Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Con Tour with the HabagatCentral

It was not our first time, but a second time around during the Mapping-Up Event in Valencia City, Bukidnon. Our first meeting was when I attended the Mindanao Google Map-Up Summit held in General Santos City. I don't know if at first when I saw this guy, he was a kind of a snub or he just don't like to talk to stranger like me. I recognized him first when I about to enter the map-up hall of STI and I was the one who greeted him first. He was with other Pinoy Travel Bloggers who were there too. I then introduced myself to this guy and said, Hi HabagatCentral, I am Kuya Bonz, the author of Con Tour Blog. He just replied Hello! Seemed like he was not in the mood that time. Afterwards, he then went back to the secretariat table. 

I sat down comfortably on the desk available near from my stand point and waited until the workshop proper got started. I got surprised when he was called and it was his turn to talk about the how to edits topic. That might be the reason why he turned his back right away after I had introduced myself to him. He was just probably tensed and stressed.

Almost mid-day, he then went back to our place and had talks with Renz Bulseco, of the Geek Travels and we then had our photo-ops on the later part of that day.
I am referring to a guy behind the HabagatCentral. He is no other than Berniemack Arellano. A simple and down to earth guy with Mindanao Roots, Berniemack Arellano, is a U.P. graduate with History as his field of expertise. Loves to eat, a meat eater, but he knows how to control it. His built right now is the evidence on how he control his diet. I hope that he will continue to reduce his carbo intake. :-).
The following morning, a not so bright day, that was a day after the map-up in Valencia City and packed with his camera and backpack, I toured him to some selected spots in Bukidnon. We started at The Stable Eco-Resort or locally known as Quadra, which then had a short interview about Malaybalay City with one of the early settlers in Bukidnon. I also introduced him to the owners of The Stable, Mam Rosie and Kuya Jun.
I only used my single motorcycle, the only vehicle that I have, to grace my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers once they got to visit Malaybalay City. We then headed to the Kaamulan Park or the Provincial Tree Park, where SOX Bloggers also had their posterity photo on the same spot--the signage of the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon.
We hired a multicab at a rate of P120 pesos to bring us to the Monastery of Tranfiguration in San Jose, Malaybalay City, inclusive of the waiting time and back to the entrance road connecting the National Highway where we then got another multicab in going to Valencia City at a regular fare.
Here in the Monastery of Transfiguration, we caught up some of the visiting nuns who had their sister act jump shots. Have you noticed the gadget of the photographer? Yes, that's a tablet. 
I then asked the photographer to take a photo of their awesome sister act jump shot...
Another Jump least they were updated with the latest trend in Photo ops.
And a wink afterwards...that means, thumbs up.

We had our lunch in Valencia City and then went on to Central Mindanao University to take photos of the Musuan Peak.
Got inside the CMU Campus and continued our photo hunt, where he then went home via Davao City. 

We Pinoy Travel Bloggers, where ever we may be, who ever we are, friends that are passionate Photographers and Bloggers, once a meet-up happens like this one, expect that a better result of understanding would also happen. But one thing for sure, a respect is one of the ingredients. 
In behalf of the Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society, we were so grateful that you came and accepted our invitation to be our resource speaker on Google Mapping-Up The City of Golden Harvest.

Musuan Peak & Central Mindanao University
Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines

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  1. Ang cool ng photos ng nuns! I remember the first time Bernie and I met too, simple hi and hello lang. Nagkahiyaan siguro kami. Haha. I wonder when I'll meet you Kuya Bonz...

    1. Hi Ga-ye. Natawa ako sa mga nuns kasi its my first seeing nuns doing a jump shots and using a tablet as a monastery site pa....but i deeply understand them of doing that. Anyway, there's always freedom of doing that.

      Bernie is like a little brother to me during our tour. Kuya Bonz siya ng Kuya Bonz. I just miss my little brothers dahil ako ang panganay sa apat na magkakapatid....

    2. hayai ga-ye. May time talaga na mag cross ang road natin somewhere else. hehehe.

  2. You must have had a great time in there. The pictures tell me the amount of fun you had. You surely have some talent in photography and I’ll be looking forward for more.


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