Monday, October 01, 2012

The M H S, Mandaluyong High School

One of my fascinations in photography is to take photos on structures. Especially in the aspect where the structures sound Architecturally designed. One structure that caught up my attention is located in Mandaluyong City. Yeah, you heard me right---The Mandaluyong High School.

I just have a short stay in this place, and that was in 1993-1995. It is also the place where my wife grew up.

Established good and genuine friendship with his high school classmates. Which until now, they still have communications with each other.
The Mandaluyong High School was established and founded in 1977 and it is the oldest school in Mandaluyong City. This was established when the Rizal Technological University (formerly Rizal Technological Colleges) reduced its enrollment due to the plan of gradual phase out of its high school department during this period.

In the late 1980's  a two-storey six-classroom building was constructed – and tagged as the Abalos Building. In 2005, the old two storey Abalos building was demolished and a new four-storey 23-room Abalos Building was then erected.

A comprehensive four-year public high school with the construction of additional new buildings and providing various facilities, the school now educates around 3,800 students in six buildings. With 55 classrooms, it has the largest facility of all the City's schools.

The building was obviously patterned on Greek Architecture because of the presence of the Corinthians Columns, Concrete Statues, intricately placed concrete mouldings and arc on its facade.

On a personal note, the school is located near from the former residence of my wife, Inocentes Street, where we stayed for two years before we migrated to Bukidnon for employment opportunity.

The Mandaluyong High School,
Aglipay Street, Barangay Poblacion,
Manduluyong City.

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  1. Wow! I studied just across MHS. :) Are you in Manda right now?

    1. Hi Kaiz,

      Home na po, I'm here in Bukidnon na. This was taken last April this year during the Holy Week.:-). You are very lucky that have so many sites to behold.:-).

  2. Malapit lang kami dito pero ngayon ko lang nakita. Ang ganda pala ng structure ng school na yan.. Obviously greek architecture nga ang pattern ganda lang.

    1. Chin. Sobrang naiiba nga ang design lahat ng high school na napuntahan ko, ito ang pinaka bongga talaga...:-).

  3. in fairness sa mga public school sa manda eh ang bongga lang talaga in terms of structure. sa QC kasi generic eh. hehe

    1. May standard man daw kasing silang sinusundan mam.:-). Kaya parehas ang design.:-).

  4. ganda ng structure... parang hindi high school ah... nice find Kuya Bon! :)

    1. Pasyalan mo rin to Mervz. Ganda talaga ng architecture. naiiba siya sa mga katabi. :-).


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