Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo Shoot : A Foggy Afternoon at The Stable Eco Resort -Quadra

Last Saturday, I was invited by the Bukidnon News to audience on their initiative which dubbed as "Dialogue Bukidnon". An initiative that is first ever in Bukidnon to give every citizenry in the Province, updates on Election 2013 and to address the 3 basic questions such as follows;

“What are the issues in the locality that the candidates must address?” What qualities of a good leader we want our local officials to have? What will you do as a voter to ensure that the candidate with those qualities win the elections?”

It was a rainy Saturday with relatively cool temperature.

After the meeting, these were the snapshots that I have on that afternoon. A foggy afternoon at the Stable Eco Resort or locally known as Quadra.
The ridge of the mountain or hill can hardly be seen because of fogs.


2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. This photo is sure going to impress every each viewers eye.

  2. that was a foggy afternoon, ang ganda pong tingnan can catch eye po sa mga readers. great shots po.


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