us to do and some strategies they wanted to be implemented, that would surely be for the benefit for all employees, we just go with the flow

Policies or guidelines, are the tools of a corporation to continue its operation. Just go with the flow. Anyway, we have nothing to lose and we have so many things to gain if we follow rules and just go with the flow. 

Local Tricycle
[ afraid of Bullet Hole-:-(.   ]
Just like in travel, if it's our first time to set foot on a certain place, we always feel uncomfortable. Right?  Then, what shall we do in order for us to feel comfortable?  So, to get away from that qualms and doubts, we should do some research, to give us some ideas about the place, especially, if it is a long travel from Bukidnon to Davao, and Davao to General Santos City.

Research is one of the best tools, to at least, will give us confidence to navigate where and what to do in case we already arrived at our destination. Like what I did when I arrived at the General Santos City Bulaong Bus Terminal.

Here's some practical tips that we shall consider after we step out from the bus we rode. If we really don't have ideas about the place that we've never been before.

1. Just go with the flow - Go with the flow with other passengers. Just go with them. It will surely bring us to the right place, like sub-terminals of local transportation or alleys of tricycle.

2. Practice being an Observant   -  Observe the other passengers where they going. If they are going to the sub-terminals or alleys of local transportation like tricycle, then that's better, then take one tricycle. Being an observant is proven one of the best tools being as traveler. We cannot write if we are not that keen observer.
 GenSan City Local Tricycle with a low ceiling design

3. Eat at a Food Chain  - If you know about a popular food chain in the place, then ask the driver to drive you there. If a place don't have that food chain with a mascot of a bee for instance, then an affordable restaurant may do.

4. Keep Silent and be in disguise  -  Just keep silent and be in disguise that you know the place once you are already on board a tricycle. If they ask you something, just answer to them if you can. If you can't, just make a nod politely with a smile (:-).

5.  Ask the attendant at the food chain - while ordering your favorite food at the food chain, smile at them, and take a chance to ask the place about the venue of your seminar, if your travel purpose is for a seminar. If you are looking for a resort, a beach or any spots of the place, the food chain attendant would surely give you a right direction where to go and what to ride. And I am sure also that they are that very polite people to help you.

6. Acknowledgment and leaving a good impression -  Now that you have already that bunch of information where to go and what to ride. Do not forget to say thank you and acknowledge their kindness in giving you bits of information. Leave a trail of good impression.

7. Time Management   -  Do not pull yourself in the middle of a fast lane. Avoid that feeling of always on a rush and you might forget some important details about the place and later would lead to frustration and start blaming yourself of not jutting down details. Time management still the best and effective tool.

8.   Plate number or body number of the public vehicle -  Inform or text to your loved ones, at least three people the plate number or the body number of the public vehicle that you hired. Just in case any unpleasant incident that may occur during the course of your short or long travel.

Before I end up this post, I like to share with you this quote from the web for just a little reflection.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

My Tuna Country Series

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10 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. glad i drop here:) bro I am planning to visit Gen San and Davao this coming August:) kaya kaya' ng 2 days lang?

  2. @Jeff. Kung dalawang lugar ang puntahan mo. Davao and Gensan, kung tamang tama lang ang ITI mo. Kayang kaya ang 2 days. Pero pag marami kang puntahan in excess of your original ITI, the 2 days are not enough. Depende sa yo. :-).

  3. Been in Gensan only once, but I have relatives I can stay with there, so no prob when it comes to going around. Nice tips though, esp the one on being observant!

  4. GenSan is too big I always get lost. sabagay, been here 2-3 times pa lang. But I just could not get the right directions! LOL!

  5. Whee! You're writing about my hometown! Para maiba naman po since I'm the one who has been writing a lot about Bukidnon. Hehe.

  6. great tips! I am pretty cautious whenever I travel. I started travelling at a very young age.. my dads advise is "to inform a member of the fasmily your where tos and plate numbers of bus/taxis/puj". I wanna travel Gensan. maybe soon :D

  7. These are all nice tips. Can help a traveler a lot. Never been to Gensan though. think it's a nice place to visit. BTW, I like the design of the tricycle in the above photo. Looks so cool! :)

  8. @Aleah Phils : So kayang kaya mag stay kahit isang buwan ano, lei?

    @Ding : Simply lang ang urban planning ng Gensan. Isang ikot ko lang, kuha ko na ang direction.

  9. Hi Tintin : Napansin ko nga na Gensan Series ako ngayon at ikaw naman ang marami ding post sa Bukidnon. Exchange post ika nga....BTW, tuloy ka July?

  10. GenSan is as peaceful as Bukidnon and the people helpful. It is actually still a small city with a provincial charm so travelling there should not be a worry even if you do not know anybody.

    But now that you do after meeting the Soccsksargen Bloggers, hopefully we could see more of you here Bonz.

    Magandang GenSan!


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