Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo Shoot : Proud as an Amateur Photographer

I am proud as an Amateur Photographer.

sample shot
My friend Bong Dela Torre, told me the meaning of amateur. And this is how he sincerely defined the word "Amateur".

The word “amateur” comes from a French word meaning: "lover of". An amateur is someone who does something (e.g. play the piano, football) because they enjoy doing it. They are not doing it in order to be paid. It is not how they earn money to live.

With that sincere comment of my friend Bong Dela Torre, I was humbled and began searching the word amateur about its meaning and definition. Such comment made me inspired to continue and just simply encouraged to continue my passion. And that is Photography.

Bong, actually, introduced me to FAM, and said that I am into photography and a blogger. FAM is An optometrist by Profession and a professional photographer. After he introduced me to Fam, I replied right away, that I am an Amateur Photographer. Bong then lifted my spirit by defining right away the true meaning of the word "Amateur".


4 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Photo shooting is really an interesting work and when we are shooting pictures we should put our entire focus on it, to take a good one. It’s a nice profession which brings new experience to our life day by day.

    1. @Bespoke car covers.

      Yeah, you are definitely right. Study first your moves before taking pictures to produce a good one. It is also a good profession on top of your other professions.

  2. Ako rin! I am a proud amateur photographer (plus wannabe - tryng hard) haha..

    Off topic: Honestly, gusto ko talaga yung template Kuya Bonz, well, personal viewpoint ko yun. Mahilig talaga ako sa mga template na pwede mo i-organize yung mga categories kasi mahilig ako mag-categorize :) Some may find this awful but I find it beautiful! Hehe. :)

    1. hi Edmar. Nagkaroon ng problema ang template na yon lately. Kaya nag change ulit ako ng panibago. May nag expire kasing code.:-). Kahit amateur, pasasaan din, magiging pro din tayo . hehehe.


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