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Daraghuyan Tribe, A blessed day after the Culmination of the Summit of the 7 mountains

Blog Series 1 - The Rocky and Muddy Trail to the home of Mountain People
Blog Series 2 - Daraghuyan Tribe, paying respect to their customs and tradition
Blog Series 3 - Daraghuyan Tribe, Con Tour's short immersion 
Blog Series 4 - Daraghuyan Tribe, communing with the Mountain Leaders
Blog Series 5 - Daraghuyan Tribe, the Amulet(s)
Blog Series 6 - Daraghuyan Tribe,   A blessed day after the Culmination of the 7 Summit

#6 - Last of the blog series.

After a series of photo shoots inside the Daraghuyan Tribe's Heritage Center among the participants from the 7 mountains, the summit was called to end. Some of the mountain leaders say their prayers first before they leave the workshop house in front of the tribe's altar.

For the benefit to all who read this blog series, "Daraghuyan" term was derived from the name of a mountain, the Mount Daraghuyan, also part of the Kitanglad Mountain Range. This tribe's people live near from this Mount Daraghuyan. They are also a Bukidnon Tribe

I offered a simple prayer discreetly before we leave the place in front of their altar. I asked permission from them with full of respect and in a few minutes I was again trekking the rocky and muddy road going to where we left our 4 x 4 vehicle. I looked back to the place, the heritage center, and whispered, "someday, I will go back to see you again".
When my two eyes pointing in the direction at the foot of Mount Kitanglad, the second photo greeted me with light rays coming from inside the mountain.  With almost 100 meters away from the heritage center, another amazing view (1st photo), seems like I'm in heaven. 

What a paradise on earth, the only phrase that my mouth had whispered. With that crawling loaf of clouds slowly spreading into the horizon, that looks like a snow, my nerve and spine was in a trembling mode together with my chin and jaw. Its not the coldness that made me shiver, but the awesome sight at my back. 
My feet slowly crawling on the rocky trail, another awesome sight greeted right in the direction in going home. A colorful light of bow had greeted right in front of me. Another crunchy wow, again my mouth had uttered of that very moment. What an amazing creation!
The drops of water from above had just stopped. Maybe this might be the reason that the colorful bow had appeared before my eyes to the direction called home. I almost drop the water coming from my eyes when I saw another colorful bow on top of the first one. And I said to myself, what a blessed day. 

Meeting the mountain leaders, greeted  with innocent and genuine smile of Daraghuyan Children and witnessing the sincere indigenous prayer were just of a few things that worth to be remembered in this community. 

The amazing view at the foot of the Mount Kitanglad with rays coming from the "sacred mountain of the tribe's people" and the the twin colorful bow right in front of my very eyes in the direction in going home were just bonuses of that blessed day in my own description. 

The day where these mountain leaders have discussed the common denominator of that summit----the protection of our Mountains and the watersheds. 

Only heaven knows on what was the meaning of that rays coming from the Mount  Kitanglad. The twin colorful bow right in front of me seems like heaven was also grateful with these people. It looks like a smiley to me. A smiley with hope that these people will continue what they have agreed during that summit. An agreement to continue the advocacy of preserving the forest and protect the source of life---our water sheds.:-).


Con Tour, as KIN (Kitanglad Integrated NGOs) volunteer photographer, attended the culmination of the Tribal Summit of the 7 Mountains last December 15, 2012.

"Lambaga hu mga Datu daw Bae Pu-en hu pito ha Buntud".

7 Mountains : Kitanglad, Kalatungan, Pantaron, Kimangkil, Kalanawan, Sumagaya, Pamalihi. (KKP-KKSP).

2 Con Tour Passers by:

  1. that is a cool shot of the rainbow. Bukidnon is indeed a lovely place!

  2. Hi Bon,your passion and interest in the culture of Bukidnon ,in the preservation and promotion of nature's blessing here are admirable.Keep up your advocacy.Am following your post always except for my limited time to affirm your blogs.Stay safe and fit.


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