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Con Tour Blog in Tracing Back 2012

1. Kaamulan Festival 2012
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

When I about to write this post, somewhat a sort of reflection of my last year's travels. I don't have lots of places to brag to the whole world, but I still have some few things to share in tracing back the year 2012. I considered this one as my humble travel accomplishments. 

One of these accomplishments is my first exposure or coverage on Festivals, like the Kaamulan Festival 2012 street dancing and ground competition, being as one of the recognized local photographers for the event by the Provincial Tourism Office.  

Aside from covering the street and ground competition, March was also considered a great month for me. Master Estan  of Langyaw, texted me that he will cover the Kaamulan Festival. 

After he had confirmed to come over to Bukidnon, I then booked his Apartelle near the Capitol Ground where the usual ground competition is being held.

Olan, the Travel Teller from Cateel, Davao Oriental and the Best Travel Blog in 2011 also came over to Bukidnon with Jojie Alcantara of Dabawenya, a multi-awarded photographer from Davao, just to witness the spectacular and astonishing Kaamulan Festival. During this time also that I met my fellow Bukidnon Travel Blogger, Tupe Diaz of Trekero and a doctor blogger, Dr. Ophelia Casel of Doctor on Travel.  It was really a great experience to be with the Pro in photographing people during the street dancing competition. Meeting a PTB Best Travel Blog 2011 winner, a multi-awarded photographer and to sum-up the new blogger friends, a doctor and a trekker.

Another highlight during the early part of 2012 was the visit and my second meeting of the two (2) humble Superstar Pinoy Travel Bloggers here in Bukidnon. These two (2) humble travel bloggers were no other than the Journeying James and the Pinay SoloBackpacker, Gail Hilotin. I already met these two humble people in my attendance in the International Pyromusical Competition last 2011 in SM Mall of Asia.

Nevertheless, not to discount the authentic islander, I also met Heiz the Journeying Pinay here in our Province. 
2. Heritage Tour de Cebu
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

During the early part of 2012, I've got an invitation from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. of Cebu City, to be one of the Mindanao Delegates along with other blogger-representatives from Davao, Cotabato, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and to mention a few. It was really an awesome experience on my part since I've only been to this Queen City of the South when I was in my grader years with mom.
3. Tuna Country Series 
General Santos City, South Cotabato

There were good and unpleasant experiences in my jaunt to the Tuna Country. My unpleasant one was my travel with standing position from Bukidnon to Davao City and my only anchorage for temporary relief of numb feet was the armrest spared by an old lady who seated at my side. That was a very tiresome travel I ever had in my entire life as a travel blogger. Standing position for almost 5-6 hours travel from Bukidnon to Davao. But the travel from Davao City to the Tuna Country was compensated with a very comfortable seat on board a Yellow Bus Line Aircon bus and was considered as one of my pleasant experiences aside from meeting some of the humble bloggers in Sox Bloggers, like Avel Manansala, Nanardxz Zee, Doc Remo Aguilar, Berniemack Arellano  and blogger(s) from Davao like Renz Bulseco, to mention a few

My visit to the Tuna Country has two (2) objectives. One was to attend the Mindanao summit on Google Mapping Up Workshop and 2nd was to visit the famed City of Tuna and the bonus was to meet other Pinoy Travel Bloggers in this part of the region.

4. Revisiting the Urban Manila ** with my son James and our visit to the Urban Fort **. Manila, Philippines 

Overwhelmed was just an under statement if I will assess how my son James described his experience on our jaunt in revisiting the Urban Manila. His smile and his feeling of excitement in seeing the places I mentioned when we were still on our way to Cagayan de Oro City, like the Manila Ocean Park, the Luneta and Rizal Park, The Jurassic Park, to mention a few, was enough manifestation that he was so blissful with our trip. A trip of a father and a son on his childhood days, that for sure he will treasure it for the rest of his life.

** - with back log

5. Revisiting Dahilayan Eco & Adventure Resort* Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Philippines

This travel was in the later part of 2012 and a work related one, together with  our head office personnel(s). This was also the time when I have to do some things which I failed to do last 2010 due to heavy down pour.  During this visit, there were some notable changes in the resort which are worth revisiting.


6. And, My Visit to Daraghuyan Tribe

The Rocky and Muddy trail to the home dubbed as Mountain People did not served as obstacles for me in visiting them but served as a humble challenge to know their cultures, tradition and practices. That visit was really a blissful one which I considered it as the best among my best experiences in my two (2) years existence as travel blogger. To be with humble and sincere mountain people was a big bonus for me. And I am very much grateful with how they treated me as visitor. Grateful with the KIN Executive Director Easter and her Deputy Executive Director Domz for the sincere invitation and the permission granted by Bae.

The year 2012, as I recalled has only a handful of travels. If I may give a rate on it, it was not travels that were full of blast and flaring in seeing lots of places but a flare full of blissful memories with my son James, gain more friends and became a Google map advocate after we organize  a blogging group which we then called as the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society.   

As I looked ahead with this year's (2013)  travels. I am looking forward to visit the Southern Part of Mindanao and hope to visit South Cotabato. Revisiting again the National Capital Region for spiritual matter and hope to meet more travel bloggers along the road. Last but not the least, I'd like to witness again the International Pyromusical Competition at the Mall of Asia using my new gear. :-).

6 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. I hope to finally meet you sir Bonz and the rest of Bukidnon based PTB sa Kaamulan festival. Here's to more travel & adventures in 2013! :)

    1. Hi Nathy. Looking forward for your coming. Much welcome here. :-). SEe you then. 4 pa langkami dito na PTB.

  2. Wow what an awesome year kuya bonz! keep it up! and cheers to more travels!! :)

    @nathy: Come and visit bukidnon!! <3

    1. Will pray to that Shugz. Hopefully I will follow your footstep like your jaunt to the Tuna Country and Saranggani Province. Congrats sa travel mong yon. I know that was really an enjoyable one.

  3. Never too late for a year.ender kuya.
    For me, meeting people with the same species like me is also one of the highlights of my 2012! Cheers for a blissful 2013 kuya. I hope makabalik na ako ng Mindanao uli this summer, crossing fingers.

    1. hopefully this time makabalik ka na talaga.:-).


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