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Dinaganay sa Malaybalay - 1st 42k Marathon in Bukidnon, the after shock?

Malaybalay Fireflies firedance performer 

The Dinaganay sa Malaybalay (or Malaybalay Running Event)- the 1st 42k Marathon in Bukidnon was successfully culminated last June 24, 2012, which was participated with more or less 500 runners coming from different regions in the Philippines. Out of 500, there were only 47 runners participated in the 42k category.

3k category was participated by kids, while adults categories started from 5k, 10k, 21k and the 42k as the highlight of the event. Medals were awarded to limited numbers of finishers in other categories other than the 42k, of which all the runners received finishers medals. It was just confirmed lately that 21k finishers, each will receive finisher's medal too.

The event was graced by Malaybalay Fireflies who rendered their breathtaking fire dancing performance, before the 42k gun start.
It was organized by the City Government of Malaybalay under the direct supervision of the City Sports Coordinator, with their representative, Jun Lite (Jun Liwanag), being  one of the prime movers of the event and with the assistance of the Malaybalay Runners Club, under the dynamic leadership of Matet Quirino
Volunteers coming from various groups, extended their wholehearted assistance just to make the event became a successful one.
The group of runners who run first were those in the category of 42k at a gun start at exactly 3:30 a.m, followed with the 21k runners, then the 10K, 5K and the kiddie runners at 3k.

I was assigned in station 10K, as one of the volunteer-photographers in the event. Actually, this is my first time in covering an event. A historic event bagged as the first ever 42K Marathon in Bukidnon.

With the invitation of  Matet, the president of Malaybalay Runners Club, and the call of service to volunteer, without hesitation, I responded with that humble call from a humble leader of local runners' club in Malaybalay. 

To become part of the documentation team, covering the historic event of Bukidnon, responding with that humble call from a humble leader and a call of service to community, even that I havn't participated as one of the runners---it was a dream  come true for me to become an event photographer.
To take photographs on these runners (above photo) like in the persona of 58 year old Professor Dr. Jesse Rosario of Mountain View College, veteran runner, trainor and reputable race organizer Dr. Rachito Abellanosa or simply called Doc Chi of Bukidnon Outdoor Adventure Sports Tourism or BOAST and those lovely ladies from Cagayan de Oro (photo below), they were absolutely the source of inspiration to everyone, to join on the next event was more than a race medal to me.

Some say that, the photos that we, volunteer-photographers have taken, was also considered as more than the race medal. With this kind of comment, it inspires us also.

Hopefully next time, more and more runners will join this kind of event, so that we will photograph more and more runners soon.
In the women category, Dr. Gina Guarin-Factura, runner #431, from Cagayan de Oro City placed 1st in the 42k Marathon Women's Category.

Most of the runners who have joined, their over-all assessment and the "after shock" of the event was very organized, well coordinated, water station was properly in place, marshals were well informed about the designation and tasks were properly delegated.

"We do not expect a perfect event would happen, but we are open for suggestions to give us room for improvement", the assisting organizer, Matet Quirino, averred. She further asked an apology for the lapses that had been done".

On the other hand, I invited Dr. Gina Guarin-Factura,  to come back for the next event with her colleagues, and suggested that,
"there would be a separate category for male and for female, better yet by age category (not an open category, especially for longer distances to encourage other female and not-so-young runners, like us, to join), coz surely we could not compete with nor match the male runners". 

The organizers had already noted her suggestion and hopefully all the lapses will be examined well and other areas that needs for improvement. "Thank you so much of your suggestions", the humble President further stressed out.

Running is an emerging sports in the Philippines today, as well as in Bukidnon. The number of participants grew phenomenal with the awareness that running is good for the health, as well as for the heart. 
#422 Marathoner, Languido, Richeel, the Champion of this race.
#469 Marathoner, Nerza, Anthony placed second. 
 #453, Marathoner Jeffrey Sotto, placed third.

Here are some of the possible reasons on why they'd joined the event. Some joined because their friends have invited them to join and to have some fun. Some have joined because of the free Jersey or the singlet and loves to run. Others have joined because their friends influenced them to join and continuously do the running routine like jogging because of their determination for healthy lifestyle. There are some who really stopped all their vices because of running. And some have joined because running is already part of their system.

The bottom line here is for health reason. Other thing also, once you had participated in this event, you became part of the history of Bukidnon on its 1st ever 42K Marathon.


To peek all the photos that I have during that event, you may visit my flicker site here.

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  1. thank you Sir Bonz! :-)

  2. Totally cool event. i wasnt expecting a near perfect race at such a minimal reg fee.... Singlet was of good quality and material, hydration and banana stations were more than enuf, marshalls and volunteers were friendly and they all knew their roles.
    The fire dancers and live band were cool and entertaining.
    If time and resources allow..ill definitely run here again... And hopefully tag more friends....
    Congrats to all!!! I never realized running is soooo alive in Bukidnon!!!!

  3. You are welcome Tet. As always.

  4. @IamG : Thank you also for that kind appreciation. :-).

  5. sir. any updates regarding 2nd bukidnon marathon. please. thanks.


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