Thursday, September 13, 2012

Urban Fort : Beating the Red Light

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Common sayings like "Strike while the iron is hot or taking chances while we are still here" was in my thoughts when we were in the Bonifacio Global City or commonly known as BGC.

Since we are highlanders and from a far flung place in Central Mindanao, we took advantage in seeing the nearby surroundings of the BGC, after done with our photo ops at the science museum, the Mind Museum.

Little James and I took first our morning snacks at the nearby 24 hour-convenience store, before we proceeded to check the place.

We only spent 40 pesos for each sandwich with hotdog. The store is just a walking distance from the Museum.
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Observing the traffic rules was the first thing we did before we went across the other side of the street. We stayed at the edge of the sidewalk near the curb (with yellow and black paint edge of the sidewalk-that's the curb part), and took a peek on the traffic flow and the traffic light system on how it works. When the traffic light flashed the stop, we then hurriedly cross the lane.

The green light stayed just seconds and also with the red light. I guess, it was just 15-20 seconds between intervals.
 No to suspended cables in the thoroughfares
Just for fun, we repeated the same pattern and found out that the stop light changes fast.

As a rule, to avoid road accident, beating the red light is very much discouraged, I told my Little James. The traffic light was new to us, we really don't know its mechanics.

Some has digital counter for every 60 seconds of interval. So with this counter we know how  much time left in crossing the lane.

And this is what we found out later and the result of our observation.

Before we cross the pedestrian lane, we have to press the button first that is pinned on the steel post near the edge of the sidewalk.
Press the button before crossing the
pedestrian lane
If we didn't pressed that button, maybe, we left the Fort with still question in mind on how to cross that pedestrian lane without rushing up the other side of the street. And if we didn't saw that magic button? We didn't know until now that there is that button to press before crossing the pedestrian lane. 

We crossed the other side of the street for almost five times, and later discovered that there is a button to press before taking steps to cross. 

In this sense, we need to expose ourselves to acquaint us, especially in other places like the Fort. In order for us to keep updated and not become outdated of the new trends, especially in the field of development.  

You know what my reaction was?

"Thanks to this new traffic light system in The Fort, at least we saw one, since we do not have like this one in our place".

Short Rest
In our place, even one traffic light, we do not have. :-). Yeah, that's true. Once during the rush hour or peak hour, the main thoroughfare will experience a heavy traffic build-up. Aside from the absence of traffic light? We do not have a diversion road to cut the heavy traffic flow at the main thoroughfare. As for now, our unfinish diversion road was being used by heavy vehicle as temporary diversion route just to cut-off  the volume of traffic at the main street.  

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Anyway, back to the topic. We continue walking and exploring the Fort.

Another observation was we didn't saw suspended cables in the main thoroughfares. I suspected that all the cable system were installed underneath the pavements.

Our experience in the Fort was like exploring Singapore. And felt like we've already been in that Lion City right in that moment.

Obviously, the Fort was patterned from this Lion City.

Thanks to this new development, at least, little James and I have something to become proud of.

We've explored a place like the Bonifacio Global City.


4 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. hahaha lapit lang namin dito pero indi pa ako nakatambay dito:) Ganda na talaga ng Taguig, en the traffic system as well as the urban planning- well organized at nasa sistema. sana ganyan lahat ng city sa Metro Manila

  2. Hello Jeff. Natawa kami sa ginawa namin. at least, pag uwi namin, alam namin na meron palang ganung traffic light. hehehe. :-). Thanks for visiting me here bro.

  3. Nice blog. Im a Taguig Resident since my childhood. I cross BGC everyday when going to work at Makati, its so funny that didn't noticed your observations about cables until I read your blog I realized those. I even had a construction project under my company there, even my son is playing their football game at ISM and BSM..I'm blinded with everyday stress hahaha..and now I am proud of my town because of your blog, and yes indeed it is patterned with Singapore's system.

  4. @Anonymous.

    I am so delighted with your kind appreciation with my blog.. Thank so much for that. Your City is really a model city for the Philippine Urban Planning System...I admired the planner of this...

    BTW, take time to relax and explore your city. Sorry for the late reply, because I have a hard and busy days in a previous week.


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