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Con Tour Featured in Jessica Soho Summer Special Show-Road Trip in Bukidnon

I actually did not expect that the travel blogger behind Con Tour Blog will be featured in a prestigious Host and a Trustworthy Anchor, Ms. Jessica Soho show on its summer specials that was aired yesterday, March 24, 2013, entitled Road Trip in Bukidnon.

And how I was being chosen to be as host or travel guide on this segment? Estan, my friend, a popular and multi-awarded travel blogger and Photographer based in Makati, fielded a personal message in my facebook. He was also featured in this same show. He told me in his message that he gave my URL Blog address to GMA7 Jessica Soho staff for content heavy here in Mindanao.

The next travel blogger who fielded his message to FB, was Enrico Dee of asking my phone number, saying  "bonz can i get your number? kapuso mo jessica soho might shoot in bukidnon. kelangan nila blogger". So I gave right away my number. 

Then followed by Journeying James, "bosing! quick lang, can i have your contact number? i lost my contacts kasi, thanks!". Maybe he wanted me to get surprise, that is why he did not told me his intention. Then later he revealed that the same TV Show was looking for a travel blogger. This is just to mention a few. I am also grateful to some who did not identified themselves.
 With Gifford our driver, Earl and Tupe (before the launch)
I was a bit nervous because I know that this kind of message from a fellow travel and  professional bloggers, is not a joke. I was more excited because of two things. One is my opportunity to be featured on a National TV on a show that everyone considered it as a trusted one. Or in short, a show that has reputation. The other one, to be featured on a National TV, considered to be one of my great milestones, because of my passion in blogging and photography.

I really admit. I am not alone with this kind of opportunity and chance that I've got right now in this lifetime. You are there with me, my friends, my followers, my readers and my family circle by blood and by affinity. I owe this to you. This chance of a lifetime only happened because of you.

I am sincere in saying this. Again, I owe this to you. And I am giving this back to you.
Life is full of adventure, but not all adventure is always fun. There are adventures also that need to be declined like what I did in the Drop Zone in Dahilayan Adventure Park, because one, my spinal column / chord which is a little bit curve and the other thing, was I didn't have yet my executive cardio check up. So during this event, I really have to decline. And there's no harm in declining and listen to your vibration. Though it was a failed attempt, at least, I went home safe.:-).

My Experience :
Road Trip in Bukidnon, a Jessica Soho Summer Special experience was really an invigorating and awesome. Being featured in a National TV is of no joke and its like just a dream that until now I can't believe it. Sometimes I felt so excited and at times, I felt worried on what would happen to me just in case, like in the longest dual zipline. I have kids to raise and a lovable and supportive wife. My wife always supports me when in comes to blogging and photography. They are proud that their Papa went home safe.
Willier Esplana, with black outfit, the hardcore cameraman.
All were first :

The first activity was to ride a 4 x 4 offroad vehicle with super enhanced power, courtesy of TrixOffroad. It is also my first time to ride a 4 x 4 offroad landcruiser vehicle here in my lifetime. It was also fit because Bukidnon has mountainous terrain and topography.

First time to ride a zipline with Gopro Camera mounted on my breast. But it was my second time to ride a zipline.

First time to see a Gopro Camera.

First time to ride a flying lizard which is a newly installed adventure in the park.

First time to decline to take a ride on a dual swing adventure in drop zone. 

First time in river tubing.

First time to be featured in National TV on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Summer Special, and not a travel special as I previously posted here.

First time to meet a director and movie writer in actual and interact with hardcore cameramen.

First time to take video on pinetrees and used as a material for the show with the instruction and guide by a real movie director.

First time in actual shooting with a real movie segment.

First experience in a horse back riding with a horse previously rode by an on-cam GMA talent Sarah Lahbati, but its my 8th or 10th time riding a horse.

First time to hear people congratulations bonz, we watched you on a National TV.

First time in Mindanao featuring 3 Pinoy Travel Bloggers in Bukidnon, all in one segment in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Summer Specials

First time with the Provincial Tourism Office, with Mam Laila Marte and her staff, went together in promoting our home province Bukidnon, through this show for free. Kudos to GMA7.

First time to feel overwhelmed with this kind of appreciation from sincere people. 

First time that my FB Wall flooded with appreciation and congratulating words and phrases.

First time to reach a blog statistics up to more than 600 pageviews in one day.

All these first time(s), I am thankful to all of you, my readers and friends.

