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My Night Run Experience with my son James

I also love running, much more to get into sports like this one, a night run in Bukidnon.  I do not have any idea on what would I expect during the night run that we have with my son James last November 30, 2012. But still, I registered our names, both for 5K category, in the morning on that same day. 

I guess we were both excited, because we arrived an hour before the gun start. We first visited the headquarters of the organizers of the Bukidnon Highland Games at the orange building near the Capitol Ground, got my camera, roamed around inside the building and took some snapshots inside.
Briefing time, by Dr. Rachito Abellanosa, the principal organizer.

I am not the official photographer of the Bukidnon Highland Games, though I was informed ahead of time to be one of the official event photographers, and due to my hectic schedule, I only volunteered in documenting in some portion of the event. 

Aside in getting into this kind of involvement in our local community, I also love doing Photography. Especially in capturing people's precious smile, like the smiles of these three doctors, on the photo below.
 Dr. and Dra. Letigio with Dra. Mary Joy Briones.

As the saying goes, doctor knows best, especially on health matters. If they joined this kind of activities, doing a daily routine such as physical exercise like jogging almost daily in the Capitol Ground, I should strictly follow their prescription. To go back into this kind of activities---physical exercise.
Actually, we were one of the earliest runners arrived at the finish / starting line in front of the Capitol Building. While waiting for everyone to arrive, I spotted the above scene in the sky. Upon seeing that beautiful cloud formation, right away I set my camera to scene mode--the dusk / sunset mode. I fired at least 10 shots, at all possible angles.
Spouses Ford and Beth Padla and Spouses James and Blessie Paulican.

The gun start was extended to few more minutes. While waiting with the final instruction from the organizers, I took the chance to take a shot of these two (2) lovely couples, who are very much active on every running activities. Kudos to that. You are such an inspiration for every couple in this City. 
Runners, as they listened with the instruction from Dr. Chi Abellanosa.

The air became cooler. Everyone were ready to run that night. Actually, this is a 2nd night run, after the Panahik Adventure Centre sponsored this kind of activity, here in this City. Speaking of cool air. I remembered, Dra. Briones posted in her FB wall, that we are so blessed with the climate in our place. 

Why should we not make use with our present resources, the natural terrain of our surroundings here in Malaybalay City by doing these kind of activities, like trail run, night run, fun run or even run for a cause. We do not want to put in structures just to make use of it, just maximize the utilization of its natural terrain, as Dr. Chi Abellanosa, averred during the Bukidnon Highland Games Press Conference.
The Fireflies Dancers, performed their number.

Night run was perhaps the most enjoyable experiences that we had with my son James. The route was well planned. We first sailed into a solid and sloping ground, which I felt so comfortable because we only just doing the free style run. More convenient especially that there were still lights on the streets along our route. We only brought  small flashlights. Mine was a lighter, and gave the other one to the two (2) lady doctors. For my son James, he only has a small flashlight.

After we took a stride on a concrete and solid grounds, we then took a steep grade. Right after with the steep grade, we turned right and its getting darker and darker because of the absence of street lights near the Gawad Kalinga subdivision.

The real action was actually happened when we reached part of the Provincial Tree Park. Its too dark. The only light that we have was the lighter I brought. I was worried during that time, since my son James was far ahead of me. The only consolation I had in mind, that there were marshals who really assisted us with their motorcycle's headlights. Some of them even jogged ahead of us just to let our path lighted. These marshals are also runners. Kudos to that. Thanks with that real action ii assisting us lighting our path.
During this dark part of the terrain. With imposing pine trees and fireflies around, I came into a realization that, what if the world will go back to this kind of life, because of the climate change. 

No electricity at all. Can we survive? Eventually, we can survive. But how about the adaptation of having no internet, no blogging and no facebook anymore. Can we still survive? I will leave that to you for your own reflection. 

It also sparked in my mind, that if there will be another night run like of this kind, and the route will then pass through the Provincial Tree Park, a lighted torch will be enough for every 50 meters to better feel the place. Actually, my over-all assessment of the night run?--it was indeed a real fun, running during night time without street lights inside the Provincial Tree Park and with fireflies around like helping us runners lighted the trail.
I finished the 5K, but I did not beat my personal record of 46 minutes. I think, I finished it more than an hour. Anyway, that was still way better for an inconsistent runner like me.

My son James finished 10th place. Only 10 runners were set to get the awards, a package from a soap company. The first 3 runners got an additional medal each.

Before I will end this post, let me lodge this question on why I included this experience on a travel blog site. It is because, running right now is also one of the tourist's attractions here in the Province of Bukidnon. So, for travelers like you, if you happen to encounter this kind of activity in a place where you just set foot, do not hesitate to get involve, register and have some fun like what we had experienced with my son James in joining this Night Run in Malaybalay City.
Miggy Quirino, the Champion of kids' 5K category. Son of Matet and Arnel Quirino, a couple runner.
The top 10 winners in Kid's 5K Category.

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  1. Congrats Father and Son...

  2. nice one kuya bon! im sure james will forever remember this bonding run

    1. He miss the bonding run when we had before. But when he asked me to join, without inhibition, I registered our names.....

      I want to eradicate his asthma through this kind of activity if that would be possible.


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