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The Google Mapping up of "The City Within the Forest" is a giant leap

The New Malaybalay Google Mappers Advocates
while listening during the lecture delivered by Avel Manansala
of Sox Bloggers
A small step by man is a giant leap by mankind-by Neil Armstrong.
I am so inspired with this quotation when Neil Armstrong lifted his feet and took a single step during their expedition to the moon in 1969. That was the first time man set foot to the moon. 

And I also believe that when a person has that willingness to do a certain cause for the betterment and benefit of his/her community, it can be done. And when a single thought of a man to do a noble cause to the community, it will create a big impact to the world as a whole. Like on what we have done last August 25, 2012 when we initiated the Google Mapping up of Malaybalay - "the City within the forest"

Brief Backgrounder :
Almost 3 months ago, I was invited by Avel Manansala to join the Google Mapping Summit at General Santos City. Though I don't have any idea on what to do, but nevertheless, I responded that call. After that, a follow through on what was initiated by the man behind that summit and encouraged me to organize a mapping up here in Bukidnon. At first I was hesitant. When I checked out the Google Map of Malaybalay City, it has a blurry resolution on the other half. That made me more challenged and motivated to organize like minded people here in our City.

But prior to that challenge in mapping-up our own City, I had already in mind to organize a group, which we now formally called as the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society or in short the BPBS
Mappers focusing in doing their workshop
Before the formal installation of the group, I first consulted like minded people, such as Tupe Diaz, the Trekero and Earl Bolivar of Suroy Pilipinas, both are my fellow bloggers based here in Bukidnon, and they responded positively. I also consulted another person, Mr. Caesar Pacana Chavez, a photographer and also a Bukidnon resident and got a positive response from him. I've met Sir Caesar, as I fondly called him, during one of Bukidnon Sports Events,  held  in Malaybalay City, the Dinaganay sa Malaybalay 2012.

I also approached some like minded people, like Ronnie Vidal, also a photographer/hobbyist/ mountaineer, which includes my better half, and their response were all  positive. With the wisdom I've got from these people, without hesitation, but to proceed the installation of the group, the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society in Facebook page.
Mappers showing their Google Map Maker and Pin stickers
Mappers showing their Google Map Maker and Pin stickers
 Proposal to formally organize the Google Map-up event :

After the installation of the group, with already almost 50 members, I consulted them with this Google Map-Up event, and that, to Map-up Malaybalay - "The City within the Forest". Everyone was excited when I proposed it on our FB page. A positive response coupled with their pro-active support, I was  energized to continue and proceed with our cause. And also with the encouragement and sincere support of Sox Bloggers, led by Kuya Avel Manansala, its just like you have tons of inspiration to pursue the event.
Alexis Chua, as he delivers his piece in Google Map-Up Malaybalay
Kuya Avel told the author, that, they expressed support for the love of Malaybalay and Bukidnon as a whole. Later, kuya Avel revealed that he was assigned here in Bukidnon when he was once a Sales Manager in a "soap" company prior to his employment at the Mayor's Office of LGU General Santos City as Media Affairs Officer. He is also the site owner/author of GenSan News Online Magazine.

Showing of Support :

Even friends and a fellow BPBS from abroad, like Jai Carias, a former Banker, and others, to mention a few, expressed also their sincere and selfless support with the group's noble cause. 

Kuya Avel constantly monitored the setting-up of this event. He even gave more tips on How to do Map-Ups in the Philippines. Then come the final date of event, August 25, 2012.

That date marked the big leap of Malaybalaynon to update the map on Google with a single step initiated by the author with the help of fellow BPBS officers and members. We were able to tap the City Tourism, City Administrator and City Mayor's office through a formal letter sent last July. According to the Office of the City Tourism, the Mayor has a busy schedule that time and our letter seeking their support was  pending approval due to his busy schedule attending so many priorities in the City.

Despite the absence of the local LGU's support, the group led by the author still pursued the cause and continue the final date of Google Mapping Up the City within the forest. The LGU's City Tourism also has a bunch of participants numbered in 25 people. After knowing that they are also interested, the author/organizer of the event opted to have 2nd batch of this Google Map-up event in the near future.
Doc Remo Aguilar of Hiker's Hitch, delivered his piece, GPS Overlay and How to Add
a place, make a shape, drawing lines and reviewing edits.
Doctor Remo Aguilar also taught us on
how to track your own trail using GPS Enabled Android Phone and My Track.

The Sox Bloggers led by Kuya Avel Manansala, trooped from General Santos, started to roll at around 2 am. They arrived at Malaybalay City at around 8:30 am at the venue proper, the Green Ridge Restaurant and Apartelle, near the Capitol Ground.

Fellow members of BPBS (Shugah and Francis) who also acted as secretariat showed up in the workshop venue at around 8:00 am for the registration of member and non member participants. The submitted list of participants were 22, but only 15 were present. Those who have not able to attend the workshop proper had  conflict of schedule.

