Friday, August 10, 2012

Lets welcome the King in Malaybalay City

[Updated] The above photo was taken last July 13, 2011 when I was given a chance by the owner of a restaurant who rented and occupied a space on the third floor of photo expert building, to take this one and had a great vantage point to shoot. 

The owner of that restaurant was actually has no idea about this newly constructed establishment. But there were rumors then that the said establishment is a new branch of a food chain, until finally the final confirmation was revealed when they already installed the huge signage in the facade of the building---Chowking, just last July this year.

This is now the new development in this City within the Forest, the foodchain branch of Chowking, the Chowking of Malaybalay City.

Chowking branch of Malaybalay City has the same owner with the Chowking in Valencia City. It is owned by one of the children of the corn trader queen in Cagayan de Oro City. 

It is said that once this type of foodchain is operating in our city, that means that the foot traffic here had met the requirements of opening a branch. One of the key factors is the population of a locality.
I am actually that much excited on its grand opening last August 8, 2012, but my kids were much much excited not only the opening but the food that they're craved to eat, like the chopsuey, the siopao or the chao fan and a lot more to eat inside.

And I am pretty sure that the people of Malaybalay were also that much excited with its grand opening, after a year of construction.

At last the King is here.

So, lets welcome the King in Malaybalay City, the Chowking.

Location :

Chowking Malaybalay Branch
Along Sayre Hiway / Fortich Street
Near Plaza Rizal, Malaybalay City

7 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. lets chow at the king of chow. The chowking.:-).

  2. Congrats naman sa Malaybalay. Ang fave ko talaga jan ay ung halo-halo at chorizzo rice.

  3. hello edmar. long time no hear. Thanks thanks. At least nag develop na talaga ang Malaybalay City. Kahit unti unti. :-).

  4. hopefully dili lang chowking,,,mag invest food unta ang goverment sa malaybalay mag create og foodcort then sale a lot of variety of food

  5. @Anonymous.

    Foodcourt in Malaybalay should be constructed. Thanks for your suggestion. :-).

  6. Congrats for your new shop and I too was exciting that it was reopened after one year of time. I wish you all the success and make your shop more popular among people.


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