Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Davao del Sur : A glance of Digos City Overland Transport Bus Terminal

If some of you do not know yet or have any idea on where is the location of the Bus Terminal in Digos City. 

This post, is simply for you to glance the Digos City Bus Terminal.

My leisure walk at the Plaza Heneral Santos at General Santos City was well worth, but most especially my short stay in the City. Meeting new friends that expanded my network and my additional acquired knowledge as a new Google Map Maker Advocate during the summit.
General Santos City is a wonderful urban City, where urban planning was well done. I begun to miss the City when I was already on-board a Yellow Bus Line bound for Davao City, with hope to see my new found and humble blogger friends again soon.

I was a bit asleep during my travel from General Santos wherein I almost ignored that we were just on brief stop over Digos City Bus Terminal. I got off the bus with my camera and discharged some toxins at their clean comfort rooms and afterwards took some snapshots just to give you some photos on this terminal.

Digos Bus Terminal is a quite simple and a clean terminal in Digos City. It is located along the Bonifacio Super Highway corner Doña Aurora Street, Digos City, Davao del Sur, Philippines.

As I looked around the place, I right away conclude that people living here are really educated on what is the meaning of discipline. With this kind of practice, commuters like us would also cooperate with that sense of discipline that they have.

We were just few on board that aircon Yellow Bus Line. Comfortable with my travel mates, but still not complacent with possibilities of something unpleasant. After I've got some snapshots with the place? I got inside  the bus immediately to check my baggage.
May Instant model pa.

How far is Digos City from Davao City? I asked one of the vendors who posed as model before I got inside the bus.

Digos City is more or less 50 kilometers to Davao City or more or less 90 minutes travel time more if you are from General Santos City.

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. Well, its always a big risk to travel in a public vehicle. So whether we like it or not, danger is always there when traveling.

    The place looks ok, its clean and the bus looks comfortable.
    Not bad at all.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. That right Limo VIP Bus, we have to be sensible and cautious when we travel in a public vehicle. Be alert at all times if possible.


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