Friday, September 07, 2012

Gerry's Grill in Manila Ocean Park

Exhaustion would be the better word to describe after we had so much fun in different shows, but too much enjoyment would be the best word to describe about our experience with my son in the Manila Ocean Park.

We took some time to rest before we entered Gerry's Grill for lunch. Exhaustion made us so starved wherein I let him (my son) ordered for the food he likes. The grilled pork belly and pork barbecue with two garlic rice. He ordered for another two extra rice.  Hmm, he was not so starve?

The restaurant has an open space balcony facing the Manila Bay, wherein some smokers puffing their cigarette in that area. 

With my Little James
Wall Lighting with wall frame

We opted to dine inside for much comfort and convenience. Another reason was to get away from the irritating smoke puffed out by smokers.

Our order was delivered 10-15 minutes. That sound way better than other restaurant. Anyway, that's the standard response time. 

The restaurant was not so busy that time, maybe the reason of a quick delivery of our ordered food. 

But before we started to chow, we first asked the waiter who served our food for a single photo. Sabi ng anak ko, papa, gutom na. (My son said, Papa, I'm starving). The next thing happen? 

Chow to the max. Spell G-U-T-O-M.

The ambiance of the restaurant has an accent of wall lights with red paint color. It also accented with  frame mounted on the wall. The ceiling is like the design of a hanged fence, as my way of describing it. The other part of the wall is accented with marble look on assorted combination.

Typically a family get together restaurant.

I actually got the information about Gerry's Grill from my wife when they (together with my in-laws) went there last time during her vacation with my daughter. I am confident with her recommendation since they have good taste than me. Asked my little James? Their food taste so yummy. Its affordable too, perfect for a medium budget traveller like us.

Squeezing our budget in a vacation like this, that rarely happen in our life, is not advisable. Eating in a restaurant like Gerry's Grill was a fine dining especially that we were so exhausted with our travel from Bukidnon. Its just our own way of compensating our tired body because it has an affordable and reasonable price.

Gerry's Grill also offers grilled seafood, Filipino and Asian Favorites.

Locational Guide :

The Gerry's Grill is just located within the Manila Ocean Park Building near the "tiangge" area.
The Gerry's Grill
The Map of Manila Ocean Park


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