Friday, January 04, 2013

Revisiting Rizal and Luneta Park

The Joint Executive Committee for the inauguration of the Republic of the Philippines marker- on opposite or other side of the street where the Kilometer Zero mark monument was installed.

It was just a simple and an ordinary day. Blessed with good weather when my son James and I had a leisure walk on a concrete pathway of this great landmark in the Philippines, the Rizal Park or some may called it as Luneta Park. This post is the continuation of our Urban Manila Series. A father and son tour in Urban Manila.

I can felt his exhaustion on that day, and really like to get some rest because of lack of sleep during our travel from the highland to the Urban Manila, but, because of my motivation that the park was a living witness of his mother's childhood, he was delighted to continue our park jaunt. 

Right after we have had our lunch at the  Gerry's Grill in Manila Ocean Park and an hour of rest, we then slowly headed to the park.
Rizal Park is geographically located at the heart of Manila, Philippines, where Roxas Boulevard traversed the park that link to the Quirino Grandstand and one of the major landmarks in the Philippines' Capital.

Rizal Park's history began in the early 1800s during the last period of Spanish colonial occupation.

While Manila's social and business activities were confined within Intramuros, a small area just south of the walls was cleared to prevent sneak attacks from the patriotic natives. The area was shaped like a small moon (lunette) and thus was named Luneta. The Park was also called Bagumbayan (English: New Town) in Spanish colonial era, and later known as Luneta.

When I told him the story about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, he was so attentive and appreciative, especially that the story was supported with an actual site visit where Dr. Jose Rizal was executed through a firing squad. I asked him to pose with the tablet below, the Rizal's Execution Site.

Little James was delighted when he saw the replica of one of his favorite cartoon characters at the park----the Thomas & Friends, as manifested with his smile.
The Big Clock

The Big Clock. That according to his Mama, it is of the same spot where she had posed for posterity. We then went to the other side of the park and took some snapshots.



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  1. Kuya Bonz! James is the luckiest to have a dad like you! Looking forward for more father-and-son travels this 2013.

    1. Actually my little girl already gave me some motives that she wants to go with me this coming summer. I am now planning where would that place be. Home of my father? Batangas or Quezon Province.:-). Thanks Edmar for the support.

  2. I am missing those great landmarks in Manila Bonzenti! :-)

    1. Hi Ms. Pau. All I wanted is to expose my kids to urban areas like Manila. That is to learn more beyond our place. :-).

    2. And I admire parents like you! GO!

  3. I too have visited Luneta park when I was 12 years. That was a nice experience with my parents.


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