With heartfelt thanks to the following with their comments and message for the three of us ;

Laila Rubin Diez Marte-Administrative Officer of Provincial Tourism Office.
Thank you so much to our very own Bukidnon Travel Bloggers Bonzenti Panganiban, Tupe Da Trekero, Earl E. Bolivar,who volunteered to promote our Beloved Bukidnon. With the meager Budget that the Bukidnon Provincial Tourism have, it's very difficult for us to promote the Province. But with these unselfish people who share their precious time, effort and talents in blogging, we find link and FREE promotion of our Best adventure destination in Bukidnon. Our support is very little compared to what you have done to our Tourism Promotion. I salute you guys, so proud to be Bukidnon. Thank You so much guys.... hoping for more partnership program and projects with you soon..God Bless us all.. God Bless Bukidnon...
With Mam Laila and Tupe (at the back)

Micaela Rodriguez, a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger, the author of Micamyx
Loved tonight's episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho! I've been to Mindanao a couple of times, but I haven't been to Bukidnon! Congrats Earl E. Bolivar , Bonzenti Panganiban and Tupe for the fun Bukidnon roadtrip feature! Also, I miss the games I used to play as a kid. Solenn's short interview reminded me on one of the factors why I like her as a person :D

Torch Araynado Bioyo - our friend, neighbor and barkada.
Bonzenti Panganiban and Earl E. Bolivar guys you make us proud ! Hard work and determination paid off. Kuhaon namog artista ani hehehee! (They will hire you as on-cam talent).

Olan Emboscado - The author of The Travel Teller and the 2011 Best Travel Blogger in Mindanao.
Watching my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho... Indeed, you guys are blessings to Bukidnon. So proud of you Bonzenti Panganiban, Earl E. Bolivar and Tupe Da Trekero...!

Mam Tes Llacer - a businesswoman in Bukidnon and a fellow BPBS and good friend.
Nice job Bon, Tupe & Earl... We really have a lot to show & be proud of about Bukidnon. Way to go guys!
Mam Tatsy Blancaflor - a mother, a sister in community and a friend
Hi Bonz! watched the Kapuso Mo with Jessica Soho...nakakaproud! Bukidnon was so beautiful and so serene and we got more interested to watch because your name was mentioned and we didn't take off our eyes until the program is finished! you are a good tourist wonder you are also a good photographer..

Pinoy Adventurista - a fellow pinoy travel blogger, a true friend.
Congratulations Kuya Bonzenti Panganiban, Earl E. Bolivar and Tupe Da Trekero! Super enjoy watching your Bukidnon Roadtrip on KMJS! Woohoo!!! :)
Rain Amantiad-Campanilla - a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger.
A Day in The Life of Travel Bloggers. Sir Bonzenti, Earl & Tupe, paytera oi! :D Mindanao represent!
These people just represent among other people who expressed their support to the three of us and just to mention a few of them. But though they were not mentioned, I still thankful with their sincere comments and words of inspiration.
Thank you very much. Two thumbs up.
Mabuhay ang Jessica Soho, and her crew and staff.
The GMA7 Crew, Director/Producer-Mark Nituma, Willier Esplana (Cameraman), Bonzenti (Con Tour Blog), Jess Bernardo (Assistant Cameraman), Earl (Suroy Pilipinas) and Tupe Diaz (Tupe D' Trekero). 
This is our tribute to Bukidnon, our Home Province.

 And for those who have not seen the segment, here's the video clip for you.

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  1. thank sir bon! hapit nako mag blog ba ako dayon name kay ka-blog! hehehe - torch

    1. Torch....pag blog na. cge bitaw travel...:-). hinay hinay ra gud.:-).

  2. Ayos Mr. Bonzenti. Hehe. Artista na ka. :)



    1. Engr. Ado. My best friend.....Thank you kaayo brod. Si Bonbon pa japon ko.:-). I'm still your bestfriend bai.:-).

  3. Yey! Congrats Bro! Pa autograph hehe:)

    1. Halika na sa Bukidnon bro. para mag autograph ako sayo. hehehe. San ka ba ngayon?

  4. I can't believe it too. Tnx for including me in the show.

    1. Salamat gid ya sa imon na oras gingahin uban kanamo peh. A blogger and a friend.:-).

  5. Congratulations Bon for your featured summer road trip in Kapuso mo Jessica Soho.It's a significant means to promote Bukidnon's potentials for tourists to try.Thanks to the travel blogger fellow Atenean.Am proud of you.

    1. @Anonymous.

      Many thanks with your very sincere and kind appreciation.:-). Its really a blessing.:-).

  6. Nice Article! This is a very informational article. Thank you for this fantastic tips you have posted. I definitely appreciate it. And I’ve learned a lot from this post. I’ll surely take note of all of this. I’m also hoping for more updates from you.

  7. Kuya Bon ok b un segment?more travels n good health!regards also to tupe n earl

    1. Hi Willier Esplana. The Cameraman. Ayos na ayos. di ko na namomonitor ang comment. sorry for the very late reply.

  8. Astig k sir!!! hehe.. nice ang mga adventures mo hehe... na excite ako tuloy pumunta ng bukidnon hehe

    1. Hi Jherson. Punta ka na dito. then just PM me lang sa ITI mo. Kita tayo.

  9. wow Sir Bon congratulations!

    1. Thank you Haz.....medyo nga kabado nung mag shoot kami. hehehe. Kumusta na?


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