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Kaamulan Festival Street Dancing Competition captured in vibrant colors where Con Tour bagged the 2nd Prize in the Photo Contest

Pangantucan Contingent - The Talaandig Tribe with the Idlantungen Manuvu Tribe
Ebullient and Lively dancers. Bright, Bold, indigenous (local) and vibrant colors of costume, and the heart-pounding sound of drum beat greeted me when I reached the assembly area of where these dancers were still waiting for their number to be called. The first contingent on the line is the Pangantucan Dancers. They are the Talaandig Tribe with the Idlantungen Manuvu Tribe

This is actually my 3rd coverage of the Kaamulan Festival 2013 Street Dancing Competition, wherein I am also a contingent for the 2nd Kaamulan Festival Photo Contest hosted by the Provincial Tourism Office.  It is also to take pride to represent Bukidnon since I lived here for the past 18 years.
 A graceful dancer with full of spirit with very neat Panika

The past 15 years, I am just plainly a spectator. But this time, taking part for the promotion of your home, my home and our home Province----Bukidnon through pens and lenses is also a great honor and pride.

We were just fresh from our Photography Workshop with shooting festivals a week ago and our output aside from shooting the Bukidnon Products, ---the Kaamulan Festival Street Dancing Competition.

Panika (Head Dress)
 I wasn't scared neither nervous, but was so excited in witnessing again our very own Kaamulan Festival, covering it through blogging, as a travel blogger and at the same time a contingent for the 2nd Kaamulan Street Dancing Competition Photo Contest.

The expected time to start was 7 am. So we were there before the formal start of the competition.

I was with my fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers and fellow BPBS (Bukidnon Photographers and Bloggers Society). We had first our photo shoot before we dispersed. When I spotted the contingent from Pangantucan (first performer), I observed first the facial expression and  the composure of these dancers, how they handled themselves while waiting with the formal start. 

Kalasag (shield)
I also observed the natural light, its direction and projection and have to look for a better vantage point. So I decided to just stay at the eastern part of the Sayre Highway or right in front of the Pine Hills Hotel.  

Amazed, astounded and startled with their composure. These dancers have a real spirit of discipline and really know the spirit of the dance they rendered. 

The indigenous dance they rendered was like they are offering it to their ancestors,   their heritage and culture, and our heritage and culture too. 

As the Pangantucan contingent started to roll down and gracefully executed their dance steps, I then started firing the shutter of my Nikon D5100 dslr camera, took at least 10 shots on that same but fresh posture. Performing;
Gugod : "Lunop Daw Kalikat Hu Talaandig-Idlantungen Manuvu". The Flood Story : Origin of the Talaandig and Idlantungen Manuvu (The survivor, healing rituals, wars, double wedding and peace pact treaty).
I continued roaming around looking for good subjects, such as formation like the above and below photos.
Photographing a photographer would also tells us that a festival is really photographer's favorite because of vibrant colors of their indigenous costumes.
It was my first time in joining a photo contest as an avid amateur photographer, wherein it was participated with 26 entries submitted by photographers who came from various places in the Philippines. The photo contest was chaired by Jason Chad Ayala of Malaybalay City.
Here are the following results relayed to the author, who bagged the 2nd prize, from the Provincial Tourism Office, courtesy of Laila Rubin Diez Marte.

Photo Contest :
Champion -  Elwyn Banarez --GENSAN
2nd Prize   - Bonzenti Panganiban - BUKIDNON 
3rd Prize    - Warren Alfeche - CEBU

Ethnic Dance Competition
1st - LGU of Kitaotao 
2nd - LGU Talakag
3rd - LGU Valencia City 

Ground Competition
1st - Kitaotao
2nd - Valencia City
3rd - Talakag

 1st - Talakag
2nd - Dangcagan
3rd - Don Carlos
Special Thanks also to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers who visited us here in Bukidnon.
Edgar - Pinas Muna
Ramil - Pinas Muna
Doc Remo - Hiker's Itch
Estan - Langyaw.com
Dennis - Love Mindanao
Claire - Traveling Light 
Glen - Escape Manila
Heiz - Journeying Pinay
Thanks also to the following for their assistance in hosting the visitors
 Earl - Suroy Pilipinas
Tupe - D' Trekero
Shugah - Wander Shugah
Matet Quirino (assisting us)
Mam Tes and Rod Llacer (Food Sponsor)

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  1. great, bon! it's all worth it. congrats and keep the fire burning. looking forward for more activities for BPBS

    1. Peh. Thank you so much of your support. I owe you much. Thank you also for the encouragement.:-).

  2. Get ready for some extreme outdoor activities and let yourself be immersed with the natural and cultural beauties of Bukidnon.

  3. I am inspired by how you capture the shots...very nice!!! we have a long way to go...we hope someday, we'll get our best shots too. we'll try to learn more...much more and get to the shots we can really be happy about. Thanks Bon for inviting us to this blog & sharing these beautiful shots... congratulations!

    1. Hello Highlander. Thank you so much to your kind appreciation and encouragement. Hope that I could sustain to where I am happy doing it--and that is the Photography. Always visit to my site and hopefully that you start blogging also like me.:-).

  4. Replies
    1. Maraming salamat sa yo mich.(kikay).:-). sana maka punta ka dito sa Kaamulan Festival.:-).

  5. Galing mo Bonz .. well captured photos that truly depicts the vibrant celebration of Kaamulan . Now I have more reasons to go back to Bukidnon..congratulations :D

    1. Balik kayo dito Denz.:-). We're glad also that you visited Bukidnon.:-). Parang reunion ah.:-).

  6. Congrats Bon. I love the colorful and vibrant photos. See you again, soon :) It was really great seeing you in person.

    1. Maraming salamat sa inyo Glen. Its really my pleasure to meet you all. Hindi man ako makagala pero kayo naman ang pumunta. Thanks so much sa support din.:-).

  7. These kinds of festivals are a great chance for photographers to show their capability because the exposure and colour contrast are very high.

  8. Congrats Kuya Bon! Well deserved! and thanks din po sa pag asikaso sa amin during the festival... sa uulitin... See you again soon! :)

    1. Hi Mervz. Sa tagal na nating gusto mag meet, at we are more than happy to see more than I expected. Grabe, 12-13 Travel Bloggers and sumipot....In behalf of BPBS, thank you so much.:-).

  9. Hi Bon - Nice photos! Well done and congratulations on winning in the photo competition.

    1. Hi Mam Malou. Thank you so much for your kind appreciation. This winning is for you, for us here in Bukidnon. Open Competition din mam yon. Nakakanerbyos pala for a first timer like me.:-).

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Claire. At least hindi nanaig ang nerbyos kundi ang passion.:-). Best regards. Come back soon.

  11. Awesome photos as it has shown the beauty of the kaamulan festival and this post informative to be aware of the kaamulan festival too.

  12. Wew! ito yung cnasabi ko kaya gusto ko mag Kaamulan :( hayst sayang talaga bro:( daming PTB :::: Ganda ng mga shots bro.ganda ng balancing ng kulay at framing- congrats bro!

    1. Nag invite nga ako sayo many times. sayang. pero may next time pa naman Jeff.:-).

  13. Great shots on kaamulan festival! I love it.

  14. Shots are really detailed and I like the first picture, really awesome


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