Friday, December 07, 2012

As a Travel Blogger, I am Grateful with my readers and followers

 The Con Tour Blog, a Philippine Photo and Travel Blogger, is now two (2) years in existence. 

Just today, December 7, the page views of Con Tour Blog has reached up to 100,019.

With this recent development, I would like to sincerely thank all my readers and viewers out there for the support and patience in following and reading my non-sense blog posts. I hope that all my experiences during the course of my travel have really gave you some insights.

To my fellow bloggers and travel bloggers, thank you also for your unconditional support. In terms of transforming this blog to a full pledge domain, I am thanking also Edcel Suyo, the, who helped me renewed its domain for its 2nd year by using his own Credit Card. To Nanardxz Zee of the South Cotabato News for the wonderful theme and my co-administrator.

To Edmar of, for teaching me some HTML codes. And other bloggers, like Journeying James and  Langyaw (Estan) for some tips in creating the blog titles and photography style, respectively.

Please bear also with the delay of some posts because of my busy schedule, especially during the last quarter of each year, being  an employee of a Government Financial Institution.

If I cannot reply right away, please bear also with that.

My passion in blogging and photography grew steady, becomes more encouraging and inspiring every time I saw the page views counter is increasing a little bit fast.

I know my capacity in terms of  English construction. I admit that, since I am still trying to improve my grammar little by little, until now. With your full understanding on that aspect, I am also thankful to that and very much appreciated. Just give me chance to improve.

I also acknowledged your comments, although some were not posted due to some personal reasons.

And since Christmas is fast approaching or barely 18 days from today, I would like to take this chance to greet you in advance. A Merriest Christmas to all and looking forward the year ahead with a humble child like smile, good health and sound financial and most of all, let us all be safe everywhere we go.

To God be the Glory.

.As a Travel Blogger, I am Grateful with my friends, co-bloggers, readers and followers.

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  1. Replies
    1. Salamat ng marami chino....kumusta ka na? I thought you are going to visit Malaybalay last November, last month?

  2. merry christmas diay pod engineer! :D

  3. Congratulations Kuya Bonz! Happy second-year anniversary. More power to the Countour blogger! :)

    1. Tuloy pa rin ang hilig Edmar...Maraming salamat din sayo...From Vigan to Bukidnon..Matindi.

  4. all the best sir Bonz! I am just a pm away on FB.. no txt :)

    1. Wish you luck also the Great Nanardxz of South Cotabato News and congratulations of being one of the top bloggers of FBW.


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