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Daraghuyan Tribe, Con Tour's short immersion

Blog Series 1 - The Rocky and Muddy Trail to the home of Mountain People
Blog Series 2 - Daraghuyan Tribe, paying respect to their customs and tradition
Blog Series 3 - Daraghuyan Tribe, Con Tour's short immersion 

"When you step into tribal lands, you are entering a sacred place. That means, to respect it, you have to remove your sandals or shoes, walk in bare feet to understand what kind of people they are - Sister Carmelita Arenas". (source ).
My first encounter of the word immersion was during my high school days in Ateneo. By definition, immersion means, to learn the life of others (less fortunate) by staying at their homes for a couple of days, months and even doing community service in volunteer capacity for years.

I may call my short stay in the Daraghuyan Community as a short immersion. Observing their simple sense of living.
Cooking of Rice 

Since the occasion was participated with a significant number of participants, the tribesmen who were assigned to cook rice have to use 2 bigger pots. When the water started to boil, they  then stirred the rice granules on a slow manner until it hardened.
Snacks :

Snacks preparation were assigned to the tribes women. Since this is a special occasion for them, the Kitanglad Integrated NGOs, aside from food, they also provided the pasta / noodles for the snacks. They boiled first the pasta then followed the necessary ingredients. While they were doing the cooking session, the others were also busy doing their respective assignments like peeling off the fruits for lunch. Though I did not understand their dialect, but I sensed that they were happy and excited with their respective chores.
Horse Back Riding :

This is not a commercial horse back riding. This horse is to haul their farm produce and deliver the goods to a nearby buying station. Its buying station is located in the Barangay Dalwangan, near the National Highway which is almost 15 kilometers from my standpoint.
Shelter :

For their shelter, they are now using a galvanized iron roofing sheet for their roof, bamboo poles that served as post and floor joist tied up on every joint. They use bamboo slats for the walls with their hand made Abaca Fiber Cloth that served as temporary curtain and at the same time a wall covering served as protection from extreme cold.   

Backyard Livestock :

Aside from food or crop production like corn, rice and vegetable gardening, backyard livestock raising is also one of their sources of food supply. Some of these stocks were sold to a nearby  flea market (tiangge). They also into hog production and root crops production. These production activities are their basic form of livelihood for sustenance. Actually, they have big area of backyard compared to our backyards.

Simple Life :

Life in this community is so simple. They only have a small  solar cell panel as source of electricity to feed the bulb inside the Heritage Center house. The only place in the community that has electric power. All the rest of the houses surrounding the heritage center were all using a gas fed lamp (lampara). 

Access Road :

The access road or the rocky and muddy trail in going to and from the flea market for the disposal of their farm produce was constructed through a "bayanihan spirit". Since election is approaching, hopefully that another "bayanihan spirit from among the kind-hearted people in the arena of politics" will spur to this community for a construction of a sound "access road" as their support facility to haul their farm produce. 

This community needs also a sound "access road". The budget for road concreting for our National Highway is ranging from P7.00 MM to P12.00 MM for 1.00 kilometer. Why not include them for budget appropriation? This community needs (y)our help. 

Con Tour, as KIN (Kitanglad Integrated NGOs) volunteer photographer, attended the culmination of the Tribal Summit of the 7 Mountains last December 15, 2012. 

"Lambaga hu mga Datu daw Bae Pu-en hu pito ha Buntud".

7 Mountains : Kitanglad, Kalatungan, Pantaron, Kimangkil, Kalanawan, Sumagaya, Pamalihi. (KKP-KKSP).

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