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The Obelisk at Colon Street, with DIY Travel Tips

The Obelisk in Colon Street
Cebu City is the oldest City in the Philippines, according to the history. So, we would also expect that there are lots of old structures, monuments and other markers around here. Like the Obelisk in Colon Street that we visited during our Heritage Tour de Cebu.

Colon Street is also considered as one of the oldest streets in Cebu. Like any other monuments, this old marker that can be seen in this old street is just so ordinary to some. For the author, it is something that reminded us with the old commercial district of Cebu.

Colon Street is not new to me. I've been here during my childhood days with my merchant mother. But only on this visit that I've noticed this Obelisk at the northern end of the said street intersecting Sikatuna Street. I began noticing this kind of markers when I am so interested to take photographs about cultural sites and when I became a travel blogger. But for ordinary people, this means nothing to them.
The Colon Street, a bustling commercial district
and an old street of Cebu City
 Colon Street was established in 1565, during the administration of  Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, or more than 40 years when Ferdinand Magellan died in the Battle of Mactan. Named after Christopher Columbus. Today, Colon Street is still one of the busiest and bustling commercial district of Cebu.

The Obelisk of Colon Street is also known as the Colon Marker, where you can also see a marker pinned detailing the history of this street.

Sikatuna Street

Every commercial and bustling district has a lot of amenities. Like malls, commercial buildings, and destinations where people converge to buy, to eat in food chains and even go banking. With the presence of these activities, these would always espoused with risk from possible unpleasant event which might be initiated by "nice people" around.

Here are my 5 travel tips when you reach this place in Cebu.
  1. If you are a traveller-photographer, check first the immediate surroundings if there are suspicious character before clicking your shutter.
  2. Check always your backpack if it is locked.
  3. Check your wallet.
  4. Do not wear your jewelries and other expensive amulets. 
  5. Lastly, be sensible.
The Obelisk of Colon Street have been here for centuries. It has been also the lone witness of so many activities here.
Take photographs but do not forget this one,
watch out with your belongings
(hold tighthly)

8 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. CHECK! always watch out for snatchers in the area. especially if you're lugging with you an DSLR. :P

  2. I stood still and carefully took some snapshots within the area. :-).

  3. one of the places na hindi ko napuntahan Bonz :P

    1. Magkalapit lang yan sa Fort San Pedro, Christian. Lakad lang talaga.

  4. Cebu City is one of the famous cities among the tourists. I had fun in the Mactan beach.

    1. @China Backpacker.

      Not only amoung the tourist but also in the whole world.:-).

  5. Namiss ko bigla ang Cebu Bro:( Tumpak dito da best ang photowalk and walking tour magkakatabi lang. From North to South lahat interesting- the century old churches, the museums, the food (OMG ang lechon Carcar :) ), the waterfalls, the pristine beaches, ang danggit at pusit hayst kaylan kaya ako makabalik:(


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