Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lake Apo, a short trek and blood

Together with the Sox Bloggers, we went uphill due to curiosity of everyone in seeing on what would be the view above the Lake Apo. Nanardxz Zee of South Cotabato News took the unestablished trail with probably at 6/9 slope and led everyone who were there towards the uphill. Some of us were in jeans pants, and the others were in an outdoor pants and shorts. Mine was an outdoor short.

steep slope
A short trek uphill was also a real fun and a blissful experience. Thrill was felt because of the unexpected twist of our visit. Especially if you will be greeted with this view of the Lake Apo and the tip of Musuan Peak (the Mt. Calayo).

The Wounded thigh of Con Tour
I was so complacent with a 3-feet long cut branch of a tree that my thigh slashed with its sharp cut edge at about 3 inches when I accidentally stepped on the other tip and hit my thigh with that sharp edge (danghag- careless).

Blood spurt right away (whew!). I pinched the cut portion firmly until the bursting stopped. I wiped out the blood with my handkerchief. But, despite on what had happened, everyone went down generally safe and with joy in their eyes with that simple and short trek.

Five (5) moral lesson of this short trek.
  1. Never under estimate little things like the stick with sharp edge.  Do not step on it if possible.
  2. Be careful of every step you make in ascending. 
  3. Do not make big steps in ascending, take a shorter distance if possible to avoid slipping.
  4. Just enjoy the scenic view 
  5. Avoid shouting, because this place is considered by lumads as their sacred ground.

Lake Apo
Valencia City, Bukidnon

6 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. awww... usahay danghag bitaw pod ko, makatunob usahay og mga gagmay nga branches tapos ma slide ang sandals tapos modretso sa akong tiil, makasamad. hehehehe... pero ayos japon mag trekking!

    1. Dwin. Slide talaga ang branches. ang kapait lang, ang dulo ang naapakan ko tapos na scratch dayon ako hita bai.:-). Pero enjoy kaming lahat sa trekking.:-).

  2. Whew!

    Every time you indulge yourself in an activity such as this, be sure to bring along with you a first-aid kit. :)

    1. @Anonymous. Thanks for that kind words...:-). Meron ako alcohol lang.

  3. Replies
    1. @Christian. Thanks for this query. I forgot to add that it is because this place is considered by the Lumads as their sacred ground or place.:-). Thanks bro.


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