Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mapping-Up the City within the Forest - Malaybalay City

Photo Courtesy : Caesar Ruel Pacana Chavez
As of  to date, there are already 22 people who signified to join the "Lets MAP-UP the City within the Forest - Malaybalay City". The event will be held on August 25, 2012 at the Green Ridge Restaurant and Apartelle near the Capitol Ground. It will start at exactly 8:30 am and will end up until 5 pm (approximately at most).

Participants are from both private and government sector. These people who signified are willing and has the spirit of volunteerism to help make Malaybalay City be accurately visible in Google Map, wherein the other portion is still blurred. 

This is to purposely help our Philippine Tourism particularly Malaybalay City, and Bukidnon as a whole and our disaster preparedness all over the country with the use of  Google Map Maker.  

The event will be hosted by Google Map Maker Advocates from General Santos City, Avel Manansala of Gensan News Online Mag and Doctor Remo Aguilar of Tacurong Online and  Hiker's Itch as the Map Maker resource speaker.

Google Map Maker allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. By sharing information about the places you know, like businesses in your town or places in your school campus, you can ensure the map accurately reflects the world around you. Your updates will be reviewed and once approved, will appear online for people from all over the world to see.
Below are the specific points and objective of this Mapping-up activity ;

Tourist spots
Hotels and Resorts
Police Stations
Pasalubong shopping stores
Barangay/city halls

And hopefully:

Healthcare establishments (hospitals, clincs etc.)
Philippine Red Cross branches
Neighborhood/barangay gyms
Evacuation centers
Fire stations
Government offices
Telco branches (PLDT/Smart/Globe/Sun/your local telco)

Must-to-do tips for those who have already signified and included in the list of Participants.
Advance assignment :

1. Create a GMail account if you don’t have one yet. While you can activate a Google account without having to use GMail, there are extra hoops you would have to jump through to be able to use Map Maker and interact with other mappers if you do not use GMail. Go to and click on the red button labelled ‘create an account‘ or ‘sign up‘ to start creating your brand new GMail.

2. Activate your Google Plus profile. While on GMail, click on the upper right where your name appears and then click the blue ‘Join Google+‘ or ‘activate profile‘ button on the drop down menu. It would be easier for you to exchange ideas at the Map Maker forums when you have activated your public profile. You could also exchange ideas with other mappers on Google Plus without having to divulge to everyone your email address.

3. Activate your Google Places nickname. You gain credibility on Map Maker when you choose to identify yourself with a nickname rather than deciding to stay anonymous. It would also be easier for Expert Reviewers help you out if you have a nickname. Go to and then choose the nickname you want.

4. Visit Google Map Maker or and watch and listen to the first tutorial. Be sure to start pursuing your first Map Maker edits by concentrating on your very own NEIGHBORHOODS.

5. Go back to your Google Plus account or to this–> and add the Map 4 Mindanao Page to your G+ Circles.

After you have done everything, then you are now ready for the first-ever Google Map Maker in Bukidnon!

4 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Yohooo! sana makasama ako.. hehehe Let's map Bukidnon! :)

  2. Sure na nardxz. Dapat kasama jud ka ba. :-).

  3. go let's map bukidnon, my adopted city of mountains...!

  4. You should go and visit us here doc remo aguilar. Go together with Kuya Avel and Bernie.:-).


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