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"Bukidnon Highland Games" is now set and ready to boost the Bukidnon Tourism

Ms. Maite Abellanosa-organizer of Bukidnon Highland Games
Bukidnon right now is not only a Cultural and Eco-Tourism destination, but it has a big chance to become the center for Outdoor Games and Adventure, without changing its own natural terrain, just using its natural amenities and without putting in structures just to derail its spontaneity, Dr. Rachito Abellanosa, said in a press conference Friday. Bukidnon could also be a sports tourism destination, he added.

The press conference was to update everyone on the highlight of the Bukidnon Highland Games. The said event will be a 3-days sports event, organized by Ohana Adventures, was slated from November 30 to December 2. 

The opening of the game shall be graced with Promotion with ABS-CBN "Pamahaw Espesyal" on November 23. On the 3-day games, trail run, hybrid duathlon soccer clinics, frisbee clinics agility demo, wacky games and skateboard clinic are among the games were slated that will greet visitors and spectators. 
Dr. Rachito Abellanosa, organizer of Bukidnon Highland Games
On Day 2, tournament games, such as skateboarding competition, cross-country MTB, soccer and frisbee were slated. 

On Day 3, trail run were included ahead of other tournament games slated on this day. In the afternoon, there will be more games like adventure race, rock climbing, soccer, frisbee and skateboard.

The Bukidnon Highland Games is in partnership with the City Tourism, the Provincial and the City Government. It is assisted by the Department of Tourism, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Kaamulan Chamber, with 16 companies as their sponsors.

Mr. Catalino "Butch" Chan II, Regional Director of the Department of Tourism, Region 10, backed-up the idea of having this kind of sports tourism here in the Province of Bukidnon, but suggested that a whole year round event should also be introduced in the Province, from January to December, to invite repeaters to come back to Bukidnon. 
IPs temporary shelter

He also suggested that local games should also be included in the game that is something common to the Province, to make it a fun filled attraction with the spectators.

He further suggested that a Bukidnon Tribal Game shall also be included in between the series of games, since the games mentioned in the program were already seen in other places. So that in this sense, Bukidnon will be apart and will become unique from other places.

George Tabios, a former member of the City Tourism Board, suggested to the present board members that they will write the Provincial Tourism for the use of the facilities, such as the newly constructed comfort rooms, which was not utilized last Kaamulan Festival.

The central venue of the games will be in the capitol ground, wherein the tourism board raised a concern of the IP People who use the stage as their temporary shelter. 

As of this writing, the stage is observed clean and free from any temporary dwellers. 

So come to the 1st Bukidnon Highland Games, a 3-day action packed event that will start on November 30 at the Capitol Ground, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Schedule :
November 30, 2012
  • 6:00  A.M.  -  Opening Day / Motorcade
  • 7:00  A.M.  -  Opening Program
  • 8:00  A.M.  -  Start of the Games
                                   - Tail Run
                                   -  Hybrid Duathlon
                                   -  Soccer Clinics
                                   -  Frisbee Clinics
                                   -  Agility Demo
                                   -  Wacky Games
                                   -  Skateboard Clinic
  • 1:00  P.M.   -  Skate Boarding Demo and Skills, Finess Challenges
                                -  Fun Match Dog Show
  • 6:00  P.M.  -  NIGHT RUN 
  •                        FILM Showing
December 1, 2012   DAY 2
  • 6:00  A.M.  -  Tournament Games 
                                -  Skateboarding Competition
                                -  Cross Country MTB
                                -  Soccer
                                -  Frisbee
  • 1:00 P.M.    -  Tournament Games Continue
  • 6:00 P.M.    -  Film Showing / Dinner
December 2, 2012  DAY 3
  • 6:00  A.M.  -  Trail Run
                               -  Tournament Games Continue
                                   -  Rock Climbing
                                   -  Soccer
                                   -  Frisbee
                                   -  Skateboard
  • 1:00 P.M.   -  ADVENTURE RACE
                               -  Tournament Games Continue
                                   -   Rock Climbing
                                   -   Soccer
                                   -   Frisbee
                                   -   Skateboard 
  • 5:00  P.M.   -  CLOSING PROGRAM
  •                         AWARDING CEREMONY
  • 6:00  P.M.   -   Closing Party  for organizers and staff


On a personal note, I would like to thank Ms. Maite and Doc Rachito Abellanosa for inviting Con Tour Blog in the press conference, bring the name and representing the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, and trusting the author to hear and listen to them and write about their noble intention to boost the real tourism beyond what was used to be a conventional way, in the Province.

"Just look around and see the beauty and vastness of our very own Province, utilize them without destroying its spontaneity and above all, enjoy life while we still can" - Con Tour Blog

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Emma, you should visit Bukidnon during this period, especially Malaybalay City.:-).

  2. Awesome!!! Great news. I am not sure what really lies in Bukidnon, I know that it is where the longest zip line is. Because of your blog, I am now encouraged to visit the place :D

    1. Thanks Ada and glad that you visited my blog. been following your blog since last year when I so engrossed with photography.

      Try to visit dahilayan in summer or October (cold season) for extreme experience. :-).

  3. If I were in Mindanao, I'd certainly join the trail run. I loved running in Bukidnon when we were visiting my father's family. The air was so crisp and so clean!

    1. Maybe one of these days Aleah, we will run together. Maski mauna ka dahil sure na ako na mas mabilis pa ang hingal ko kaysa pacing ko. :-).


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