The event formally started at around 9:30 am. It was culminated by giving of certificates for the participants. Plaques of appreciation and Bukidnon Products as Token were also given in gratitude to the valuable contribution of the resource speakers, the SOCCKSARGEN BLOGGERS. The workshop ended up at around 5:30 pm.
The Google GeoAdvocates with their Plaque and Token of Bukidnon Products
From Left: Nanardxz Zee, Xyril, Doc Remo, Kuya Avel and Alexis

(Thank you SOCCKSARGEN BLOGGERS of your support to our BPBS Group)

Below are the photos of the Graduation and giving of Certificate of Participation to the new Google Map-Maker Advocates, in random order.
Ms. Jennifer Silan-Principal of St. John School of Malaybalay
and St. James School of Science & Technology
(Donated the Plaque of Appreciation with the author)
Francis Dave Azores - helping in finding the venue, blogging the event
Prepared the acknowledgment slideshow
A Fellow BPBS Member
blog author : Explore Malaybalay City
Ceasar Pacana Chavez - provided us additional WIFI connections
Tarp design, assisted the author in finding a venue
volunteer event photographer
technical aspect of the event

Christopher "Tupe" Diaz - provided as the Video of Pambansang Awit,
Invocation and the Bukidnon Hym, the Bukidnon My Home.
Blog Author : Trekero
For DTI People - thank you for your support
Gayle M. Lopena - Owner of Mediamixx, donated the Tarp Printing
and volunteered the Printing of Names on the Certificates
Shugah Pauline Gonzales - secretariat, helping out in blogging the event
Blog Author : Wander Shugah : Travelling is Freedom
In charge of Solicitation
Maria Theresa Quirino- Interim BPBS Secretary-Treasurer
President - Malaybalay Runners
Drafted the Letter of Sponsorship
Donated additional cash for the event

Gwendolyn Jarabe Pantaleon Balahay - also a Fellow BPBS member
in providing us the Overhead Projector
courtesy of the Department of Agrarian Reform
Gwen is willing to help us to teach us about the GPS Overlay soon
Fritz Bayo - a computer teacher from St. Johns School of Malaybalay
Walter I. Balane - President Bukidnon Press Club
Bukidnon News Editor
A Fellow BPBS Member

volunteered for the Publication of the Map-Up Event
in Bukidnon News and Mindanews
Roberto Timogan of ASIAPRO Cagayan de Oro City
Benjamin Torregoza Maputi, Jr. - Outdoor Enthusiast
Fellow BPBS Member
Volunteered for Tarp Printing and Certiticate of Participants
name printing during the event
Outdoor Race Organizer
Earl E. Bolivar - a co-employee
a Fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger and BPBS Member
Officer of Malaybalay Runners
Blog Author : Suroy Pilipinas
Helping us in Blogging the Event

Acknowledgment Part :

Here in this part, I just want to share with you the words from our beloved resource speakers, words from one of the participants and from the author taken from the comment box of the blog post of the Hiker's Itch.

Kuya Avel Manansala of GenSan News Online Mag

It was one of the most succesful mapUps we've had! Kudos Bonzenti Panganiban and the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers for spearheading this. Travelling from GenSan to there was well worth it, thanks to your enthusiasm guys! In a few months now, nobody will get lost in Bukidnon anymore.
Gayle Lopena - Owner of Mediamixx

Never thought that I will met people like you doc together with your team, that beguiled us to do our part so we can be located in the map.My friends abroad make fun with a pouted lips on how we used to point direction. I often remember abroad they make fun of it. To Sir Bonzenti Panganiban, expect I and Benjamin Torregosa Maputi Jr. all out support to what you have started.
Maria Theresa Quirino-President of the Malaybalay Runners and fellow BPBS.

Her message before the distribution of the certificates. 

"I would like to personally thank the Soccksargen Bloggers led by Kuya Avel Manansala, Doc Remo Aguilar, Nanardxz, Alexis Chua and Xyril for helping us to realize the Mapping-Up the City within the Forest and giving us their valuable time and talent in sharing us their knowledge on how to map-up and inculcate to us to become a Google Map-Maker Advocates. To sir Bonzenti Panganiban who initiated to come up this event, thanks so much sir Bonz".
The Author

Hi doc....really have a wonderful time with all of you here in Bukidnon. Overwhelmed po kami sa support niyo at ng SOCCKSARGEN BLOGGERS. On behalf of the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, which WE organized, our heartfelt thanks to you, kuya Avel, Nanardxz, Alexis and Xyril....Kudos to that. AMPING KANUNAY! Liko Liko Kaw Ra..

Doctor Remo Aguilar's response :
mas kuyaw taga bukidnon! Congrats Bonz and to your group. You hurdled the first step, the rest will follow for as long as your passionate about it...

Author's message to Fellow BPBS and the Google Map-up Participants :

Hi everyone. Fellow BPBS Google Map Maker Advocates. I am sincerely thanking you of your support, your time and selfless effort for the success of the Map Up Workshop. Without you, the event will not be realized. :-)....

I am also very much grateful with your presence and active participation.

Thank you so much Google Philippines and TeamAsia, Mam Sabina in providing us the support and the tshirts. Thank you also to the Google GeoAdvocates from SOCCKSAGEN BLOGGERS for coming over and lend their time and selfless effort in helping us realized this Map-Up event, the "Mapping-up the City within the Forest". Keep posted on the next map-up event, may either be Valencia City or the next batch from the LGU Malaybalay City.


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