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Kalinawa Art Foundation, Con Tour, as a Judge...

Last February 26, 2013, Ms. Sol Dinlayan, a Professor of Sociology and Philosophy of Bukidnon State University and a columnist of Bukidnon News under Bukidnon Views, texted the author of this Blog, an invitation to be one of the Panel of Judges for the Indigenous Peoples' Visual Art Exhibit. That was indeed a real good news and another milestone of the author. Without hesitation and inhibitions, the author accepted the invitation as voluntary contribution for the IP Community here in Bukidnon.

At first I was hesitant to accept such wonderful invitation, and then realized that nothing to lose if I will contribute my little interest in the field of arts.

The Indigenous Peoples' Visual Art Exhibit was in coordination with the Kalinawa Art Foundation and the Bukidnon State University, wherein the final judging was culminated last March 08, 2013. The exhibits were housed in BSU Gymnasium.

As a brief description,  the Kalinawa Art Foundation was established in February, 2006 to participate in, and promote the development of the Indigenous Peoples’ visual art sector in the Philippines. Modeled more on lines of a social enterprise than a traditional philanthropy, the Foundation makes investments rather than donations, in opportunities and facilities to promote the talent of the artists and their art as a celebration of culture. (source).

 Judging Criteria and Rules for Judging a Kalinawa Art Foundation Show

Selection of judges:

1.  Potential judges for shows held by the Kalinawa Art Foundation are volunteers selected by the Foundation on the basis that they have some knowledge of art and have a wide perspective but with a strong grounding in the local area.  As one of our supporters put it, the judges "wandering feet may have taken them to many different places, but their hearts bring them back to where the came from to bring in what they have seen elsewhere."  Judges should be willing to discuss their individual decisions as needed with individual artists after the winners have been announced.  The Foundation also requests that volunteer judges provide some basic biographical information as we intend to maintain a register of these judges, as in some cases, the Foundation may recruit judges from previous shows to act as judges at future shows in order to provide consistency.

2. In consultation with the local community, The Kalinawa Art Foundation will need a minimum of four (4) judges in order to host the show.  Under ideal circumstances, the selection of five (5) judges and one alternate for each show will be undertaken.

Rules for judging:

1. In consultation with the local community, The Kalinawa Art Foundation will select five (5) judges and one alternate for each show.

2. Each piece will be assigned an individual number. Judges will be given guidelines  to assess each piece of the art in the show according to specific criteria:

    Composition:  the theme of the piece and how it is put together - 30 percent of the final score
    Originality:  ability to come up with a composition based on one's imagination and interpretation of the theme - 30 percent of the final score
    Visual Impact: - Utilization of line, color,shape, texture and depth to come up with a harmonious well balanced composition that is pleasing to the eyes - 40 percent of the final score

 3. Based on this, each piece will be assigned a ranking  by each judge who will be asked to undertake this ranking without consulting other judges. While there is no time limit for the judging, it is hoped that this can be accomplished as quickly as possible so that any difficulties can be quickly resolved addressed and anxious artists informed of the decisions.  

4. Where there are fewer than (7) pieces entered into a category and/or the number of artists in the category is less than (4), not all the awards for the category may be granted if the opinion of the judges is that the pieces entered do not merit them. Where the number of entries for a category is more than forty (40) the "knock-out rule" will be applied as follows:

    There will be an initial round of viewing by the judges where each of the judges will be asked  to select  between  five (5) and ten(10) pieces.  

    From the selection made by judges in this initial round a final list will be compiled by the Kalinawa Art Foundation for scoring by the judges, from which, will emerge the rank of the pieces for the category.  

5.  The Kalinawa Art Foundation will tabulate the judges individual scores and collate them to establish a specific ranking for prizes. Where there are wide variations in the individual judges score, the Foundation will ask the judges to review their scoring. For example, If the process of examining the scores from each judge are different, then a review by the judges of their own scores may be necessary.  

6. Winners will be selected according to ranked score.  

7. The judges individual and collective scoring of each piece of art will be available for review at the show and maintained by the Foundation as part of the record of documentation for the Indigenous Peoples' visual art show.

8.  In the event that there is a numerical tie in the ranking, and the judges cannot be reconvened to consult among themeselves and provide a decision, then Kalinawa Art Foundation will assign the higher award to the piece being ranked most often by the judges. In the event that the pieces have been ranked equall  by the judges, the piece receiving the higher rankings will take the higher award.(source:)

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