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Parenting Seminar is now a necessity, especially in Malaybalay City

Dr. Neth Penetrante
Brief Background of the speaker:

Dr. Marylendra Penetrante, or Neth for short  is specialized in the field of psychology. 

A writer, a book author and a researcher. 

She published 4 books including the first bullying book in the country entitled: “Fight the Bully Battle”. The other 3 books are: “Unleashing the Beauty Within”, Anger Regulation Simplified and Understanding Child and Adolescent Development: A Psycho-Education Approach”. 

She also wrote a manual for Human Service Providers on ART THERAPY. All her researches were presented in both national and international conventions like the Psychological Association of the Phils (PAP), ASEAN Regional Union of Psychologists in Malaysia, African and European Professional Counselors in Nairobi, Kenya, the 3rd Biennial Conference of Social Psychologists in India and the International Institution for Research Convention. 

Just this May 2012, Dr. Neth completed the Disaster Management and Prevention Exchange Program in Japan through the JENESYS Program sponsored by the Japanese International Cooperation Center (JICE). She is a member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association, National Disaster Management Center of the United States and accredited trauma specialist of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

She was recently awarded by the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) August of this year, the Estefania Aldaba Lim Award for Psychologist who made a great impact in the community. (source : Ms. Jennifer Agdamag Silan, Principal of St. Johns School of Malaybalay City).

The Seminar proper.

Parents and Teachers who participated the seminar
Dr. Penetrante, successfully delivered the Parenting Seminar,   understanding children and teens, a psycho education approach, and fight the bully battle, last September 8, 2012, held at St. Johns School of Malaybalay City. The seminar was delivered only in 4 hours. The 3 hours for lecture and the remaining 1 hour was a question and answer portion.

Some of the following salient points she made mentioned during the seminar are actual cases during her clinical assessment of children and teenagers.
  • That parents and teachers should understand well the behavior of the child  through their emotion and what a child is probably thinking on why he/she is doing such kind of behavior. 
  •  Spanking is acceptable but use the hand in order to feel the pain inflicted.
  • Show to your children that there is no perfect marriage. Let your children witness your argumentation or exchanging words, but do not use very harsh words and force. At the end of the day, show to your children that the conflict is being patched up. Do not encourage quarrel inside the room where your children doesn't even know that you are quarreling, so that they will realize that marriage is not perfect.
  • Show to your children that there are times that you don't have money on what they desired to buy. Do not pretend that you have money, when there is none. Just explain to them that you don't have budget for the things they desired to buy. It is also important that children should know the parent's financial capability.
  • Delayed gratification is still applicable.
  • Teach them values at early age from 1-8 years old. This is their foundation years where values is being inculcated to their mind and heart.
  • Computers should NOT be placed inside their rooms. It should be placed outside, like the living area, etc. So that parents can supervise their children. Media is a great contributor to the children's growth. Always give them clarification and advices. Parental guidance is always advisable.
  • During their teenage years, when they become inquisitive of something that needs your clarification especially on sensitive matters like the reproduction system, parents should respond to that needs. Listen and talk to them. Answer them properly. If the parents will not respond to these things, they will find somebody outside your home to talk to. If this will happen, this might be a critical moment in their life. They might be harm.
  • Teach the children to become a LOVE FINDER and not a FAULT FINDER.
Question and Answer portion
There are lot of cases she made mentioned during the seminar, but these are the things that were captured by the author. For a healthy community? The last one is so far the best thing that everyone should do.

The seminar was made possible with 56 in attendance. 

Hopefully that the City Government of Malaybalay  or the Province of Bukidnon, should look into these things to solve the worsening crime condition in the Province or in the City of Malaybalay in particular. It is also noted that the increase of stray children on the streets were also evidence. Appropriate Gov't Agency should also look into these things.

The people in the Province of Bukidnon also need professional help or advice on what to do to solve the worsening crime condition. What we should do? Conduct parenting seminar for every Barangay in order to educate our people.

The author just would like to share his experience in this seminar because a seminar like this one is very much helpful to the community.

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  1. i misssed this seminar, may i know how can i contact Dr. Neth?

  2. i think this is a very good seminar but i missed it, may i know where can i contact Dr. Neth?


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