Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Shoot : The Sumpitan Twin Bridge in San Fernando, Bukidnon

 In my first 5 years working in a Government Financial Institution, I've been to this place in countless times for a work related assignment, but the last time I passed to this place, as far as I remember, was this part of San Fernando of Bukidnon that has only one bridge.

Last 2011, when I again happened to pass by to this place, I was amazed with this great and panoramic view espoused with a good weather. The locals called it now as Sumpitan Twin Bridge. The first bridge on the left side was built sometime in early 1990s, while the 2nd bridge on the right side was built in early 2000s, or barely after 10 years.
As the locals recalled that if only one bridge built in this area, vehicles cannot pass on a two-way direction. One vehicle should pass first after the other. I asked the driver of our vehicle to stop for awhile just to take this scenic view of lush and verdant hills blended with this Sumpitan Twin Bridge, the Salug River and a little part of a rice land.

6 Con Tour Passers by:

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  2. What a beautiful landscape! I’m a professional photographer and I recently found this post here. I love nature photography. This place is great for it.

  3. ang ganda naman ng view kuya Bonz! kaya ako fave ko mag-motor para sa mga landscape nt 'to :)

    1. maganda nga mag motorbike papunta dito edmar...dapat maraming kasama. for safe reason.

  4. Wow, what a lovely place. That is very beautiful.

  5. ive been there :) it was great kasi anlamig ng lugar kahit sikat na sikat ang araw malamig parin ang simoy ng hangin :)) I SUPER LIKE


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