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Google Mapping-up the City of Golden Harvest is a huge success.

The Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, under the humble leadership of the author of Con Tour Blog, in coordination with Kris Alcordo of Digital Bukidnon, Mr. Aries Collado of PIO Valencia City with selfless support from the City of Valencia, under the able leadership of Mayor Leandro Catarata, organized jointly a map-up event in Valencia City, Bukidnon, last Saturday. This event was tagged as Google Map-Up the "City of Golden Harvest".  And it was such a huge success for Valencianons.

This is the 2nd Google Map-Up event here in Bukidnon. The first was in Malaybalay City- Mapping-Up the City within the Forest.
Map Makers, busy with the Edits, locating a certain place on the map
The Google Map-up Event was held in PIO Hall in Valencia City Hall, last October 20, 2012. This event was backed-up by TeamAsia and the Google Philippines MapMaker Advocates and monitored by Google SouthEast Asia.
Map-maker, focused during the workshop proper.
Barely two (2) days before the event, Bonzenti Panganiban, author of Con Tour Blog, called up Mr. Berniemack Arellano III, one of the trusted Google Philippines MapMaker Advocates, one of the speakers in Mindanao Summit and the author of the Habagat Central, without hesitation, responded our call to help out Valencia City be visible in the Google Maps.
Map-Makers busy hands-on, while listening to the speaker, Berniemack Arellano III,
He left General Santos City, Friday at around 7 pm, and arrived at 4:30 A.M., Saturday, in Malaybalay City, because of the call to serve the community of Valencia City. 

We were fetched by the PIO himself and arrived in Valencia City at around 10 A.M., or 1 hour late. While we were still in transit to Valencia, Kris Alcordo (the event's principal convenor), entertained the participants with a Google Map Video, about the significance of Google MapUp to community and to the whole world.
"Mapping Party or Google MapUp is a gathering of Google Map Maker Users, with their laptops, fast internet connections and aided by a Mapping Advocate, map-up places, roads, streets, establishments and more with an objective in putting all these features on Google Maps".
Walter I. Balane, the Editor-in-Chief of Bukidnon News, gave his impression about the importance of Google Map-up
to press people in Bukidnon. Mr. Balane, is one of the participants in Mapping-up Malaybalay City, last
Aug. 25, 2012.
On his left, Bernardo M. Arellano III of "The Habagat Central".
Google Map Maker and at the same time, the sponsor of WIFI connection, Mennen Ferrer Tibudan
(the lady with bag). She provided 7 modems of Globe Wimax Connection.
Mr. Bonzenti Panganiban, the author of this blog, formally started the event with an opening remarks and a little overview on what is the significance of Google Map-up in the community, like the Valencia City. Aside from having a clear resolution, Google Map, helped people locating places, establishments and even during disaster, affected people can easily be located with the aid of small gadgets in the Google Maps. Then followed Walter I. Balane on the "importance of Google Maps to the Bukidnon Press people.  

Mr. Francis Dave Azores, talked about on How to set-up a Gmail account.  

Berniemack Arellano III, delivered his masterpiece, the How to Make Edits, Add places and review the Edits. Ms. Shugah Pauline Gonzales, then delivered her part, the GPS Overlay.
Francis Dave Azores, successfully delivered his segment, on How to set-up a Gmail Account

The event was culminated with the distribution of Plaque of Appreciation to the speakers and Certificates to the 30 participants. Ten (10) people were behind in organizing this event.
Shugah Pauline Gonzales, a.k.a. Shugah Pauline Kang of Wander Shugah, received her Plaque of Appreciation being
one of the speakers (GPS Overlay). From Left : Kris Alcordo (Digital Bukidnon), Aries Collado (PIO Valencia City),
Shugah (Wander Shugah) and Bonzenti Panganiban (Con Tour Blog).

Mr. Aries Collado, the PIO of Valencia City, delivered his heartwarming gratitude (final closing remarks) with the enthusiastic participation of the 30 participants. He also averred that without the able and willing participants in helping out Valencia City to be visible in Google Maps, the event will not be a success.
The 30 participants, organizers and the Google MapMaker Advocates from Malaybalay and General Santos City

Bukidnon is a home to several of the country's highest peaks, untouched eco-tourism sites, genuine cultural festival-The Kaamulan Festival. The Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, The Digital Bukidnon, the PIO of Valencia City and the City Government of Valencia City, hoped that no one will get lost in Valencia City and Bukidnon as a whole.

Acknowledgment :

Heartfelt and sincere thanks to:

The City Government of Valencia City, the City Mayor Leandro Catarata in providing us food and snacks
Mr. Aries Collado, PIO of Valencia City for allowing as to use their hall as our venue
TeamAsia and Google Philippines for the 40 Tshirts
Google Philippines Mapmaker Advocate, Berniemack Arellano III, from General Santos City,
 for sharing his valuable knowledge and spared his time in teaching us.

For query in Mapping-up your place here in Bukidnon, please do not hesitate to contact the author. The Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, its members are very much willing to help you out. 

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